Clash of Clans Loot Cart

Definitely Clash of Clans Loot Cart (LC) is the most wanted feature in the upcoming update. From now on, this page will be used for explaining everything about the LC in game!

Clash of Clans Loot Cart

Clash of Clans Loot Cart

  • After every defense, you will recent a decent amount of loot as the compensation.
  • You can collect this cart whenever you want to somehow recover your lost resources.
  • You should collect the cart as soon as possible because only one LC will appear at a time.
  • It appears randomly on the ground after every defense.
  • It contains 20% of the lost loot.
  • The Gold Gold, Elixir Elixir and Dark Elixir Dark Elixir values will be updated If you lose more loot in the subsequent defense than the previous one.
  • You can’t collect the Loot Cart If your Storage are full.
  • You can’t steal it from other players.

Take a look at here for the main page of this update.



  1. Nice,,, I’m really looking forward to these little tweaks that hopefully will make the recent th 11 update more reasonable,,, game is completely different since th 11,,, loot harder to get,,, defense of loot almost impossible… update is growing on me ?? so all these upcoming updates to recover and gain a bit more loot is more than welcome.

    Cheers ?

  2. I’m a Sabath observant Jew, so I don’t play from Friday night until Saturday night. The fact that you lose the loot cart if you don’t pick it up after every attack means I am going to lose a loot cart every Shabbat.
    That sucks! ??

    • solution is easy. you must spend all your loot into upgrading something before friday night. basically, if you have nothing to lose, you will not get robbed, and you don’t have to worry at all about loot cart.

      on the other hand, even if you have many loot. for every 1 million loot you loss, there is only around 200k loot in loot cart. its little amount that can be covered with 1 raids.

      so, i suggest you not to worry about it

      anyway how is your th9 progress?

      im already on mid th9 with 15/15 😀

      • Thanks for the suggestion Insan, that strategy works a bit, but some people attack just for the trophies and loot bonus anyway. I do that sometimes.

        As far as my progress goes, well, I have my queen at lvl 7 now. I have upgraded a whole bunch of defenses to get them on the level of my other defenses. I am going to get max healers any minute now. I also have witches now, so that is fun. One other thing I did was upgrade my clan. What I mean is I was accepted into a lvl 9 clan that now has all 50 slots filled. This makes playing much more fun. I will love it when we become a lvl 10 clan. Being able to donate max troops when your troops are a couple of levels lower will be super cool. My new clan is United Exile based out of Israel. So far a great bunch of players with lots of war victories. Also, they are understanding about the fact that I can’t play on Shabbat.

        Fun times to come ???

        • oh wow, lvl 9 clan, its very good. but in my opinion, with the current lvl of troops on th lvl, +2 lvl only gives slight differencies. example, for us th9, the only thing it gaves effect only on donating pekka i believe.

          except, if supercell release new lvl troops such as lvl 4 witches, lvl 7 hogs and loons, lvl 6 golems etc.

          i think its good being active in clan, but in my perspective. its better if you focused on yourself first. clans comes later. Its like rich man and poor man. if we became rich, we can easily helps people around us. if we poor, dont ever think helping others, even helping ourselves is hard.

          and if i may gave you suggestion, just leave upgrading clan things into people above you. i feel that, with our current state, they will doing fine even without our helps.

          but, thats all backs into you, what type of player are you, and what fun are you looking for, everyone have different opinion and standar.

          well, for me is.
          my simple fun from this game is, when i 3 starring a base.

          my biggest fun mission is able to 3 starred number 1 in clan wars.

          my ultimate fun mission is able to 3 starred top players in coc.
          and i don’t care how long i need to do that, but sure i will, except, if this game is closed or i getting bored first.

          and i understand, i need tools to do my mission. so i focused on army upgrading and heroes. upgrading defense and especially walls, comes later.

          i have calculated from early on playing this game, if i play steadly like i do, i need about 12-15 months of play, for being able to 3 starred top players. And thats why th11 update upset me. it screwed my calculation, need more months in order to accomplish my mission….. sigh…

          • Well, as far as upgrading clan things, it doesn’t cost me anything as it is just a consequence of winning wars,which you want to do anyway. What I like about COC is being part of a community of people that share some commonality with you. I think the clan perks help immensely. The one level donation increase makes it fun for lower level players as they are able to donate to higher level players without pissing them off. The war win bonus is very nice because it has a real snowball effect. Think about it, every war we get a whopping 25% added to our war win for free. That means it pays to be part of a group. If I donate to help a clan member I am making us all stronger in the long run in clan wars, so more loot for everybody.

            It is just a game, so do whatever makes it interesting for you. I love war strategy. ???

          • its good if you could progress that way. Personally, for some reason, i couldnt do progress and war in the same time. thats why i had to abandon one.

            i agreed, its just a game. thats why its so entertaining. i just mean to share my opinion above. goodluck for you war then. clash on

  3. So let me get this straight, instead of giving less loot to the attacker, the attacker gets the same loot and you get 20% back from a “defense” what is a defense? so if you get 3 star’ed you are hose for there was no defense??? Boy, I tell you this game is going to get so convoluted and hosed, not even $c’s devs will know wtf is going on. LOL. But the stupid commercials keep on coming, maybe $c wants to move on to be an advertising company instead of a gaming company.

    • what is the correlation between giving loot cart and “supercell become greedy” thing? anyway this is far better than reducing loot for attacker. it’s sound the same for defender but attacker will be happy because they still got normal amount of loot.

    • ” instead of giving less loot to the attacker” << LOL, so you want less loot when you raiding others??? you are the only person post update that want less loot.. while everybody else is root for more loot.. im not sure whether you are funny person, or very rich person.

      "so if you get 3 star'ed you are hose for there was no defense???" << what do you mean with it?"

      there is defense, thats why you got 3 starred. if there is no defense, there is no way you will get 3 starred. do you think its magic? nobody attacked you and you got 3 starred.

      "Boy, I tell you this game is going to get so convoluted and hosed, not even $c's devs will know wtf is going on. LOL." <<< seriously? you called others by "boy"??? anyway, you sounded like some mysterious oldman that can predict the future..

      anyway, your comment is so funny. did you use google translate?

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