Advanced Town Hall 7 Guide

Hi guys,

So after a long road from TH1 to TH6, you are here and reading this guide. I’d like to say “Congrats” and give you an advanced guide about everything you should and need to know during the time with Town Hall 7.

Town Hall 7 Clash of Clans

Town Hall 7 – Getting Started

Like all other Town Hall levels, the first thing you need to do and I don’t need to talk about it is building new Walls, buildings and re-design your current base for better protection. You can plenty of Town Hall 7 bases at here.

Basically, farming at Town Hall 7 is pretty similar to Town Hall 6. Once you have enough Gold for buying new defensive buildings and traps, just buy them instead of upgrading the current ones. Level 1 is always better than nothing. The more buildings you have, the better defense you have. After that, upgrade new buildings to the same level as the others then we will think about the upgrade orders.

Town Hall 7 Upgrade Orders

Upgrading buildings

With Elixir

  1. Laboratory: Who doesn’t like stronger troops and spells?
  2. Spell Factory: You can farm much easier with 2 more spell spaces and the new Rage Spell.
  3. Army Camp: Upgrade your new Army Camp to level 4 for boosting your farming speed.
  4. Dark Spell Storage: Saving DE from the beginning now is not a bad idea at all.
  5. Barracks: Having Dragons is one of the best experience at Town Hall 7. Upgrade your Barracks to level 9 as soon as possible to enjoy easy 3-star wins in Clan Wars.
  6. Gold Storages: For holding much more Gold for upgrading and higher HP.
  7. Dark Elixir Drill for passive DE.
  8. Gold Mines for sweet passive Gold.
  9. Dark Barrack: I’d like to leave this at last because truly you don’t need to use Dark troops at this time, they are pretty weak and you should just spend your Dark Elixir on Barbarian King.

With Gold

  1. Clan Castle: I’d like to recommend upgrading the Clan Castle at first at all Town Hall levels. It is really useful for both farming and defending. Of course you can’t upgrade it anymore If you go to TH7 with a level 3 Clan Castle.
  2. Mortars: For protect your loot from most popular troops at this TH level: Barbarians and Archers. You can take a look at this post to see “How many hits does a Mortar need to take down troops?
  3. Wizard Towers: They can do splash damage like Mortars. Moreover, they can attack air troops. With them, you don’t need to worry about Minions at this level.
  4. Teslas: With perfect damage and attack speed, Hidden Teslas are one of the key defenses of your village from now. They are always a big surprise for the attackers.
  5. Air Defenses: With level 5 ADs, you can somehow survive Dragon attacks from non-experienced players. Dragon is the lord of TH7, there is no reason for not upgrading Air Defenses later. If you are pretty active in Clan Wars, you can upgrade them before Teslas.
  6. Archer Towers: They have nice damage, attack range and can attack both air and ground units.
  7. Cannons:
  8. Air Sweeper: I’d like to upgrade the Air Sweeper as a defense at last because we rarely can see air attacks at this level and the bonus range after upgrading.
  9. Elixir Storages: Upgrade them If you need more Elixir for upgrading troops/spells.
  10. Elixir Collectors for sweet passive Elixir everyday.
  11. Walls
  12. Traps: Giant Bomb > Seeking Air Mine > Bomb > Air Bomb.

Remember: Never upgrade more than 1 of of a defensive building at a time otherwise your base will be pretty weak and easy to be raided. For example, If you upgrade 2 Mortars at a time, get 3 stars from your base with just Barbarians and Archers is not hard at all.

Upgrading troops

I’d like to say this upgrade order is not the best for everyone, but I have optimized it for both farming and doing Clan Wars.

Archer dragon Barbarian rage spell giant Wall Breaker wizard healer healing spell balloon goblin hog minion

You should upgrade Archer at first for skyrocketing your farming speed. Undoubtable, they are the best troops for farming at all Town Hall levels.

After that, you should upgrade the Dragons because they are sublime in Clan Wars. With level 2 Dragons, you will never miss the last star in Clan Wars. If you still don’t have Dragons after upgrading Archers, that’s ok, just upgrade Barbarians and remember to upgrade your Dragons immediately once they are ready.

From Town Hall 7, you can know how insane the Rage Spell is. You need them for both farming and Clan Wars.

Wall Breakers are always useful at all Town Hall levels, farming on the ground is really hard without them.

After that, upgrade your Giants, Wizards and Healers for farming Dark Elixir easier. I will tell you more about this below. Don’t upgrade Hog Riders and Minions unless you have level 5 Barbarian King.

Where to farm and how to farm at Town Hall 7?

IMO the best places for farming at Town Hall 7 are Silver II, I and Gold III. If you are at these leagues and sometimes you can’t find dead bases or good bases to attack, it is not because of these leagues, it is because of your farming time.

Farming Gold and Elixir

At first, you should focus on both Gold and Elixir when farming. The easiest way is choosing the best time for farming and just focus on inactive bases with full Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines. The image below shows you the fastest way to recognize an inactive base:

How to understand the Collectos

There are plenty of farming strategies at Town Hall 7, but I strongly recommend you go with Barch for effective and efficient (1 Wall Breaker each Barrack, 3 Barracks for training Archers and 1 Barrack for training Barbarian, don’t use more than 1 Spell each raid).

Farming Dark Elixir

Farming Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 is hardest because whether you can’t reach the core of a TH8 easily or you can’t take much from other Town Hall 7 players. Below is the army composition that I think very effective for this job:

10xgiant 2xhealer 7xWall Breaker 13xwizard 34xArcher 16xBarbarian 3xhealing spell

With this army, you can easily hit the core of most TH8 bases. Focus on bases with at least 700 Dark Elixir and you can have the level 5 Barbarian King within a week. For more details, please read the individual guide about farming DE at TH7, there are much more farming strategies as well as tips inside.

