Farming in Champion League with Archers

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Welcome to Farming in Champion League Guide by TheGreatLach from Invictus Kings. Before reading, just remember “Champion League is not about collector raids and even storage raids, It’s all about the bonus of the highest league. More possible villages to raid, more possible giant bonuses will be.


Firstly, take a look at this table:

farming-in-champion-leagueAs you see, you will get 180,000 Gold, 180,000 Elixir and 1,200 Dark Elixir bonus for every match. That’s what we aim for in a regular Champion match.

Clash of Clans is giving 1 gem boost offer for Barracks. With just 5 gems, you can boost your 4 Barracks and 1 Spell Factory for 2 hours. With this strategy, you do raid for every 7 minutes. In 2 hours, you can finish 17 raids and earn up to 3,060,000 Gold, 3,060,000 gold Elixir and 20,400 Dark Elixir bonus, It’s just bonus loot! Normally, you can steal more than 75,000 Gold in every match. So please do this now before the 1 gem boost is over!

Before raiding:

Upgrade all your camps as soon as you can. More troops you can bring, more winning percentage you have.

  • Barracks: Set all your barracks to just train Archers.
  • The Spell Factory: Set your Spell Factory to just train Lightning Spells, they come in handy occasionally. Remember, Don’t use your spells to destroy the Mortars at the start of the raid because almost raids are over in under 40 seconds, Mortars just can shoot a few times. Keep your spells If you still cannot get 50%.
    Level 5 Lightning Spell can destroy these buildings with just hit: Builders Huts, Army Camps and Hero Pads.
  • Heroes: Use them if you still cannot get 50%.
  • Tool: If you don’t want to face bases higher than Town Hall 9, XModGames may be helpful for you!

The Raid:

When you starting out with this strategy, you should look for at least 35 exposed buildings which you can get and your raid will be going to run perfectly. Do this for a while and you will know what base you can attack immediately. If you are playing Clash of Clans on a large screen device (iPad, tablets,..), use three finger for deploying troops around the base in a circle. Try to drop about 60 Archers per side.

While raiding, do not use your Heroes’ ability immediately, wait until they are close to be shocked then use their ability to revive their health.

In addition, it is very essential to know how your lightning spells will strike. You need to remember which buildings have been damaged.:

In the above video, you can see the lightning spell did the job of two. Use lightning spells for a while and you will know it!

Thanks TheGreatLach again for this great guide!


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