Choosing the Best League and Farming Composition

In game, choosing the best league and the right army composition for farming are two important things which determine how well you can farm. In this guide, Ash (Eternal625) will show you how to do that the right way!

We often see players using powerful attack strategies such as Balloonion or Mass Hog Rider for farming because it is very easy to break into the core by using  them, BUT they take a very long time to train and you just have a small amount of profit after each raid. In contrast, you sometimes see a lot of other players farming pretty well with the same Balloonion in the same league. Why? Because they boost their Barracks. If you don’t have Gems or time for boosting your Barracks, you shouldn’t go with expensive army compositions.

The way for farming fast and efficiently is not the same for all players. Each Town Hall level has its own farming leagues and the best farming strategies.

Best Leagues and Arm y Strategies for Farming

There are a lot of ways to find the best leagues and farming strategies for you and they depend on how you play Clash of Clans:

  • Do you boost your Barracks frequently?
  • Are you using and boosting your Archer Queen?
  • Are you a hardcore farmer, or a casual farmer?
  • What resource are you looking for?

After answering these questions, just take a look at the spreadsheets below and you can find the best places as well as strategies for farming.

These spreadsheets are for all types of players and Town Hall levels in Clash of Clans.

Here are some attack strategy abbreviations in this page:

We will discuss about 3 types of players:

  1. Low = Play under 2 hours a day, casual farmer
  2. High = Play over 2 hours day, hardcore farmer
  3. Sporadic = Play on an off, waiting on full army while logging off after every raid

Okay, here we go!

Best farming ranges and farming strategies in Clash of Clans

Click on the images for bigger size.

Town Hall 2-6

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 2 to 6

Town Hall 7

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 7

Town Hall 8

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 8

Town Hall 9

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 9

Town Hall 10

Farming League and Army for Town Hall 10

For having an effective farming strategy, you should follow not only all those detailed spreadsheets above but also this guide about best time for farming. If you are new player, I think you should also read this guide to learn how to deploy your troops properly.

Thanks Pratyush Yadav for helping me improve the quality of this guide.

Don’t forget to visit cocland everyday for new Clash of Clans tips and tricks. Clash on!


  1. This is Ash (Eternal625 from SC forums) and I would like all my content and guides removed as I did not provide permission for these.

    Or we can come to a mutual understanding:

    For my content to be shared, I would like the following:

    All my content and guides must credit me by my name (Ash) have my name and SC forum username (Eternal625) at the beginning. As well as link to my forum profile:

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  2. This is Ash (Eternal625 from SC forums) and I would like all my content and guides removed as I did not provide permission for these.

    Or we can come to a mutual understanding:

    For my content to be shared, I would like the following:

    All my content and guides must credit me by my name (Ash) have my name and SC forum username (Eternal625) at the beginning. As well as link to my forum profile:

    And the front page of your website ( must promote my YouTube channel, which is focused on providing high quality strategy videos:


  3. I am at th7 in the silver 2 league and i use barch with 4 WB for raids. But getting easy resources is still a dream. Farming was easy at th6 for me. I am nearly maxed out except for the collectors, walls, army camps and two barracks. Which league should i prefer?
    Edit: i am highly active

  4. Will, i’m a semi-maxed th 7. When i farm i usually use barch as my attack strategy(100 each). I’m currently in gold 3 now but hardly finding any loot. Which league should i got to to find loot to finish my upgrades?

  5. I am in masters 2 from last 2 weeks and I find it more relaxing than any other league just townhall snipe with 4-5 archers and 120,000

    loot with 700 dark elixir.Just snipe 10-20 townhall daily and all your storages will be full in one 2 and half days without wasting so much troops on full raid and so much elixirs.
    And almost no use if dark troops so my de gets full easily and I am easily upgrading my king.

    Now there comes one question about higher level raiding you 100% well I think its good and u get 16 hours shield and i loost about 270,000 loot but again thats takes about 3 townhall snipe to get back i.e about 5 mins.
    So if u r townhall 8 or higher Go for masters u can get much more loot in less effort and never break shield if u get one

  6. Hi Will. I was bonus loot farming when I was in th7 in master league but now I am newbie th8 and because of the new matchmaking ruled I can’t farm here anymore. Which league is best for collector raids/easy accessible storages with Barch/BAM? I am going for mainly gold and eooxr only.

  7. Hey Will, got a few questions? Since the new update been struggling to find a good th 9 looting army. Most of my troops are maxed. Before we were able to loot spending less on troops & not using spells, well this is all changed now. So if u could give me a few army & spell combos that would help me get out of this rut, i would greatly apperciate it

  8. Hi will. I’ve seen your name so much whilst looking up coc stuff online I recon your the best person to ask for advice. I’m a reasonably good attacker with barch and bam, I’ve maxed th8 in a good amount of time and I’m now stuck at a standstill at th9. I’ve been up and down through the leagues and I still don’t understand how to find good loot. It just seem so random to what loot I find ! Is there any leagues/trophies that you would suggest for loot ? In gonna work my way to gold 1/2 now I’ve read this but I came down from there a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t seem that’s good. The most reasonable success i had was about a week ago at 800 trophies XD but since then again not much. Or is there a way I can “find” my sweet spot” ? Sorry about the wall of text but I’m son gonna give up on the game coz it’s getting so boring being crushed by higher th9 constantly. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi May,
      Please try to go down to Bronze I and Silver III. I’m farming well with my TH9 account there.
      Also, It’s pretty hard to farm at early Town Hall 9 but just don’t give up buddy. Everything will be easier when you get the Giant level 6.

  9. I have just reached th7 and am maxing out my troops. What league should I stay in at present and after I have upgraded all my troops? Should I aim for Crystal at this stage? I haven’t got the King yet.

