Ultimate Town Hall 9 Guide

This advanced guide for Town Hall 9 brings all necessary guides, tips, tricks,Β farming and attack strategies for you to become a great and powerful village.

town hall 9 guide

Before falling in love with Town Hall 9

If you are still at Town Hall 8, I strongly recommend you read this guide first, upgrade all core troops (Archers, Barbarians, Wall Breakers, Giants, Wizards, Balloons, Dragons, P.E.K.K.A, Minions, Hog Riders, Golems) and Spells to maxed level , Barbarian Kings to level 10, buildings and at least 2/3 your Walls before hitting the upgrade Town Hall button. Farming at Town Hall 9 is much harder. If you don’t do these things first, you will have a lot of hard days at TH9 stage.

While your builder is upgrading the Town Hall, your only job now is just farming and fill all your storage.

Prioritization of Resource at Early Town Hall 9

Normally, I can always find over 300k loot villages at Gold I when I was at Town Hall 9. This is the best place for farming for all Town Hall 9 players. There are a lot of idle villages, maxed Town Hall 7, 8 with full storages there. You can read more about farming range at: Best Ranges for Farming in Clash of Clans.

Once you hit Town Hall 9, this is absolutely the hardest time. You will be lacking all resources. Elixir and Dark Elixir are two most important resources that you need to focus on because:

  • Dark Elixir for upgrading your Heroes all the time.
  • Elixir for upgrading expensive high level troops, spells, Army Camps and Dark Elixir Drills.

If you don’t know, you will need totally 151,148,550 Elixir and 4,752,500 Dark Elixir for upgrading all things at Town Hall 9. They are not small numbers, I am sure…

Once you have upgraded almost building with Elixir, you should focus on both Gold and Dark Elixir at a time. The higher level of Heroes you have, the more loot you can raid. If you just focus on Gold, your Heroes will be weak. If you just focus on Dark Elixir, your storage will always be full, you will need to spend gems to speed up the Heroes upgrading progress and your Defense Buildings will not strong enough to protect the village. If you focus on both 2 resources, you will not have to click Next button as many as focusing on just one, you will save a lot of gold.
After everything is done, once again, complete your walls then go to Town Hall 10 lol.

Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order

This is one of the most popular topic in Clash of Clans. Your farming and rushing progress will depend on how you upgrade your buildings and troops.

Town Hall 9 buildings

You should upgrade these things first at Town Hall 9:

  • Laboratory: More troop upgrades, more attack power. Upgrade Laboratory first for level 6 Archers and Barbarians, for boosting your farming speed. You can’t attack other villages If your troops still like TH8’s.
  • Clan Castle: Give you +5 more housing spaces for both farming and defending. Moreover, level 5 Clan Castle can hold Lava Hound and Golem, which is pretty important in Clan Wars.
  • Camps: For more housing spaces for your army, for more powerful and farming successful rate.
  • Heroes: If you have unlimited Dark Elixir, you still need 135 days to upgrade your King to level 30 and 157,5 days for level 30 Queen. We all don’t want to stay at Town Hall 9 for years, so upgrade them all the time!
  • Dark Elixir Drills: With 2 maxed Drills, you can collect 4800 Dark Elixir everyday.
  • Xbows: The new and they core defense of Town Hall 9. Upgrade it as soon as possible!
  • Air Sweeper: Air Attacks at Town Hall 9 are quite popular from Crystal 2. The Air Sweeper will make the battle be much harder. We hate it!
  • Mortars, Wizards Towers: People usually use Barch for farming. With splash damage defense buildings are Mortars and Wizards Towers, you don’t need to worry about Barch.
  • Air Defenses: AD is the key air defense building for all Town Hall levels.
  • Archers Towers, Air Sweepers and Cannons: Upgrade Archers Towers before Cannons because they can attack both Air and Ground troops with higher attack speed and damage.

Always remember:

  1. Never upgrade more than 1 of a defense type at a time.If the number of loot you can farm more than you spend everyday and you have a builder left, just spend them all for your walls.
  2. Buy the fifth builder as soon as possible If you still don’t have.

For detailed explanations, you should visit this guide: Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order In-Depth Guide.

Best Base Layouts for Town Hall 9?

