Undefeatable Town Hall 9 Troll Base for Pushing Trophy

If you are trying to find the fastest ways to go to Master league, you can’t miss this troll Town Hall 9 base. Of course this base is defeatable, the name “Undefeatable” refers to the way almost players attack this base: Attacking from the core. The author of this base gained up to 849 trophies after just 3 hours using this base layout. Regardless what army compositions the attackers use, they will never get more than 1 star from this base If they attack from the middle.

If you are not a fan of troll bases, you still should read about this one to see how it works, find a way to counter or avoid it while pushing trophies.

Town Hall 9 Troll Base

Undefeatable Town Hall 9 Troll Base


Once attackers see this base, most of them at Gold and Crystal leagues will attack it directly from the middle because of the Dark Elixir Storage. Regardless what army compositions the attackers use, they will never get more than 1 star from this base If they attack from the middle.

This Town Hall 9 base’s achievements so far:

  • 849 won trophies after 3 hours.
  • 100+ defensive wins in less than 24h.
  • Haven’t been 3 starred yet.

You can see some decent attacks with superb army compositions in the video below but they all failed because they were subjective, didn’t think about the trap of this base.

Don’t be dumb like those players in the video above. Be wise and think clearly before attacking this kind of base!


  1. I’ve had a lot of fun using this base. What really makes me laugh is when people attack me using gowipe or another expensive strat and walk away with maybe 3 or 4 trophies and at best 50k total loot and this is at Masters league too, I figured people would be smarter this high up.

  2. I just wanted to provide an update, this base was just 3 starred using a combo 37 hogs, 4 heal spells, 2 witches, and a couple wizards, level 12 king/queen and dragon as CC troops. They attacked from the outside instead of the center so that had a lot to do with it.

    • HI Jack.
      IMO, we just should use this base to push to Crystal III and II, as well as this base is just for trolling and there are plenty of ways to defeat by.

      By the way, thanks for you update buddy!

  3. This base sucks ass. DONT USE IT. I have a semi max th9 with lvl 8 and 9 walls and i was three starred by 10 giants 2 witches 2 heal 1 jump 1 rage and some archers. It doesnt work at all like it was supposed to. Thanks for the -17 trophies, man.

  4. lol, his is by far, probably the most amazing base ever. Do you think poeple will attack your storages? Like the gold and elixer and storges.

    Also, I have a tip to howver created the base. Switch the townhall with the dark elixer storage, I’m not sure if it’d lure in opponents as effiently, but they will have to destroy this high HP building for just a fifth of the total DE. And sorry for the spelling mistakes, its the compuer, and ive givven up trying to correct them.

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