Air Sweeper

Air Sweeper is the newest defensive building in Clash of Clans which was released at the 30/4 update. Air raids are now much harder and require more skills.

This new Air Defense have broken all recent Base Designs and air attack strategies in game. But we always like the new things!

Air Sweeper Clash of Clans

Air Sweeper Summary


Here are some most important things that you need to know about this new Air Sweeper. I will try to update them as soon as possible!

  • You can buy Air Sweeper from Town Hall 6. It has 2×2 size as Inferno Tower and Tesla.
  • Air Sweeper maximum level is 6 at Town Hall 10. You just can but it once.
  • It doesn’t do damage but it sweeps and blows your Air Troops away with a certain range. The air attacks will be much slower and your defensive buildings will have more time to attack them.
  • It can only cover 120 degrees and it has 8 directions for being swiveled.

The table below shows you all important numbers about our Air Sweeper:

AS Level Attack Speed Push troops away HP Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall
1 5s 1.6 tiles 750 500,000 1 day 6
2 5s 2.0 tiles 800 750,000 3 days 6
3 5s 2.4 tiles 850 1,250,000 5 days 7
4 5s 2.8 tiles 900 2,400,000 7 days 8
5 5s 3.2 tiles 950 4,800,000 8 days 9
6 5s 3.6 tiles 1,000 7,200,000 9 days 10


air sweeper working range

Strategies with Air Sweeper

For defending:

  • Because the Air Sweeper just can blow air in 120-degree radius, I think you should swivel it to the side which can be attacked by air troops most.
  • Because level 6 Air Sweeper can hold back plenty of Balloons so you need to ensure that there isn’t Air Defense in the range.

For attacking:

  • Always looking for the face of Air Sweeper first to chose the best side to attack.
  • It just can push your air troops back a certain ranges.
  • You may need to use Rage Spell for boosting your troops.
  • 3 level 3 Lightning Spells can destroy a Air Sweeper at all level.

You can read the detailed strategy guide about it at: Air Sweeper Strategies.

What do you think about this new Air Sweeper in Clash of Clans? What will be the best attack strategies in game?


  1. That shouldn’t push dragon like easy, i mean giants can be out of war like spring trap so it didn’t work on pekka but dragon get pushed????????? Come on dragon is too big and can flew through strong wind like paper….. stronger wing than any air troops

  2. my suggestion about this air sweeper ..this thing can only push away a balloon and minion.. the airsweeper cannot push away the dragon and lava hound because their heavy… please take my suggestion for your next maintenance update

    • Objection.
      Getting into Physics, it’s not only about inertia. Weight impacts more on the ground, where the unit’s mass is being pushed against the ground by gravity and held back by friction. Bigger and fatter units actually have a larger surface area to be hit with the blow and would have more force put into them. Lava Hounds can’t be very aerodynamic :p.
      Dragons sure are mighty, but everything that flies has to be obey the laws of Physics. Even developing our flying devices, we have to consider the impact of the air upon their structures.

      There are many reality and physics ‘sins’ this game commits, but imagine all the coding to fix that.
      If the air blown is cold, it would take the balloon, lifted by hot air, down; level whatever wizards and archers(Electric attacks) would do more damage to P.E.K.K.A.; You’d have to feed your troops more than a pig on a stick that takes 2 days to be replaced by a bull.
      The developers keep the game pretty balanced and fun. Don’t take it so seriously ^^

  3. i think that the air sweeper will help the opponent becuase if they attack from the other side the air sweeper will push them forward and that will make them actually move faster instead of slower

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