Designing base layouts is one of the most awesome activity in Clash of Clans. If you have free time, I strongly recommend you spend time on designing your own base. It will not work well at the first time, but you will get a lot of experiences by doing that.

Here are some best base designs for you guys. You can create your own base on these ideas:

Town Hall 9 Attack Strategy for Farming and Clan War

When you are at Town Hall 9, you can upgrade your Barracks to level 6 and open all troops in Clash of Clans. With all troops, it means you can use all Clash of Clans attack strategies from now. But what are the best ones for Town Hall 9?

For Farming, Barch and B.A.M are still the best farming strategies because they are very cheap, effective and just need a small amount of time for training. When you are at late Town Hall 9, when Elixir is not important with you anymore, you can use Balloonion for farming Dark Elixir and Gold.

For Clan Wars, It is really hard to say what are the best for wars because every attack strategy is for a certain base type. But I can name some of the most powerful strategies for you here, just click on it and read for more details: GoWiWi, GoWiPe, Lavanoonion, HoGoWiWiPe, GoWiWiLoon, HoLoWiWi, HoGoWiWiPe,…

This Town Hall 9 Guide is still incomplete. I have been updating it…


  1. already 1 week at th9.. still having a hard time looting for elixir. Troops used [ 2healers, 12giants, 8wizards, 8hogs, 6wallbreakers and 24archers, 1healspell, 1 ragespell and 1poisonspell ] I’m not confident that this combination will help me save elixir. Since even though I’m able to loot for 300K elixir, once I train another batch I only get to keep a few of my elixir, not to mention it takes time to train this army. any suggestions? thanks

    • I typically use 100 archers and 100 barbarians and aim for full collectors, mostly in gold 1 or gold 2. Its been good… with the barracks boosted, I would loot about 5M combined for the two hours of “boosting”

        • I found the answer to my question πŸ™‚ currently using (Barracks1=2wb and all barb, Barracks2=2wb and all arch, Barracks3=2wb and all arch, Barracks=all Giants, DarkBarracks1=5hogs, DarkBarracks2=5hogs, 1HealSpell, 1PoisonSpell) at least less than 100k elixir, 580 DE and around 21mins to train.

          Consistently able to loot for 250-500k elixir and gold, 1k-1.5k DE for every raid – was already able to upgrade all of my ARMY CAMPS and upgrade giant heal arch to lvl 6

        • kinda have a hard time with BAM, you get to use more than 2 spells to get 100% of loot if storage are at the center. most of the dark elixir storage are located at the mid. LVL6 giants w/ HOGS rock + Barcher w/ Wallbreakers. just need 1 heal spell πŸ™‚

          • Yep, but your army composition takes longer to train troops and you can lots of inactive bases at Silver and Gold so I think strong army is not needed.

          • I finally made my final troop strategy
            – Barracks 1 ( full barbs)
            – Barracks 2 ( full archers )
            – Barracks 3 ( 6 wllbrks > rest archers )
            – Barracks 4 ( full Giants )
            – D. Barracks 1 ( 5 hogs )
            – D. Barracks 2 ( 5 hogs )
            – Spell Factory ( full heal )
            – D. Spell Factory ( poison )

            // it takes at least 20-21 mins to train this army and you only get to use at least 1 / 2 heal spell

          • I’ve notice that BAM vs my Troop combination only differs from 1-2mins to train but I guess the only advantage of BAM vs my Troop Strategy is the Army Cost. BAM may only cost as much as 100k Elix and 200 DE , but my troop strat would cost as much as 150 Elix and 600 DE (Including the Spells)

            So failure to get 100% of the loots (300k+ gold and elix and 2k+ DE) is not an option. Currently in range of Gold3 and Gold2 and impressively get a lot of those kind of loots

          • hmmm truly IMO ~600DE is quite expensive for an attack and you can’t always find easy base with ~2k DE within a minute.
            BAM takes less time to train and that’s find If you attack a base with ~1k DE. If you usually play a long season raid (~ 1-2 hours), BAM can save a lot of time for you.
            Nevertheless this is just my 2 cents, I will try to use your composition and let you know.
            Thanks for the great sharing buddy!

