Haste Spell Summary

The Haste Spell doesn’t add bonus damage or make your troops bigger like the Rage Spell but If you want to skyrocket your army’s movement speed, the Haste Spell will be the best choice ever!


Haste Spell Summary

  • The Haste Spell was added into Clash of Clans in the July 1st update.
  • This spell can boost the movement speed of troops in a certain area once you drop it. Not like Rage, this spell doesn’t add bonus damage and doesn’t make your troops bigger.
  • The Haste Spell’s radius is quite smaller than the Rage Spell’s.
Working Radius Housing Space Time to Brew Affects Dark Spell Factory Level
4 tiles 1 15 Mins Ground & Air Units 3
Level Bonus Speed Duration Cost Dark Elixir Research Cost Research Time
1 28 10 seconds 80 N/A N/A
2 34 15 seconds 85 40,000 8 days
3 40 20 seconds 90 80,000 10 days
4 46 25 seconds 95 100,000 14 days

More about Haste Spell

  • Don’t worry about Air Sweepers, now we have this kickass spell.
  • The most effective way to use Haste Spells is boosting slow-powerful troops such as P.E.K.K.As, Dragons or Balloons. That’s why from now, we can use this spell instead of Rage in some special attack strategies.
  • Level 1 Haste Spell = Level 5 Rage Spell’s speed.

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