Everything about the new Shield System

As mentioned before, the upcoming update will mainly focus on how people play Clash of Clans everyday, of course that’s about the Shield, one of the main parts in the next update, which will make the defense in game fairer, more flexible and attacking will get more encouraged.



Everything about the new Shield System

  • Destroying Town Hall now no longer gives a shield. Place your Town Hall inside!
  • Attacking while having shield doesn’t break your shield but costs a small amount of shield time.

So you will always get attacked and get a shield. With that shield, you can attack a few times before entirely breaking it.

Also, here is how the shields are granted:

Overall Damage Granted Shield
30% 12-hour shield
60% 14-hour shield
90% 16-hour shield

Note: No shield is granted If the attacker doesn’t use more than 1/3 of the army.

If you want to attack when having shield:

  • You now can search for targets and revenge when having shield.
  • The first raid/revenge will take 3 hours from the remaining shield time.
  • Additional attacks while having shield will take increasing amount of time of the remaining shield time. For example: The first attack takes deduct 3 hours, the second one deduct 4 hours,…)

The original intention of shield in Clash of Clans is very simple: After getting attacked, players should have a chance to recover loot safely before getting attacked again. We all know that Clash of Clans is about both defensing and attacking but sometimes defending can be a bit nasty: Your buildings, storages and trophies keep getting crumbled. Undoubtedly half of the fun in Clash of Clans comes from watching your carefully planned village fights against the enemies. That’s how the new shield system is released to keep the enjoyment of the game and always keep the players in the raid.

Free Shield in Clash of Clans

We will never get free shield again. Leaving Town Hall outside for getting free shield is a sure sight that players need a better shield system. The new shield system will force players to pay attention on attacking with real strategies, more than just sniping Town Hall.

What do you think about this change? How will it change your game?


  1. Ha, SC sure is getting rid of all of the stuff that allowed people to easily advance to higher level town halls. First they nerfed using a lightning spell on dark elixir storages. Now they are getting rid of free shields by sacrificing your town hall. It is going to be all about the 50% raid for farming. It will make barch much less valuable. Here is a thought, SC is basically making it much more difficult for newer players to advance by taking out the game loopholes. New players will be much less likely to join the Clash community. It is only because of TH sniping that many of us are where we are in the game. I will be sad to see it go. I think I will quickly snipe my way up to champion league before the update. I better hurry!

      • In my opinion BARCH was cool because it was cheap and could still be used without risking trophies because of TH sniping. Now that sniping is gone we will have to use more expensive troops to crack open those tough nuts since everybody is going to be forced into basically using war bases all of the time.

        • It’s correct. Almost all bases will be like War bases and Hybrid bases. SC is making it clear higher league for tough players and strictly NO RUSHING.

          If your rush troops or defense, currently damage is minimum. After update, u cannot survive even in GOLD I with rushed TH8.

  2. Dear Supercell…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We love our 12 hour shields when town hall is sniped. We do have real lives to deal with outside Clash…you do know that don’t you? Perhaps it’s a way to get people to spend real money on gems, that can then be used on shields? Think a lot of people will not play anymore sadly…..

    • I’m with you. This game is an excellent filler in free time, but I’ve already told myself I’m not buying gems. So if I can’t increase my base farming… Then it looks like I’ll need to find another game.

      This sounds much more like greedy developers trying to force sheild and other buys gem related than this article’s, “now we get to watch our bases defend more”

      They will realize this was a mistake.

  3. Hey y’all, come to think of it, what really chaps my hide is the fact that Supercell never asked the opinion of the players. Here we are asking for different troops and defenses and they totally blow our method of playing out of the water! That is just a rude move dude. It is especially rude to new players as all of the players that are in Titan league now were able to take advantage of TH sniping to help them get there much faster than would have normally been possible. After this update new players are going to be totally locked out of fast advancement unless they pay pay pay $$$. That my fellow Clashers may be THE reason Supercell is doing this. I think it is going to backfire on them in the long run. Some people are going to leave immediately and fewer will join the game. I suppose one bonus is that there will be allot more abandoned bases to kill.

  4. I think it’s a bad bad move for the game to loose the town hall shield. It’s what keeps us going and getting a chance to save our gold etc . Most definitely if we are raided they have to 30% our base for us to get a shield so there goes half of our loot maybe all of our loot as some one said already we have life’s and jobs outside clash and personally I like to get raided before I go to bed Knowing when I wake up I can empty my collectors in the morning before my 12 hour Shield runs out and store it . Boom I’m raided again and then I have another shield witch does me till I get home from work when I have time to play the game . I personally think I will loose interest in this awesome game if I’m been raided the whole time and not getting a 12 shield after my storage is raided what’s the point like dozens of attacks can happen trigger all my traps etc leave my village unprotected and unguarded if they don’t 30 percent my base it’s really not fair . I don’t know who the brain box is who concocted this brain wave but from a gamers point of view its sucker big time , I’m sure I’m not only person who feels this way . Leave it alone it’s perfect the way it is . Give us more of what we need . Not rubbish we don’t need or want . … Richie from Ireland ps still waiting for the irish flag pole !!!!

  5. Guys i watched a video where one of the guys from supercell(jonas) explained the thinking for this new update…at first i was like this is silly its just for the rich kids/ppl to play…

    however i listened to most of it and jonas mentioned that th sniping meant 80% of clashers were hidden from the attacking pool which in turn meant when any of us would look to attack we would wait for an eternity until we found a base worth attacking…example a high level th snipes someone whos farming and they also get snipped..now both these accounts vanish from the attacking pool(multiply that by the millions of clashers) and we are left to find bases either hard to attack or no point in attacking..

    jonas also mentioned that this update is one of many changes and that they will in the future give you loot bonuses for a good defence..the only people who are gonna be severely hit are the rushed ppl…

    Il be honest im still not happy but i will give the new update a chance and see how things develop….

  6. In Regards to the new Shields

    I personally am outraged by the Change to shield requirements. The personal break feels like a penalty for someone who has done nothing wrong, not being allowed to get on and attack just because someone didn’t  try to smash your base is unfair. AND not being  awarded a shield when someone does attack you just because they didn’t use 50% of their troops really penalizes the low lvl players and anyone new to the game. As a TH 9 or 10 you still see lower lvl town halls when searching and can definitely 3 star these bases with less than half your troops.
    In protest I will be trying  my best to give no one a shield and I am calling on all of you in the clash community who feel the same to do this as well. Let us rise up and prove to supercell that they have made a big mistake. And if you are getting  attacked repeatedly without  getting  a shield or are being penalized with forced personal breaks often I urge you to send complaints to supercell through their forums or in game under help and support in settings.

  7. This update has made it very difficult for adults to play the game. This is supposed to promote more attacking? I still have the exact same amount of time to play that I had before the update, but when I am raided three or four times before gaining a shield, it basically eliminates the progress I made the night before. It is already hard enough to build a decent clan of members who will use both attacks. I find that the majority of the kids who play cannot be depended upon to just stay in the clan for more than a few days, much less use both attacks. Most of them use the game like a pickup bar for twelve year olds. ” I like you; do you like me?, Text yes or no.” It seems apparent that the only thing this update will promote is more gem purchases, thus making more money from the rich kids who have nothing else to do.. Otherwise, there is NO WAY that less than a month into the update you see TH 11s with maxed everything and 15th level Grand Wardens. Damn shame; It was a great game. I fear that Super Cell may have killed the goose that lays the golden egg.

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