          • you can reduce the # of HOGS used to 8 as long as they are at level 4 or max – hunting TH8 and TH9 easily with the said combination getting full Loots 3star Raid. getting 1.5k DE to 3K DE is easy per raid. I guess this strategy will only be effective if your Giants are already at lvl6 since the only troops that you assist with heal spell are your HOGS .. lemme know your thoughts

          • Gonna try to use your composition couples of times everyday and gonna let you know the results πŸ˜€

  2. roughly 2 months already in th9 – in 2 days w/ around 8-9hrs per day of looting i’m able to max out my Gold and Elix storage just in time to upgrade defenses and upgrade my walls for extras. Currently have 116 level 10 walls and lvl9 walls for the rest. Heroes lvl10BK lvl5AQ. Lab upgrades (lvl6 Barb, Archer, Giant, Healspell), lvl4Golem, Currently Upgrading Max Witch), Defenses upgraded 2 lvl3 Xbows, 4 lvl7 teslas, currently upgrading 2 Airdef, 2 mortars and 1 Wiztower. Already have 220 troop capacity and Maxed out 1 DarkBarrakz. The rest of Structures and Troops are maxed out from TH8

    How I do it? Hard work on Loots – Try to be at least in range of Silver 1 to Gold 2

    Troops below only has around 19-20mins to train – where in i’m able to loot 300k to 500k Gold and Elix. 1.5k to 2.5k Dark elixer. Suggestion: don’t look into getting gold, focus on elixer, since gold will just keep stacking up

    Barracks 1 – all barb
    Barracks 2 – all archer
    Barracks 3 – 3wallbreaker 7archers rest giants
    Barracks 4 – 3wallbreaker 7archers rest giants
    D Barracks 1 – 5hogs
    D Barracks 2 – 5hogs
    Spellfac – all healspell
    DSpellfac – poison spell

    Deploy Giants w/ barb arch and wallbreaker AQ and BK near the storage area.
    Deploy Hogs near Wizard towers and Mortars and Xbows – Assist them with your Healspells – make sure to only use a maximum of 2 spells. Don’t forget to check if there are clan troops, kill them w/ poison spell if possible(arch wiz barb)

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  3. hahaha.. tried out your Troop Composition, edited it a bit and find it truly amazing!

    Got to Masters 2 within just 2 days
    Barbarian Archer Minions Wallbreaker Healspell and Poison

    Barracks 1 – 4 wallbreakers All Barb
    Barracks 2 – 4 wallbreakers All Archer
    Barracks 3 – All Barb
    Barracks 4 – All Archer

    Dark Barracks – 13 minions
    Dark Barracks – 12 minions

    Spell Factory – Heal Spells
    Dark Spell Factory – Poison Spell

    Within hours of hunting I’m able to get 5.5m G/E and 40k DE! Hoping to reach to Champion within next week

    Note: The higher your rank the bigger the win bonus the better — if your using BAM

      • nyahaha! Non stop looting my friend, just like how you posted on previous posts about BAM, don’t have to full 220 army camp, just need to have at least 1 star to get that mouth watering WIN BONUS (specially for DARK ELIXER) ! Now currently at Master1 – 195 trophies more to champion league! Clash on guys!

        • Don’t u have the problem of people raiding your base a few mins after u logged out ? Im a th8(maxed) and 6 more days to th9.

          I made it to master3 to get my 5th builder. Im thinking of farming here before going back to gold/silver but the problem is I kept getting raided by giwipe / hog&dragon T_T.

          • yup – try to search for some trophy bases applicable for your TownHall Level. or as like Will recommended, you can make a good farm base, by doing this, there’s a high probability of those folks on just sniping your Townhall instead destroying your base and getting your loot

  4. If you war often, this is a very bad guide for th9 upgrade order, you want to get your offense to th9 level as fast as possible once you get to th9, this means spell factory and lab right off the bat, your cc, and camps, never stop upgrading camps until they’re all finished, then you need to get at least 1 dark barracks to max so you can unlock lava hound and witches, after that you’re going to want to solely focus on your laboratory, and your queen, get her to 10 as fast as possible, I barely played my queen for the first week or 2 because I literally upgraded her to 2 the moment i got her, then back to back to back all the way to 10. Once the AQ is ten you have a choice, do your BK and then trail the AQ behind doing 5 levels at a time then switching heroes (only upgrade BK from 10 until he’s 15, then only upgrade queen from 10 to 15, repeat until both are 30…).

