Grand Warden In-Depth Guide

Hey guys it’s Ash and I’m going to give you guys an in depth explanation of the newest Hero Supercell has revealed today, The Grand Warden! You guys may have seen some other sneak peeks talking about this new hero’s attributes, but there’s actually more:

Clash of Clans Grand Warden Guide

Key Features and Attributes:

  • Maximum level = 20
  • Grand Warden costs 6 million Elixir Elixir to get. Also it costs Elixir Elixir to upgrade him every level, a 500,000 elixir increment per level.
  • 110 DPS at level 20, which is less than a level 4 Wizard. He has 1500 HP at level 20, which is less than a level 40 Archer Queen (1630 HP)
  • He can be set to Ground or Air modes. If you set him to Ground mode, he will still be able to glide or hop over Walls, kind of like a Hog Rider.The main reason for these two modes is so you can couple him to your preferred attack strategy, whether it’s an air attack or ground attack. While it sounds cool to use him in flying mode with a ground attack, that is actually a bad idea because then he will be targeted by air traps and Air Defenses.
  • He has two abilities, one is his passive Life Aura ability (which is a 10 tile radius buffer that reduces the damage dealt by defenses) and the other is his Eternal Tome ability (which you get to activate by tapping his icon).
Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Range Search Radius
Any Ranged (Ground & Air) 16 1.8s 7 10

Clash of Clans Grand Warden Flying

How does the Life Aura work?

Depending on troop maximum HP, the Life Aura Effect of the Grand Warden will increase the HP all troops within the aura range but with a limit. For more details, you can read the Life Aura table at the end of this page.

What does his Eternal Tome ability do?

By tapping his icon, you can activate his Eternal Tome ability. While the ability is activated, all the troops inside the 10 tile radius of the Aura will be invulnerable to all damage including the Grand Warden himself.

How long does his ability last?

At level 20, his ability lasts for 5 seconds and it is 3,5s with the ability level 1. We know that the Archer Queen becomes impermeable to all damage when she activates her ability. And now if you have her within the radius of the Aura, then that just increases her invulnerability to more damage. So using all 3 of the Heroes together does sound very overpowering handle as they make a deadly combination.

Eternal Tome Ability

Ability Level Ability Time
1 3.5s
2 4s
3 4.5s
4 5s

Grand Warden Attacking

He has a deadly 7 tile attack range

One of the biggest attributes of the Warden is his attack range, which is an incredible 7 tile range. The best way to stop the strongest attack by a TH11 player is to stop the Grand Warden because he’s going to make your defenses deal 2/3rd their actual damage. But how you can stop the Grand Warden when he has a range of 7 tiles, allowing him to stay behind all troops? We all know how incredibly annoying the Archer Queen is to defend with her 5 tile range, but now we have a Hero with an even greater range, so it’s going to be very intriguing to see what people do to stop him.

What about the A.I. of the Grand Warden?

If you send him alone, then he will target the closest structure. But, if you send him behind other troops, he will target the building that the closest troop next to him is targeting. So he’s considered more to be a support Hero, a Hero who supports your troops both in terms of defense and also helps them by targeting the same structure that they are. However, this could sometimes backfire, so you need to make sure to keep the Warden behind your troops.

Grand Warden Statistic


Level DPS* DPA* HP Regen Time Ability Level Training Cost Elixir
Training Time
1 50 90 1,000 30m N/A 6,000,000 N/A
2 52 93.6 1,021 32m N/A 2,500,000 12h
3 54 97.2 1,042 34m N/A 3,000,000 1d
4 56 100.8 1,064 36m N/A 3,500,000 1d 12h
5 58 104.4 1,086 38m 1 4,000,000 2d
6 60 108 1,108 40m 1 4,500,000 2d 12h
7 63 113.4 1,131 42m 1 5,000,000 3d
8 66 118.8 1,155 44m 1 5,500,000 3d 12h
9 69 124.2 1,180 46m 1 6,000,000 4d
10 72 129.6 1,206 48m 2 6,500,000 4d 12h
11 75 135 1,233 50m 2 7,000,000 5d
12 78 140.4 1,261 52m 2 7,500,000 5d 12h
13 82 147.6 1,290 54m 2 8,000,000 6d
14 86 154.8 1,320 56m 2 8,400,000 6d 12h
15 90 162 1,350 58m 3 8,800,000 7d
16 94 169.2 1,380 1h 3 9,100,000 7d
17 98 176.4 1,410 1h 2m 3 9,400,000 7d
18 102 183.6 1,440 1h 4m 3 9,600,000 7d
19 106 190.8 1,470 1h 6m 3 9,800,000 7d
20 110 198 1,500 1h 8m 4 N/A 7d

Grand Warden Life Aura Effect

Ability Level  % HP Increase Max HP Increase
1 20.0% 70
2 21.1% 76
3 22.2% 82
4 23.3% 88
5 24.4% 94
6 25.6% 101
7 26.8% 108
8 28.1% 116
9 29.5% 125
10 31.0% 135
11 32.6% 146
12 34.3% 158
13 36.1% 171
14 38.0% 185
15 40.0% 200
16 42.0% 215
17 44.0% 230
18 46.0% 245
19 48.0% 260
20 50.0% 275

Thanks for reading! Hope this guide can help you somehow!


  1. would the grand warden give its buff to ground troops while flying? and vice versa, would it give its buff to flying troops while on the ground? sorry, i havent watched any videos, i only come here for my sneak peeks. this is a really amazing site, i love it, good job on this site btw, ive read almost every guide on here

  2. We had a poll about the guessing, who the next hero would be ?? Everyone casted their votes.

    But what does Supercell give us (not exactly all of us, because it is only available at TH11), a purple haired punk, somewhere between a superhealer, Wizard King and a Nerfed Archer Queen ?? wtf

    • Yes, Patrick (aka Cheif Pat) on the behalf of Supercell, has confirmed that the hero will be available TH11 onwards. As far as your second question goes, you can find your answers here

  3. Hey, I am a th9 with 3 cannons level 11 , 1 wizard tower lvl 7 and all mortars level 7, with the other defenses being th8 max

    Should I wait for everything to be maxed to upgrade the th? Or should i upgrade it now? (I have lvl 7 walls)

  4. Yes, I’m already thinking about it, who thinks a massive dragon that’s considered ground and air for th13, and a witch that can summon skeletons that attack like valkiries?!!? And I only got th8 a week ago. 😉

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