The New Defense Eagle Artillery – In-depth Explanation

The Eagle Artillery is an awesome defense which can cover the whole base but it won’t be activated until the attacker deploys a decent amount of troops.


The Eagle Artillery Summary

  • The Eagle Artillery is the pretty powerful defense which has nearly unlimited attack range.
  • It works similarly to the Mortar but it has a bigger blind spot.
  • During the raid, at the start, it remains inactive and only gets activated once the attacker has deployed a certain amount of troops.
  • It shoots 3 successive shots each 11-second interval, deals lots of damage to the targeted unit and extremely splash damage to all units nearby.
  • Like the X-Bow, you need to load it with Elixir Elixir. You can only buy the Eagle Artillery at Town Hall 11.
Attack Range Attack Speed Damage Type Attack Type
7 –  50 tiles 11.5s Splash Ground and Air
Level Damage per Hit Shockwave Damage HP Cost Gold
Loading Cost Elixir
Build Time
1 250 15 4,000 8,000,000 35,000 10d
2 300 20 4,400 10,000,000 40,000 14d


The Eagle Artillery In-Depth Explaination

However, as I’ve mentioned it forewarns the attacker, and the attack process is slow. It takes 11,5 seconds to reload and launch every time. Now only that, your troop may actually avoid this damage if that troop leaves pre-targeted zone. So if you’re using mass Dragons, then using a Haste Spell or Rage Spell right after the Artillery shoots, may allow your Dragons to quickly move ahead to avoid the damage.

The Eagle Artillery is deadliest against clumped up troops. Think of it as a much more powerful form of the Mortar. Although it takes twice as long as a Mortar to recharge, it does about over 20 times the damage.

Of course also its main weakness is that it’s ineffective if troops come too close to it. It has a 6 tile blind spot and also requires that the attacker use a certain number of housing space units worth of troops for the defense to activate. It seems to around 100 housing space units to activate the defense. So like Jonas has mentioned at ClashCon, that kill squads may possibly be a thing at TH11. So we may have to rely on using kill squads to target and remove the Eagle Artillery.

Other ways to deter or lessen the impact of the Artillery is using a Freeze Spell. Why? Because like how the Freeze Spell resets Single Target Infernos and Mortars, it can be used to reset the timer of the Eagle Artillery. And that would be huge because the Eagle Artillery takes 10 seconds to relaunch its aerial assault. So a smart attacker can freeze it right before its assault, if that attacker has a good sense of time.

Hopefully this guide can help you guys! Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help!


  1. Hey if the Griffin can’t target moving troops then the a bunch of Hogs and Rage Could Dodge this griffon
    What You think
    BTW I’m just a th8 so I don’t know very well I’m just guessing
    And is the official date out for the update or not…?

  2. Note a mistake everyone seems to do. The “Griffin” doesn’t “shoot” them with the laserbeam. It only targets the troops. The Laser deals no damage only the from the laser guided meteor like nuke bomb rocket projectile thing deals the damage.

  3. To me it just seems like a way to pander to the maxed out players to ensure they are protected from the lower town halls with the equivalent of a nuclear bomb that only they have access to. It seems to me the balancing they are speaking off is only going to be at the upper levels, so although a TH 8 or 9 has a chance of taking on a TH 10 now, a TH 11 will be completely out of reach. The game will only be between TH 10 and TH 11 players up there. The rest of the riff-raff will have to deal with the pandering. I liked the last update because it benefited the lower TH levels as well as the upper TH levels, so the game was made more fun overall.

  4. This new structure is so stronge , its has no range limit,its damage may be 2000-3000 seem in youtube video it drain almost 75% HP of max king . that makes him more power full than single infernos.
    Hope so new hero’s get support ability rather than rage?.

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