    This is critical to those who are new th9s, and take war seriously, do NOT put down any new defensive buildings, leave the WT, AD, AT, tesla and especially XBOWS in the shop, do not build them, at least not for a while, you want to maintain your base weight as a th8, to ensure you don’t pull harder opponents in war, being essentially a th8 for the first 2 months or so means pulling an extra legit th9 in war, is going to hurt your clan quite a bit if you don’t have a lot of skilled th9 3 star attackers.

    Do put down all new traps the moment you hit th9, they’re hidden and don’t add to your weight significantly, so you’ll maintain a th8 weight. After your offense is up to par with th9 and you have the major troops/spells fully upgraded ([email protected] 4, [email protected] 5, [email protected] 2, [email protected] 6, and jump [email protected] 2), and your queen is at least level 10, you can put down new defenses, but resist the temptation to upgrade your xbows, leave them at level 1 for a very long time as they have a very heavy war weight and you will bring in max th9s very very quickly once you start upgrading them. Xbows are not the great defensive building people pretend they are, and I wish I hadn’t built them, still, they just bring in much heavier th9s, and they are not attack stoppers at all, and mine are level 3.

    You can work on walls all you want while you’re focusing on your offense, only defensive buildings are going to make a significant impact on your war opponents, after your offense is th9, and you’re feeling comfortable wrecking th9s regularly, you can either stay th8.5 for as long as you want, or take your base to th9 level, it’s up to you, but as long as you do it after you get your offense levelled up, you’re all good.

    This will help new th9’s a ton, people underestimate offense and try to rush their base upgrades long before considering whether or not their offense is up to the same level as their defensive base, this makes everything harder, defending other people is not nearly as important as winning your own attacks is.

      • Man I am a new th9 basically everything is th8 level and I am rushing my regular war troops which is currently lava loons and gowipe andits a struggle. I cannot get past 5 million gold or elixir without losing 400k of it every raid by a th10 and max th9.I at this point want to maximize protecting the elixir and dark elixir but its a struggle.

        • Ya, this can be a problem, are you keeping your town hall outside your base? Up in crystal/masters you will get th sniped within seconds of logging off, if you keep, it outside, regardless of how much loot you’re carrying, rarely do I get raided with my th outside, and I’ve been carrying 120k+ DE the majority of the time since I’m getting my heroes to max simultaneously, and am constantly holding like 3k available. Try going to a higher league where people are pushing, they should give you free Shields like 90% of the time.

          The thing is though, if someone wants your loot, they’re going to get it, my base is almost max th9 and I’m doing lava walls, and I still lose a ton of loot whenever someone tries for it with a real army, so don’t think the new defenses will help a ton, th9s and 10s will still manage to take it if they want it, the best you can do is give the snipers in Crystal 1 and up your town hall so you get the shields. Max th9s and 10s will always be able to wreck a th9, I 3 star max th9s all the time in war, and I easily get their DE when farming with queen walk, you can’t defend it, so always leave your town hall outside…

          Hell, even when I push to Champs I leave my town hall outside, trying to protect it ends up in way more lost trophies, and tons of lost loot, outside of Titan league level pushing, I honestly can’t find a reason to ever have your town hall protected outside of war., it just makes no sense, losing 1 cup to a snipe is better than 6 cups to a raid, and losing no loot is better than losing all of it.

    • Excellent write up, I am a max TH8 looking to make the upgrade to TH9, whilst warring back to back in my small (15vs15) clan.

      There is a wealth of information in this post, but, being me, I am left wanting more information on the intricacies of it all, nevertheless, I appreciate you sharing with us your experiences.

      • Thanks, I followed this guide and as a war player first and foremost I’ve come to regret it, and just wanted to share the way I have learned through experience (my alts are taking this route through each town hall) to be the best for players who are focused on war, th9 is a critical turning point in war, it’s where you become and can match with high level players and bases, th9s are often the deciding stars in war so the longer you can keep the number of them in opposing clans down, and the number of th9 attackers on your side up, the better advantage your clan will have.

