How to make 4 Million Loot in 1 Hour

Hey guys I’m Ash and I’m going to share how I make around 4 million loot in just 1 hour with GiBAM farming strategy. I’m going to make this guide short and concise and as easy to understand as possible.

GiBAM Farming Strategy

How to make 4 Million Loot in 1 Hour with GiBAM

GiBAM Army Composition

Why GiBAM? It is one of the fastest-to-train army compositions in the game and is very effective. It only takes about 14 minutes to train a full army with GiBAM, while it takes about 20 minutes with Barch. So you’ll be doing more raids in less time, so you’ll make more resource in the long run.

giant Barbarian Archer minionqueen rage spell healing spell poison spell

  • Barrack 1 = 4 Giants, 2 Wall Breakers, rest Barbarians
  • Barracks 2 to 4 = 4 Giants, 2 Wall Breakers, rest Archers
  • DE Barrack 1 & 2 = Minions
  • Spells = Rage and Heal Spells and Poison. You may also choose to use Earthquake Spells if you are not in need of Dark Elixir.

Note: If you wish to profit better from Dark Elixir, then train no more than 20 Minions. This will reduce your overall Gold and Elixir gain (due to longer wait time), but increase your Dark Elixir profit.

What Leagues to Farm In:

  • Town Hall 7 – Farm in Silver Leagues
  • Town Hall 8 – Farm anywhere from Silver to Gold Leagues
  • Town Hall 9 – Farm anywhere from Silver to Crystal Leagues
  • Town Hall 10 – Farm anywhere from Silver to Master Leagues
  • Town Hall 11 – Masters 3 and higher
  • Do not concern yourself with maintaining trophies. The fastest way to make loot is by just forgetting that trophy leagues exists. As long as you don’t fall to Bronze League, you will always find good loot. If you’re not finding good loot, then that just means it’s a bad time to farm or you’re just unlucky or you need to be patient and search more rather than impatiently attacking a low offer base.

How much resource should I target?

  • You must target at least 300,000 total resource.
  • At least 300,000 total resource must be attainable. If you believe that you may only be able to get around half that, then skip it and keep nexting.
  • Don’t give up on nexting. And don’t go back to your base, as your Barracks are training troops while you are nexting. If you go back to your base, then you will reset all the troops your Barracks trained, slowing your efficiency!

How do I attack?

  • Watch my video for examples on how you should attack.
  • GiBAM is a multipurpose army composition, and so it is the BEST army composition to farm with in the game. Why is GiBAM the best army to farm with?
  1. One of the fastest-to-train army.
  2. Unlike Barch or BAM, GiBAM has the capability of effectively attacking the inside of a base to get the storages. While Barch or BAM will die too quickly from splash.
  3. Barch or BAM are mostly just good for attacking outside collectors, and if you only focus on that, then you will be spending a lot of time searching (and gold). While with GiBAM, you can attack both these collector bases and storages inside bases so you will search less and find a base to attack quicker, and so you will make so much more in the long run.

Conserve Troops

  • Sure troops cost Elixir to make, but what’s really important is that they cost TIME.
  • Don’t waste all your troops. Only use as much as needed to get all the resource. This way you’ll save time because it takes time to train troops, even if they are just Barbarians and Archers.

When to Next:

  • Always make sure to fill up your barracks up before deciding to next.
  • Start pressing that Next button when your Army Camp is about 75% full. And search for any dead bases you can steal quick loot for with your 75% army. If you’re boosting all your barracks, then you can wait for a full army just because it won’t take long to have a full army with this method and all barracks boosted.
  • If you do not find any dead bases after a few nexts, then go back to your base to find that you’ve now have a full Army Camp. Then go back to nexting, but this time do NOT go back to your base until you find a base and raid it, because your Barracks are training your troops while you’re nexting. You can read more about that in this guide.

Your Goal: Maximize Loot Efficiency

Loot Efficiency = Resource/Time = (Gold + Elixir + DE + Loot Bonus)/(Training Time + Search Time + Raid Time)

Your goal is to maximize loot efficiency. Some factors are uncontrollable, like the time it takes to find your target resource. However, some factors controllable, such as training time for a full army. You should minimize training time as much as possible to maximize loot efficiency.

I hope this guide could help you somehow. Please share it with your friends If you like it. You rock!


