How the Spring Trap works

Spring Trap is one of the most effective traps in Clash of Clans and can be unlocked from Town Hall 4. Although it is very popular but I am pretty sure that not all players know how exactly it works. In this small post, I’m going to give you, especially new players, some small notices of the Spring Trap.

Spring Trap in Clash of Clans

  1. โ€‹The Spring Trap bounces the first group of ground troops which step on it and gives the instant death to those troops.
  2. The Spring Trap can bounce up to and no more than 15 troop housing spaces. That means it doesn’t affect troops which cost more than 15 housing spaces.
    For example, it can bounce up to 3 Giants (3×5=15 housing spaces), 1 Valkyrie (8 housing spaces) but can’t affect Golem and P.E.K.K.A.
  3. It cannot affect Heroes.
  4. If a Goblin triggers the Spring Trap, he will not be bounced away either because of his insane movement speed. He is fast enough to move out of the trap’s range before it has the opportunity to affect him. However, If the Goblin stops moving (for grabbing loot next to the trap for instance), he will be bounced as well.
  5. For new players, you should place the Spring Traps between your defensive buildings for dealing with Giants and Hog Riders while they are moving towards the next targets. You can refer this at the Base Layouts section.

Although this is just a small guide but I hope it can help you somehow.


  1. Yup,,, by far the best trap,,, great for lower townhalls,, nothing better than seeing a group of maxed giants from a clan castle bounce off the screen when your a low town hall… lol… I’m a firm believer in funnel bases at all townhall levels with effective spring trap placement

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