        Let me know what else you’re trying to learn and I’ll do my best to help, or at least point you in the right direction for where to find the information.

    • Just want to add, this guide isn’t actually terrible, in fact it’s really good and if you’re not super serious about war, and your clan isn’t concerned with war weights, match ups, and isn’t reviewing attack strats before each attack, focused on 3 star strats for th9 and below, then this is a fantastic guide for progressing through th9. It’s only for those players who are really war oriented, 3 star strats or nothing at all, etc. That are going to find themselves in some rough waters following this guide.

      If that’s not you, then this guide is great.

        • I wouldn’t upgrade any defenses or put any new ones down and stay at th8 basically until I had all my war troops maxed for th9, hogs, golems, hounds, loons, heal, jump, valks, witches, healers, poison and haste, and I would get my heroes to 15 before I even considered upgrading defenses. Once all that is done, you can start following this guide, as it’s a good upgrade path, but I’d make one change, do teslas first, they’re hidden but do a ton of dmg, you can catch people off guard thinking your base is weak while having good teslas. Once your offense is strong, you can do whatever you want basically, always do walls though, from the moment you hit th9 never stop upgrading walls and heroes, you want level 30 heroes eventually, so you gotta do them constantly.

          • Thanks, kinda what i was thinking. I know x bows carry a ton of weight as far as matchmaking goes. Great advice.

          • So you are saying that we should not upgrade defenses till the troops are upgraded? Most troops take approx. 10 days, like this it will take months to max the troops alone and then starting the defenses would take another huge amount of time. If you follow this then hopefully you will max TH9 before Supercell introduces TH13. And to be honest upgrading troops have nothing to do with defenses, defenses go with gold while troops with elixir so it will not harm in anyway to upgrade defenses along the way. Just as the guide says, DO NOT upgrade more than one of a specific type defense at once!!! Happy Clashing.

          • You’re right, it will take a long time to max th9 defenses….but the point of my strategy is to control your war weight, not max th9 as soon as possible. I thought I explained the point to 8.5 already, but I guess I’ll try again…. in war your defenses determine the level of opponents you match up against, this is called your war weight, the higher your defenses, the stronger opponents you will pull into war against you, however as of right now there is a loophole to war weights, only defenses, walls, and heroes contribute to this weight, while your troops either contribute nothing at all, or very very little. This allows people the ability to level up their troops, while maintaining lower level defenses, thus meaning you could pull a th8 opponent in war, but have the ability to hit their max th9s effectively, while the opponents th8 can only attack at a th8 level, thus giving your clan an advantage. This multiplies in effectiveness when you consider most people build their xbows immediately after hitting th9, not realizing xbows are by far the heaviest defense up to that point, so their war weight increases by a huge amount, but their offense is still at th8 level, so by going th 8.5, you will weigh less than these people, but be attacking at a much higher level.

            THe Point to this strategy is not to have a max base as soon as possible, the point is to have the strongest offense possible, while matching the weakest possible opponent in clan wars.

            Just to give you an example of war weight significance, there are 2 people in my clan with wildly different base levels at th9, one is maxed everything, but he has never built his xbows, the other is entirely th8 level, with the new defenses built, but only upgraded to th8 levels, however he has maxed xbows…the guy with the xbows builtin weighted quite a bit higher than the guy with maxed defenses, but no xbows…the th8 with max xbows pulls near max th9s every single war, while the guy without xbows always pulls a really low level th9, often rushed.

            See the significance of war weight? Two bases, vastly different strengths but equal offensive power, one pulling difficult bases, the other pulling easy 3 star bases, and it’s all because xbows weigh many times more than they’re worth defensively. The guy without xbows has much more dps coming from his defenses, yet weighs a whole lot less.

            If you don’t care about war, then build defenses, my strategy is for those who do care about war, and aren’t just in a rush to get to th10, since the game sucks once you hit th10.