  10. Im currently an almost maxed out th9 with only 30+ skull walls left and lvl 15/17 heroes. I am currently in masters question is where is the best place to farm for dark elixir right now WITHOUT heroes. It seems like its pretty hard to manage without heroes in this league while considering my trophies too. I also want to know whats the best army to use without heroes, i try my best not to rely on them since i want them to be constantly upgrading, any advice? Thanks in advance!

  11. Hey bro. Im th 6 and i dont understand this category A and B.. And whats the best attack for farm for me because i use barch and when i attack someone with 100K-200K gold/elixir and i cant get even the half 50K-100K .. Please help me 🙂 What army to use to take the all gold/elixir and get atleast one star? 🙂 Hope you answer

  12. hello i have just reached th9 with all updates finished of th8,i was in master when i reached th9,previously when in th8 gold league i used to get a lot of loots and bases were easy to finish up with giant healer plan but in master opponents are very hard and giant healer is not working thus i am losing trophies and also not getting good loots,now i am in crystal 2 and using giant,healer,wiz and earth spell without any spells with king & queen. My main doubt is if i demote myself to gold at this stage then will i get high loots and easy bases??? please help,Thank You…

  13. Hey Will,could you update this guide?I qualify as a sporadic player but this type of players has really been boosted with the update of not losing your whole shield when attacking,so I was thinking that maybe there were some changes to make here,if not great but if there are I’d be really interested in finding out!
    Thanks 🙂

  14. U no this way is the best to farm 2 million gold/elixir both and 7000 Delixir in JUST 1 Hour at TH8.

    At Silver 2 use Milking Strategy of but instead TARGET only for Delixir drills which can giv at least 100 Delixir but mostly 2 drills at TH8 giv 500 Delixir …

    AND if… if u find any Collector OR Mine half or more attack it (mostly u will find TH8’s with only 1-2 collectors and mines full )(i dont no the reason for this just u attack them>>) and Clash ON

    U can use THIS l base to save ur Resources and specially Delixir..

  15. Hi Guys! silver 3 – gold 1 is the best league for farming elix,gold and dark elix…

    if you need dark elix simply use GIWI attack… aim dark elix storage with 2000k + dark elix on it…

    if you need elix and gold simply use BAM attack… there’s a lot of inactive bases in silver to gold league ^_^

    Hope it helps!

  16. Will potter – emergency (in my opinion) !!!

    I thought it was my device, but on all devices, I cannot acces the chat on it’s not allowing me to chat. and the previous chats come out funny looking. something is wrong, I think others have the same problem, as there are no chats on any recent pages. Plz fix, I don’t think I’m holucinating XD

  17. Hello,

    This is nice tips and I’m sure that could help a lot every one.
    I send a print of my farm/push strategy, I hope that could help someone too.
    I use this strategy focus in gold/elixir.
    it is not recommend to DE because as you can see need a lot of valk and earthquakes

  18. Nice article,

    Im a th9 and i tried BAM, barchers, hogibarch and milking. I use them now for specific looting. Hogibarch mostly for DE. Milking if i need elixir fast. BAM and barchers for gold. My minions are still lvl4 coming from th8 so i do find them weak thats why i do prefer barchers over BAM. Oww yes and just using barchers for 2-3days i can get about 30-40K DE which is great for me now. Because if my AQ or BK is done upgrading i have enough DE to go for the next AQ or BK upgrade. I do think that the higher i go i will end up not having enough DE by the time my AQ/BK is done upgrading. Momentarily at BK15 and AQ11

  19. I have been TH9 for about 2-3 weeks now? I have Barbs upgraded and archers upgrading atm. Was planning on trying to hit masters or crystal while farming sporadically. Idk if that’s a good idea or not though. The guide mentions Giwibarch but can someone recommend training ques for each of the troops or how many of each type I should bring. Thanks.

  20. Im a new th10 just right after the update. Is it only me ? Its so hard to find a dead base! Im not used to this giant wizz strategy for farm because it takes more time to train and more elix. So going to crystal3 is good for barch farming ?

  21. I’ve been looking for places to farm gold and elixir because that is what I mostly need because I’m a new th9 and yet, I find it hard to actually farm in my league, Gold 1. Any advice on what league could I possibly farm. I’m a barch farmer so I basically want dead bases. Thanks guys.

  22. th is 11 now.and i had a problem with finding gold,elixir.but then i decreased my trophy to silver this league i can not find any normal base.plaese advice me league that i find good gold,elixir

  23. Hi,

    Just wondering how you classify the TH9, I am a fairly new TH9 and have pushed up into masters already, however I think I may need to either drop leagues or change up my farm team. If you could let me know how to classify my bases that would be fab 🙂

    • Im a near maxed th9 and found masters to be too much. I have since went down to crystal 3 and have had much better luck havent tried crystal 1 or 2. May drop some more just to see whats there. What army arr you using?

  24. Hey,

    Im a near maxed th9 (Only need lvl10 walls and hero upgrades) and wondering wich of these strategies you would suggest for all resources? Currently using ballionion on crystal but takes too long to build and is expensive compared to other armies. Great guide by the way.


  25. Best strat for farming dark e at th7 and 8
    107 archers 93 barbs
    barb king
    look foir dead bases and try not to expect cc troops
    for that request for a dragon or wiz or valks
    look for dead bases with collectors and mines full along with drills
    look at the storages, it should be empty
    that’s it

  26. I am a fairly new th9. Got my xbows to lvl 2 and was wondering about the best league to farm in and what army to use. I would like all suggestions and tips on what to use and what league to go in. I am also active everytime my army has finished training.


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