Clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus

Clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus is a new feature of the upcoming game update. If nothing changes, the new update will be out next a few days. I am going to use this page to update everything related to this.

Clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus

What is Clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus?

  • It is the new daily mission in game. Everyday, when you win 5 stars from the multiplayer raids, you can earn a decent loot bonus from the daily quest.
  • The higher your league is, the more you can earn.
  • The loot you take from Star Bonus will be transferred directly to the Treasury bank.
  • The highest reward is available at Titan 3 league and above.
  • Once you get all 5 stars, the Star Bonus will be delivered to your Treasury automatically.
  • A new 24-hour timer will start counting down automatically when you earn the first star . If it takes you more than 24 hours to finish the Star Bonus task, you will get another Star Bonus task immediately!
Gold Gold Elixir Elixir Dark Elixir Dark Elixir
Bronze III 50,000 50,000
Bronze II 60,000 60,000
Bronze I 70,000 70,000
Silver III 80,000 80,000
Silver II 90,000 90,000
Silver I 100,000 100,000
Gold III 120,000 120,000 200
Gold II 140,000 140,000 400
Gold I 160,000 160,000 600
Crystal III 180,000 180,000 800
Crystal II 200,000 200,000 1,000
Crystal I 220,000 220,000 1,100
Master III 240,000 240,000 1,200
Master II 260,000 260,000 1,300
Master I 280,000 280,000 1,400
Champion III 300,000 300,000 1,500
Champion II 320,000 320,000 1,600
Champion I 340,000 340,000 1,700
Titan III 360,000 360,000 1,800
Titan II 360,000 360,000 1,800
Titan I 360,000 360,000 1,800
Legend 360,000 360,000 1,800

If you have missed something, this is the main page of this update.


      • Will how does supercell calculate how many trophies are lost or earned per raid or defense,,, I’m in champions 3 league now,,, pushed up there last week,,, I’m really enjoying being up there,,, loot bonus is great,,, actually having to us a decent strategy to compete and getting a few and far between defense is awesome,,,

        That being said,,, I’m using a HoGiWi or HogGiBarch with quake and king or same attack with super queen (when’s she’s not upgrading),,, I’m very picky on who to attack with or without queen,,, basically easy lure cc,,, easy to get at queen or upgrading queen,,, off centered TH’s,,, quakeable core,, possible dgb spots,,, lol list goes on… Still very rarely is there 15 trophies or more to gain and losses usually reach 30 to 40 trophies,,, hence me being picky to insure at least a star… I’m active raiding everyday for at least one session some times breaking shield to do more,,, I usually 2 star,,, but sometimes only get 1 if it’s a tough base and I go for loot or just TH,,, so I get somewhere between 5 to 15 trophies per attack,,, unfortunately every now and then fail,,, and get hit for 25 plus loss in trophies which is my own fault,,, but what gets me here is that in the week that I’ve been here every time I get raided,,, I’ll give up a 1 star or 2 and lose 25 trophies,,, I’m basically a maxed th 9 with a decent base,, it’s just impossible to protect from a 1 star since update,,, no th 9 can stop constant GoWiPe… so if I unfortunately have one failed attack in a session then get kicked for personal break,,, I’m down like 50 trophies,,, it’s just impossible to stay on par in champions where the competition is tough without being very active…

        Is this typical for champions League,, gain few trophies but lose alot…

        Cheers ?

  1. Hey Potter,
    I’m at Master II and my TH lvl is 8, so I cann’t push to champion because every next search is TH 9 TH 10 villages. Potter plz give me some tips to go for champion III.
    My troops are Barch lvl 5 giants lvl 5 wiz lvl 5 WB lvl 5 Balloons lvl 5 Drags lvl 3 Pekka lvl 1 Hogs lvl 4 Golem lvl 1 Valk lvl 1 and Minions Lvl 3.
    Give me tips for getting 50% on TH 9. So I can go for Champion III.

    • Yup I agree with Will and Palladin GoWiPe or GiWiPe or GoHog or HoGiWiPe or HoGoWiPe attacks that will get you there,,, but I think the best advice is to be picky and next alot,,, with some patience you can find at least easy 1 star bases,,, I just recently pushed to champions,, mind you I’m th 9,,, but I do see more th 10 bases in my nexting then th 9,, but I just next until I see a base to hit,,, loot bonus insures decent loot so go after trophies,,, you will get loot along the way aswell… basically attack bases with easy lured cc,,, off centered TH’s,, only other th 8’s bases and if possible those with upgrading heros and defenses stuff like that,,, they will show up from nexting it can seem like you next alot but that’s ok,, if you have troops in barracks they’ll just train anyway so less turn around until next attack,,, not sure if you use quake but I think quake is the most fool proof way to get into core of a base.. it’s also nice to have a few arch aswell to pick off buildings on the edges of the map or poorly placed outside a defenses range while your main attack goes for the core of base,,, those few extra % can sometimes be the difference between a 1 or 2 star attack which means more trophies. Also being in a good clan and getting cc troops is a major help…

      Hopefully you get there,,, it was a grind for me but we’ll worth it..