          • I cannot disagree more on that point since the whole point of the game is to upgrade to max and hit te top on global rating, at least that is what should have been the aim for introducing the global ratings, to compete among each other for the top. However in your case it seems to be opposite. You are telling people to upgrade troops while going slow on defenses just for war. Most people cannot even war with royals under upgrade as their clans will not let them, and lets be honest it is nearly impossible to 3 star a well built TH without your king and queen so the first motto should always be to max heroes. Talking about maxing troops and heroes, please let me know how you can collect such huge amount of resources without proper defenses? Even 8.5 upgraded defenses won’t hold good against a proper attack so I would recommend to upgrade defenses eve if you are a war addict. Also if you pull a good th9 it will only increase your chances to enhance your skills. There is no point in attacking weak bases and calling yourself a war master. If you fail then someone higher than you can attack the same base for 3 stars.

          • Most people aren’t pushers and don’t give a crap about global ranking, there is no skill involved in pushing that high, any top 100 player will tell you that it’s not skill based, it’s just following a strict schedule, and having the patience to sit in the clouds for hours. War is where the skill and competition in this game lies, and the point of not upgrading defenses right away is to allow your clan to not be put at a disadvantage once you hit th9. Defenses upgrade faster than your offense, and you will be matching with high th9s before you’re able to hit them if you just rush to max th9 as fast as possible.

            As far as holding on to loot, that’s never been an issue for me, just go to masters and leave your town hall out, you’ll never get touched.

            BTW I’ve been th9 for so long that I am near max, but I held off on defenses until I had at least 10/10 heroes, level 4 golems, level 5 hogs, and max heal. That way I could hit th9s once I started pulling higher th9 bases.

            Do whatever you want, but the war community agrees and recommends my method for those who focus on war. The beauty of this game is that there are different goals for different players, most don’t give a damn about the global rankings, and know that there are people being paid to play most of those accounts and push them that high, and don’t care to be associated with that. Vastly different communities of players, take a look at onehive on youtube for a sense of what the war community is, clashcon war tournament was a glaring example of how the pushers don’t possess the skills everyone thinks they do, league is not representative of skill, not even a little bit.

          • OMFG!! Are you really serious? I mean do you even stay in touch with the updates and sneak peeks before babbling stuff about the game? I guess not so here is the response for your so called ‘putting TH outside and saving the loot’ idea.

            After the next update the shield will not be given on TH destruction but upon the total damage done by the attacker like 30% damage = 12 hour shield, 60% damage gives 14 hours and 90% or above gives 16 hour shield. It is not necessary to include th in that percentage so keeping the th outside would be like giving away free trophies as you will not even get a shield for it. So basically you will not get shield for putting town hall outside, you will not get shield even if you do. So every time someone attacks your th you lose trophies but will not get shield, leaving your base continuously unprotected for an attacker with good troops. This brings me to the main point, when an attacker with good troops attack he will never go for just 30% damage but for the loots. Hope you understand what I meant, with

          • “OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS??” Town hall sniping exists right now, at this moment, and it has for 3 years, yes that is changing and people will adjust their strategies, but instead of changing everything about the way serious war players have handled going to a new town hall less than 24 hours after the first sneak peek in a very long and drawn out sneak peek period leading up to this patch, I’ll still recommend people do what works until the day it doesn’t.

            Strategies will change, people will adjust, but until we see everything that’s changing, do what works.

            Ps, if you think shield changes are going to make this game harder, you obviously don’t know about serious arranged war matchups and the pressure to 3 star every base below the 5 max th10s with 40/40 heroes,and the war hinging upon your clan being able to get that one extra 3 star in their top 5, to win. This game has been difficult for a long time, it’s the stuff outside of war that’s boring and easy, and will remain that way regardless of th sniping going away.

          • well, they have a point on one thing. th8.5 isnt useful (not lately at least) if you have a large portion of high level players on top with large war weights as a large portion of the war matchup isnt just an individuals war weight, but also the clan’s war weight as a whole. But if youre one of the higher players in your clan, th8.5 IS the way to go.

          • Just so you know, even if you have max defenses you will still get creamed by a much stronger player. That’s the case with farming/pushing, choosing a base that you can handle whereas in war you cannot or your choices are limited depending on your clan rules. So yes, the way to showcase your skill is in war and not in farming/pushing where no one can see you and you get to choose a wimpy base you can bully. So stop being a hater.

