Trion: Excellent Town Hall 7 Farming Base

The Trion farming base for Town Hall 7 is from DokuganR and have been tested by a lot of players against various army compositions at 1100-1900 trophies range. With perfect trap placements, this base works perfectly not only against TH 7 but also TH8 and even 9 with basics farming strategies (Barch, BAM, Giant-Healer,…). This is one of the best Town Hall 7 base layouts that I have ever seen. I strongly recommend you refer it and re-design it with your own style.

Trion Farming Base Layout for Town Hall 7

Trion Farming Base TH 7

There isn’t a definite core in the Trion base. All compartments are split so prevent the enemy troops from moving inside the base easily. There are plenty of 2×2 spaces in the base where you can place traps and Teslas. It is not easy to predict them as a attacker. While a defensive buildings is being upgraded, you can replace it with your DE Drill. You can see more information in the Feature section below.

Trion Base Layout Features:

  • Centralized Clan Castle: It is not easy to lure CC troops out.
  • Equilateral storage placement: It is not easy to get all Storages at a time.
  • Air Defense Placements work great against Giant-Healer Combo combo.
  • Anti Wall Breaker: There are a plenty of compartments. The attacker need to use at least 2 Wall Breakers to break a wall but the number of Wall Breakers can bring into the battle is limitation. So…
  • Perfect funnelling: As I said before, there are plenty of 2×2 areas so It is really hard to predict traps and Hidden Teslas. Seeking Air Mine placement is perfect to wipe out Healer and Air Mines are for Minions.
  • Symmetric layout, hard to chose a side to attack from.

The base below is the another version of the Trion with better air protection. The best time to use this version is mid-late Town Hall 7. At this time, you don’t really need Elixir. It uses Elixir Storages as the tankers and distractions.

Trion Farming Base TH 7 reworked version

Here are some defense logs with various army composition for you to see how well this farming base layout for Town Hall 7 works:

If you have any ideas to improve this base or want to share your defense logs, please comment!


  1. this seems to be a wonderful layout. Unlike The Ring which I just tried out recently. I am still losing a lot of loots even when attacked by archers only. will try out this and give you a review. thanks mate!

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