      Cheers ?

    • The updates have been awesome. It’s so much easier to get loot now because now you can attack 2-3 times before you are attacked again unlike before when if you even looked for someone to attack you lost your shield. Now they gave us this treasury bonus, loot cart, and made it harder to steal war loot. I guess if all you did was sit behind a shield all day using your collectors then it is harder for you but if you actually play the game it is so much better.

    • If all your storages are full then either you’re a maxed out TH 11 or you need to start upgrading things.

      Transferring from the treasury to your regular storages will probably act just like it did when it was war loot, if one particular resource storage is full then the loot for that resource will stay in the cc/treasury, while the others will be transferred.

      If your treasury is full then your daily star bonus and/or war loot is lost to the great unknown, which is something clashers have been dealing with ever since clan wars were introduced. Just be sure you have space for the loot you’re about to get.

  2. Hi Will
    What is the star bonus for Champ3+? I’m guessing at 300K/3K
    Silver 1 is 100K / 0
    Gold 3 is 120K / 200
    Gold 2 is 140K / 400
    Gold 1 is 160K/ 600
    Crystal 3 is 180K/ 800
    Thats as far as I’ve got so far. I’m currently trophy pushing, and want to know if its worth it

  3. I just realized star bonus is not actually daily, per se. I got 5 stars + star bonus just now and the timer started at 24 hours. It means I can only start collecting stars after 24 hours to count towards the star bonus. So each day, it’ll keep adding more and more time to it. Would’ve been better it they made a cut-off at sometime and I just need to get 5 stars before it ends.

      • I got 5 stars around midnight on the first day. Next night, I can’t stay up late to get the 5 stars and I get them in the morning. So each day, at least 3-4 hours are being added and over a week, instead of 7 daily bonuses, I get only 5. I really don’t care about revenge stars because up in champs, I never get to revenge on anyone because they’re either online or shielded.

        The new system of the timer starting as soon as you get the 1st star is much better than the old one.

        • its not like that bro. the timer on every person is different depend on they first completed daily quest. after that, that time is marked as your beginning 24hrs of daily quest.

          example, u first completed daily star on 1.00 Am. thats mean your timer will be resetted every 1.00 Am.

          and yes, from that first moment, it became your daily quest for every 24 hours.

          another thing is. it can be stacked once.

          example, if you can’t do quest on sunday. if you do daily quest on monday, after you completed quest, the stars will become zero again. so you can do two quest straight.

          may this information help you..

  4. so it is not really daily quest. we can only do it after the 24 hours countdown. and we need some time to get 5 stars because the stars we get when the countdown is not counted as part of the bonus requirement.
    correct me if I am wrong.

      • i dont think so. I just checked my time and it works this way. After supercell updated the game including star bonus program, ppl would have earned five stars at different time eachother. That time is the standard for refreshing the 24hours thing for 5star bonus. you dont have to wait 24hours everytime you get 5stars. let me give you an example. lets say i got five star bonus at 5am. The five star I earned is the first five star after coc updated the game. Now, 5am is my standard for refreshing 24hours daily bonus. After 24hours from 5am i can get another bonus. In this case even i achieved 5stars at 8pm at the same day, i only have to wait 9hours to next day 5am. So its true that we can get “daily” bonus.

        • No, you would have to wait the full 24hrs for the next star bonus to start. If you got your last star at 8pm the “quest” would start again at 8pm the next night. It’s 24hrs from when you achieve your last star.?

          • Hmm are you sure? I think it’s 24h countdown starting from your first attack. I had 4
            stars and went to sleep. In the next day, I completed 5 stars and immediately I could
            start another daily bonus.

          • It is 24 hours starting from first attack. đŸ™‚ if 24 hours pass the bonus will be available again once you get 5 stars from the previous one. So basically you got a 48 hour window to get 2 bonuses even if you missed 5 stars the previous day.

        • I can accept your opinion about different “refresh” time for each player.
          but I still think that the system of daily bonus is not like the daily quest in MMORPG.
          sometimes I can get the bonus twice in one day.
          how is it possible?
          maybe because the day before, I didn’t complete those 5 stars, and the “quest” is accumulated so I can get the bonus twice the next day.

  5. So weirdly, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting stars per day, without actaully attacking and earning them. I’ve checked two of my accounts, and I’ve noticed the same thing. In one account, I hadn’t attacked in 2 days 16h but it said I had already had 3 stars out of 5. Like what?! In the other, I had 4 stars out of 5 but I only attacked twice during the 24h and I got only 1 star each. WTF?! I’m confused. One similarity is that I won some defenses during that period. Is that what counts? It’s crazy!

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