          • We had 2 members of our clan do the whole th8.5 gig whilst they upgraded troops, honestly it made no difference to our matchups, their opposite had xbows and extra defenses, they got 3 starred easily whilst they struggled to 3* effectively because they were new to th9 facing much tougher bases. I believe that the predominant factor in match ups is th level, so the system will always try to have the same number of th9s on each side, thus if the opponents dont do the same as your new th9s, you will be at a disadvantage. I’m a clan leader who’s taken part in over 200 wars, and this is just my experience, others may differ, but I advise new th9s in our clan to simply opt out until their defenses are up to th8 level at a minimum, seems to be the best way to ensure they don’t ruin war weighting.

      • Exactly. At least three of ouraccounts in our clan are “engineered” accounts, TH 10-11with max troops, but TH1 defenses. It’s hilarious how we do 25 v. 25 wars, and our 19 & 20 are pulling TH 5’s, but three starring our opponents 3s & 4’s (TH9’s) with ease

    • Toooitchy kinda late but if you are there yeah im interested in your suggestions… im more into war so your guide simply catched my eye.. pliz tell me what to do as im reaching th9 within a day!! And i have maxed out my th8 career tip to toe even walls all done everything for a th8.. kinda new to this th 8.5 thing too.. hope to get your reply soon

      • Ya, what happened with me is I got to th9, and like everyone else was so excited to be th9 I put down all the new defenses, got em up to th8 level, then started maxing them out as fast as I could, by the time I realized that I was hurting myself in war, a lot, I had maxed xbows, wizard towers, mortars and teslas, and 3 out of the 4 air defense were maxed, so I basically froze my base where it was, and haven’t done anything but lab upgrades, heroes and walls since then. My heroes are about to be 20 with a week or two, and I’ve got lava walls in my core, getting about 1 per day, so don’t worry, I’m in the same boat, just freeze all your defense where they’re at and just do troops heroes and walls until you’re comfortable hitting high th9s, preferably max th9s, then go ahead and start back up on the defense. The whole point is to keep the weight of your base as low as possible in war, so you get matched with as low strength opponents as possible. I’m probably at the point where I could start defenses again, but I’m in no rush, even with th11 coming, I love th9 so much I don’t know if I’ll ever move to th10, I like 3 starring bases after planning carefully, th10 just doesn’t offer that, and I doubt th11 well either…

        Good luck.

      • Hell ya storages, they have tons of hp, so they take time to get down. Also air sweepers seem to be ok to upgrade, they don’t seem to have much of an impact on base weight. Collectors, storages, etc. All good to upgrade.more buildings means they need to take out more buildings to get 3 stars, or even the 50%.

          • All about your personal preference, and where your offense is at, if you’ve got your main war strategy upgraded all the way, then you can go ahead and start doing whatever defenses you want. If you take your war weight super serious, then you probably won’t build the 2nd sweeper yet, but it won’t be a huge jump up if you do build and upgrade it.

          • Oh I see, thanks. We adopt in the guild since most of us is only TH8, this really works. I’ll be upgrading in 1 month, I’m just asking in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hey Bro I’m TH9 for 3 days, I have a question, since the update already active. I’m always attacked by TH9 with LVL 6 giants,barb,archer and heal spell. They always got my loot, so is this still viable? how about upgrading existing defense? would it hurt that much?

  5. Toooitchy kinda late but if you are there yeah im interested in your suggestions… im more into war so your guide simply catched my eye.. pliz tell me what to do as im reaching th9 within a day!! And i have maxed out my th8 career tip to toe even walls all done everything for a th8

  6. Yep, if you war and just purely upgrade your defences you’ll have to attack higher level th9 or even a th10 with only th8 troops (next to impossible to 2 star or even 1 star). You want to upgrade your defences last. So upgrade both your heroes to level 30 (strong heroes help so much), walls all to level 10, max your lab, cc, spell factory, army camps, and max all your barracks before you upgrade any defences.

  7. Im hitting my th9 upgrade button soon, i will try to add the air defense and 1 tesla, does this two make too much weight? Or i’ll just put my tesla and maxing the 4 of them? tnx for the suggestion in advance ?

  8. so instead buy another new defensive/upgrade those new defensive building, i should upgrade my xbow right? have 4.5 mil and i don’t know which building i need to up first, either new arch tower or one of those xbows

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