  1. Explain me this… “Spells = Rage and Heal Spells and Poison” Heal time to make 20 minutes, rage 30 minutes, dark spell 15 minutes.
    There goes your every 14 minutes attack, say you make that ahead of time it would take 2 hours to make 4 rage, and yes on the third hour if you set it just right (let’s not forget the personal time bullcrap) you could attack but only use 1 rage per attack. and if you want to use rage and heal… good luck with that. unless I misunderstood this and it is a possible 4 million in 1 hour and that is it until you can remake all your pots.
    Also I am yet to find dead bases, one would figure a dead base would be one with full Collectors and not full storage for moving to storage requires collecting thus making a dead base NOT dead. I use xmod to search for bases with collectors capped at 100000 and I find absolutely ZERO in almost 10 minutes of auto nexting burning through 450k gold.
    So I must be missing something here. Thanks for your post though this site is awesome as always. I will definitely try this troop comp but I doubt I will get 4 million of anything in 1 hour.

    • whatch the video,. the spells have made before you off the game (eg: before yo go to sleep) and make the other rest in factory,. and when you start the game you aready have the full spell and 1 spell alredy, and you only need other spell,. so when you have done finish the first att you already have 1 spell., I’ve try it and the spell not alwas to be used when att.,

    • Actually it is possible.
      Because, not every base you need to use spell, sometimes you don’t need to do storage raids, only use barcer for collector raids. And usually, with collector raids, you don’t need to spam all your troops, so you may get your next raid fast.

      lets say you had 7 atk in a hour, every atk worth of 300k/300k or in another words 600k loot each atk. 600k x 7 = 4,2M loot right?

      and btw, the core of fast farming is, knowing what may get you a benefit.

      and this is where most players go wrong.

      which one gave you more benefit?

      full troops and 4 spells getting 800k loot
      half troops no spell, gave you 300-400k loot?

      usually, most players skipping low th that offers 150k/150k and they don’t realize that they only need 30-60 barc to get that, which will be replenished after they attack that one. its a benefit!!!

      Remember, principal of economy, Minimum Efforts Maximum Profits. Low Cost High Gain.

      If you had problem finding those dead bases, the problem is only 2

      1. Your trophy is too high
      2. You farmed not in the right time, try visiting before you boosting your barracks on

  2. Awesome guide and strategy.. Hope Ash will share with us more example of that cuz i really can’t manage just 12 giants with no heal spell. My attacks keep failing with this strategy, even vs low th9.. am i the only one getting problems or am i just too bad? LOL.

    Anyway again goodjob Will/Ash!

      • The point is that i feel like what I do with this composition, i could do it better just using BAM.. I make a good profit finding dead bases, but when i find a full storages base I’m not always able to reach the core because giants can’t shield properly my troops. I’m trying with heal spell right now to heal barbarians too and it seems to work better.

        However i guess i definitely need more practice 😀

        ps: Thank you for replying and excuse me for my english ^^

  3. I don’t understand. I attack juste like you do in your video, but all of my troops are already dead after the 1st layer of wall..
    I am TH9, barb lvl 6, archers lvl 6 and giant lvl 5. I really don’t understand what am i doing wrong. I watched your video a dozen times.

  4. i have another strategy for town hall 8 that’s called semi farming . its GoBArch . this is what you need :
    1 Gloem
    The Barberian king
    100 archers
    10 minions(OPTIONAL)
    40 barberians
    5 wall breakers
    3 healing spells

    First of all find the correct base . The base must not be TOO complex .i.e. there must not be a compartment fir each building . If the base looks almost square , you have your base!

    first , clear out the outer buildings with barberians . then open up the first layer of wall and deploy your gloem . Then you should deploy around 70 archers and minions that go straight into the core of the base . then deploy your barberian king before the gloem’s health goes around 50%

    you can use your healing spell if your gloem goes out of health . deploy all three on the gloem at the same time , to make it effective


  5. High marks for the video presentation and breakdown. Trying to make something understandable to all levels when so much of it is based on experience and gut feeling (as in what base to pick and when/how to roll out various parts of the army etc). I have one KEY issue with the whole demo, and that is the EXTREME difference in what the loot “available” is on a base, based on Your th level. If the same base was found by different th lvl attackers, the difference in just a single th level could be the difference between the raid you remember for years vs the one you nexted without a second glance. . The system may work at the different th and trophy league levels in terms of ability to steal SOME loot. . But the types of bases demonstrated in the video as a th9…. A th10, let alone th11 wouldn’t be shown even half that loot as available. . And scaling up to a different league…. Sure you find similar or better loot numbers…. But hell would freeze over before you got a nice easy base without infernos and xbows embarrassing that army comp

    • Take it from someone who was an avid farmer even as a th10 before supercell destroyed the best part of the game…. I went from lower priced army to having no choice but to go heavy duty like gowipe and increase trophy/league level to be able to save and make decent loot. .i have to rely on the league loot bonus and all or nothing now

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