Friend In Need Achievement Guide

This guide is made by SILASK on Clash of Clans forum. I have found this guide is pretty awesome and want to share them with all you guys.

Hello Clashers, I’m writing this up as I’m about to achieve the three stars by the end of this season for the Friend In Need. Its Day 3 and I’m close to 5,000 donations and at least 2,500 requests. To check my current progress as of 3rd October 2014, I’m currently in clan Absinthe (green/black shield / reddit sub). Just trying to help those starting out to understand the Friend In Need Achievement. First time writing up a guide.


Friend In Need Achievement:

  • Donate 100 reinforcements: 10 / 5
  • Donate 5,000 reinforcements: 100 / 25
  • Donate 25,000 reinforcements: 1,000 / 250
Here are just some tips and pointers I would like to share with you guys to speed up the process of achieving the three stars and getting the gem reward:
  • Join a active clan with over 30 members (the more the better). How are you going to donate if no one is requesting? Therefore, by joining an active clan, this will speed up the process of allowing you to donate more troops. There are clans that fill so quickly that you won’t even see the request. It gets filled so fast.
  • If you cannot find an active clan, you can always go through the clan castle and go through the clans that are open to anyone to join and donate through them and leave and repeat this process.


The higher the housing space, the better, but it will cost you more. But it shouldn’t bother you because you are a pro farmer. If you donate 5 archers as opposed to 5 wizards, the troop capacity that have been donated or received is 5 (archers) compared to 20(wizards). What you would like to do, is to fill the clan castle of your fellow clan mates by attempting to fill it completely. Depending on the troop capacity that is available and depending on their request. At the start of this season, the alternatives I use are donating minions which will give me 10 troops donated, wizards which will give 20, dragons/wizards/minions/archers to fill capacity 25 and 30. You want to always make sure that you will the entire request, instead of partially filling up 5 troops out of 20. In my case I haven’t donated any giants but that will work too as its troop capacity is 5.

Examples of how I would fill requests:

  • 5 x Minions = 10 troops capacity filled
  • 5 x Wizards = 20 troops capacity filled
  • 1 x Dragon + 2 Minion + 1 Archer = 25 troops capacity filled
  • 1 x Dragon + 2 x Wizards + 1 Minion = 30 troops capacity filled


A great way to ensure you have troops to donate right away is in your barracks, is to queue your troops for example, 3 wizards at the end of the queue along with the archers or barbarians that you have also so whilst you are raiding, the wizards will be training and therefore less time will be used for training troops deliberately to fill clan requests. So if you have 2 wizards in every barracks at the end, you will have 8, before you start training your raiding army again.

Thank you for taking your time to reading this and hope it helped.

Good Luck to all clashers ! You are a Friend In Need!


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