Once you get the level 5 Barbarian King, you will see how insane he can boost your farming speed.

How about Clan Wars?

Without Dragons

If you are at early Town Hall 7 and want to join Clan Wars without Dragons, that’s absolutely OK. Although there are plenty of ways to get 3 stars from the enemy base without Dragons, I strongly recommend you using this strategy or any variations of it

30xballoon 15x Barbarian 35x Archer 4xhog (Clan Castle)

healing spell healing spell


After checking and clearing the enemy Clan Castle (read more at here), deploy your Clan Castle next to an Air Defense to destroy it with Hog Riders. I strongly recommend using level 5 Hog Riders, they are really strong and you will get the Air Defense anyway. In the worst case If all Air Defense are in the core and it’s impossible to take them down, that’s ok, drop your Hogs next to a Wizard Tower and then drag your Balloons for clearing defensive buildings, just drop your Archers and Barbarians from the side which is not protected and don’t forget to drop the Healing Spells for protection your Balloons. For more details, please take a look at the BarchLoon Guide.

Dragons at Town Hall 7

With Dragons

As I have mentioned couples of times above, strategies with Dragons are the best army compositions at Town Hall 7 and even till mid Town Hall 8. There is no way to stop them at TH7, for sure.

There are plenty of ways to use Dragons effectively:

  • Dragons + Balloons in Clan Castle + 3 Lightning Spells.
  • Dragons + Hog Riders in Clan Castle + 3 Lightning Spells.

You just only need to drop the Lightning Spells to destroy 1 Air Defense then attack from the back of the Air Sweeper. Easy right? You can read more about this at Dragon Attack Strategies.


The two most important things you need to focus on at Town Hall 7 are the Barbarian King and Dragon.
It’s always hard for farming Dark Elixir at this Town Hall level but don’t give up anyway. After having the level 1 Barbarian King, you will see how awesome he is and it will be a great motivation for you to keep farming.


    • It depends on the base you are going to attack. I don’t recommend using Hog Riders at TH7 because:
      1. You need to save DE for Barbarian King.
      2. Why do you want to use Hog Riders while you can always 3-star any base with Dragon?

  1. I don’t know where to put this question, but it does pertain to TH7.

    How is it possible for me to be a TH 8 in Masters III to be able to three star a TH 7 in Crystal I and get 24 trophies? I thought the game was rigged in such a way that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near that many trophies by raiding a TH7. He wasn’t even maxed out.

    BTW, I wasn’t hunting down TH 7 players to kill. I was sniping with a barch army and it was just too good to pass up.

  2. It is really awesome and not time consuming to read each and every guide on your blog, Will. From my late TH6 to early TH7, I am reading and also applyng your guide. Definitely this was helpful for me, might as well with some of your followers, too. Please Will, do continue to give us some of your knowledge for us to become strong on playing Clash of Clans. I”m on my addict mode now. LOL! 😀
    GOD BLESS Will! 😀

  3. Hi! I have a question. I am currently in TH7 for about 3-4 weeks. My walls are about to be finished soon (111 lvl 7, 64 lvl 6), and I estimate that if I can upgrade all my walls during the 8 day TH8 upgrade. However, I feel my other things are being left behind.

    AD: [Level] 1,4 (going 5 in 5 days)
    AS: 1
    AT: 5,6,6,7
    Cannon: 5,5,6,6,7
    CC: 3
    Mortar: 2,2,4
    WT: 4,4
    Tesla: 1,1
    Air bomb: 2,3
    Bomb: 3,3,3,3,3,2
    Giant bomb: 1,1

    Camp: 4,6,6,6
    Barracks: 6,6,9,9
    Dark: 0
    Lab: 5
    Spell: 3

    G.Mine: 8,8,8,8,5,3
    GS: 10,10
    Collector: 7,6,6,6,5,5
    ES: 11,11
    Drill: 3
    DES: 2

    Research: only dragon, barbar, archer, heal, lightning are maxed
    BK: Lvl 1 (soon to be 2)
    Should I go to TH8 already?

  4. I’m having trouble right now. I don’t feel like upgrading collectors, and I’m going for atleast max th9 with 2 builders, no gems. I’m at th7, and I am almost maxed. My minions are up next, then hogs. I’m thinking of upgrading my barracks to its max lvl during th8 upgrade. Should I upgrade now?
    P.S- 4 months ago a rushed th7, today a almost maxed th7.

  5. Hey will due to your dark elixr farming strategy I maxed out my king in a week!!!!!! It works perfectly fine!! I love ur guides as they help a lot.Can u tell me what should I start upgrading next as my ads are the same lv4.pls reply .I have only 3 builders.and also a base which protects loot as this one is not that good(I have asked a lot but pls answer these questions)

  6. Hi, I reached TH7 a couple of days ago – I think it’s been a week, and have been upgrading with a war priority, so that means 2 builders on AD, one on camps and barracks and the other for new defenses, teslas, upgrades, sf, walls and all that mindless stuff.

    But the main thing are definitely the AD’s. So 1 is level 4, and the other upgrading to level 3. Currently I’m in a dilemma and am wondering whether I should get them all to level 4 and then start warring or max them completely out and start warring. As for offensive, I’ve my whole plan laid out, which involve getting unlocking drags and upgrading them to level 2 asap.

    So hopefully you can help in this dilemma, as I came right over here for help! Thanks!

    • i am also on th7 and i preffired to upgrade my all wals to purple and then started to upgrade defance u shuld now do dragon attacks!! if your dragon is of 2nd level? it is best way to collect loots and trophies..

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