Clan War Guide

Clan War is one of the most important parts of Clash of Clans game. Once you join a Clan in game, you always want to join every War of it. Clan War is the best place for you to show all your skills and strategies, to show your friends and clanmates how well you are, to be proud.

Every Clan War lasts for two days: One day for preparing and one day for the war. After two days, the winner is the Clan which can score more stars. If your Clan is the winner, you will receive a lot of War Bonus when it is finished. The more matches your Clan wins, the more EXP it can receive.

Your duty in Clan War is getting as much as Stars as you can for your Clan!

Clash of Clans Clan War

How Clan War Matchmaking System Works

To start a war, you need to be the Leader or Co-Leader. Of course, If your Clan want to join a Clan War, it will need a opponent. There are total 9 sizes of a Clan War: From 10 players vs 10 players to 50 vs 50. The Clan Leader/Co-Leader can determine who can join the war.

The Matchmaking system always try to find an another Clan which has similar strength as your Clan:

  • The joined members number.
  • The level of Town Halls.
  • The number of defensive buildings.
  • ….

Because of all those conditions, it will take a certain time to find the best enemy for your Clan. Normally it takes about dozens of minutes but some time it is longer, maybe couples of hours. While Matchmaking system is working, your Leader/Co-Leader can cancel the search whenever they want.

If you don’t want to join a Clan War, you can open your Profile (the small I button next to your name) and tap on the Clan War button then choose “I’m Out” If you don’t want to join the next War or “I’m In” If you want to say you are ready for the next war.

clan war preference

A member can’t join your Clan War if:

  • Your Clan Leader doesn’t like him (lol).
  • He lefts his old clan and joins your Clan while the old one is in War.
  • He joins your Clans while you are having a Clan War.

Clan War Progress

Preparation Day

During the first day of Clan War, all members who join the Clan War can donate troops for all bases in War. The most expensive troops are not really the best troops for Clan War. You can read the Best troops for Clan War guide for more details. Remember, always fill up your Clan Castles.

The base in Clan War is not the one you are using, it is in another world. It has all buildings and traps which you have currently. You can change it without affecting your normal base. Try to create a base which gives the attackers hardness. You can see a lot of perfect Clan War bases at here.

Preparation Day

During the War, you can visit the enemy bases to scout and prepare for future attack strategies. However, you can change your Clan War layout at the last moment and your enemies can do that do.

Battle Day

In the Battle Day, player can attack everyone in the enemy Clan but you just can attack twice and you can’t attack a certain base the second time. Every player in Clan War has its own recommend bases to attack but this one isn’t always right. You can tap on a base and see how much loot you can earn If you have at least one star when attack it and your Clan wins the war. You can see the total War Bonus you can earn at the top left of the Clan War screen:

War win bonus

You can attack any base you like but always remember you have to bring as much as stars you can for your Clan. Sometimes, your Clan can lose the War just because of 1 star. Try to bring the best army composition you can into the War.

When you attack a base in war, your shield and trophies aren’t affected.

When The Battle Day Ends

Clan War Guide

When the battle day ends, the Clan which has more Stars is the winner. Every member in that Clans will receive a certain amount of War Bonus and can collect them via the Clan Castle.

If the result is draw, each member in two Clan will receive 40% of the War Bonus. If your Clan loses, you will just receive 30% of the War bonus.


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