Top Town Hall 10 Base Layouts with 275 Walls by Ash

Hey guys It’s Ash again! With the introduction of 25 new Walls at Town Hall 10 from the September update. I’m gonna use this page as a collection for all of my new Town Hall 10 bases from now. I will try my best to constantly update this page .

Top Town Hall 10 Base Layouts by Ash

Town Hall 10 Trophy/War Bases



Daybreaker is another kind of teaser base. This is an anti-2-star base so I don’t recommend using it If your Clan is not addicted in Clan Wars much.

This layout has been giving lots of impressive defense logs not only in Clan Wars but also in trophy pushing.



You can call this Crestfallen layout as the reworked version of the Eye of the Tiger layout below. After testing the Eye of the Tiger for a few weeks, I have found some common flaws such as attackers can use Jump Spell the Jump Spells to get into the core regardless of the small core.

Here are some highlights of this layout:

  • Anti-Archer-Queen core – One of the must-have features these days. The Archer Queen can’t target your Town Hall unless core-walls get taken down or she can jump over those walls.
  • Space between core walls prevent the enemy Barbarian King and P.E.K.K.As from going further with the Jump Spell.
  • Anti-Golem ring: In most cases, the attackers can’t redirect their Golems into the core.
  • Centralized Air Sweepers.
  • Quadrangular Air Defenses can counter most hybrid attacks with Super Queen.

Eye of the Tiger


Click here to see the speed build video of this base layout.

Note: Tester Wanted!

This base is the modified version of the Heart of a Champion base layout. Literally it has the similar concept to the predecessor but more rigid. The Anti-Golem/Giant/Hog/Balloon funnels and Anti-Lavaloon feature have been incredibly improved.

Because this is a pretty new base so I really need help improving it. Please provide us the defense logs so we can improve it together!

Heart of a Champion v2.0


Click here to see the speed build video of this base layout.

This is the new version of this pretty popular war/trophy base layout for own Hall 10 with much more refining look and improvements for funnels:

  • Anti-Archer Queen core is the main feature of this base. The enemy Archer Queen will not be able to touch your Town Hall unless she either jumps other those walls or break them. Even if the attacker drops the Jump Spell on her, she will not jump in the core compartment because she prioritizes on walking rather than jumping.
  • Anti-Earthquake feature is another great feature that I’d love to see in all base layouts these days. The large main compartment of this base will not be affected by the Earthquake Spells at all.
  • Anti-Golem/Giant/Hog feature will force those troops running around the base.
  • In this new version, the funnel against Barbarian King and P.E.K.K.As has been improved. It is a real challenge for Barbarian King and P.E.K.K.As to go direct into the core without destroying all the buildings in the large open-ring compartment.
  • Wizard Towers are well placed away from the Air Defenses so they will not be locked on Lava Hounds = better protection against Lavaloon attacks.
  • Town Hall is now well spaced with walls, Balloons can’t do splash damage to it = Anti-2-Star feature against Lavaloonion.
  • Golems can’t trigger Giant Bombs and Small Bombs. Those bombs will be a big deals for support troops like Archers/Wizards.
  • Outer compartments help increase the difficulty of breaking the base funnel chain.

Themis X


This is the new version of the Themis troll base with added walls at the South. You can see the speed build video of this base at here.

New space between walls and Cannons in this new update help prevent Wizards from sniping Cannons, the attackers will face it much harder to break the Golem funnel.

Farming Base for Town Hall 10

Hypercube X


You can take a look at the Hypercube X page to read everything about this flawless farming base.

Gonna update more soon!


  1. I´m currently using Hypercube X (normal base) with no serious attacks in the last two days (only TH snippers)… will launch today a war and use “eye of tiger”. I will send you the videos of the attacks. Also a big fan of your page. Keep the good work.

  2. The eye of the Tiger base rocks! I had gotten attacked three times in war, two were no stars, the next had maxed gowipe and spells normally used to attack th10. Can’t really see any flaws as of yet. But mind you. I was two starred at 68% and I only had one burner, and two xbows still being upgraded to level 4 without having the third. So, I think this is a very good layout. Can’t wait to have second burner for next war in a couple of days. I’ll keep you updated.

  3. Just made the Eye of the Tiger base. My war starts in 1 hour so I will have at least some experience with it by tomorrow. Just to let you know my Clash name is King Carlos from Majestics Crew. My walls are a mix of lv 9 and lv 11 with all max defenses so we should get a good feel for how the base defends. Plus the clan we are at war with has 2 players with over 900 war stars so I expect strong attacks.

  4. 동영상 업로드가 불가능하여 아쉽군요.

    Video uploading is a pity I can not possible.

    대포 11lv
    아처타워 11lv
    장벽 10lv 231ea, 9lv 20ea, 8lv 4ea, 7lv 3ea, 6lv 16ea
    마법사타워 7lv
    대공포 7lv
    박격포 7lv
    전기타워 7lv
    인페르노 3lv
    바람방출기 1lv
    대형석궁 3lv

  5. hi! EotT seems a great base layout, but i tell you more after my war will be finished (hoping your layout will do the magic!) just one question, why the air sweepers are pointing inwards?


      • well, your base layout was great! 2 attacks (opponents had troops more or less like mine, heroes lv 20, like mine), with a wonderful total of 0 (ZERO!) stars (and max destruction of 47%)!!! 🙂

        i’m #3 of my clan, both #1 and #2 suffered 2 stars at first attack!

        my stats: lv2 IT, 3Lv3 Xbow and most of walls lv7;everything else is maxed (but not all cannons and AT are)

        unfortunatly we lost the war 🙁



  6. I just tried Eye of the Tiger as a war base. I’ve been hit twice, both times with GoWiWi (one max) and defended with 43% and 49%. The 43% attack used Earthquake to open the core but most troops were funnelled around it, allowing the Inferno Towers to pick off the few who approached. So far I’m pleased with the results.

  7. i tried hypercube x as my daily farming base i found that it is not a good base for saving loot .a guy with lvl 4 giant arch barb easily looted my base and took 150k gold elixir with 2 rage spell .it is a base only to protect dark elixir only because of infernos and center core .but it did not protect my gold and elixir .please suggest me another good base for farming .i am waiting for your reply ………..

  8. Max witches max minions and earthquakes.
    Broke me 100%
    First time that’s happened.
    I swapped the clan castle for the eagle now so it kicks in faster.
    Bare in mind grand warden down on this battle and 1 wizard tower. As well as the previous post.

  9. Any good anti3 th10 bases? after th11 i dont think my old resource ring war base will hold up now. Yall have never let me down (thank so much btw might not of servived the update outherwise) so i figured this was the place to ask

  10. Any really good anti3 th10 war bases? Iv been getting witched like crazy since th11 sometimes 3ed with my old resource ring base yall always helped me when i needed it thanks btw might not of servived the update outherwise.

  11. I was using the “Eye of the Tiger” base and can honestly say I would not recommend this base. It is very susceptible to be two starred with five to six golems, three jumps and a combo of rage or freeze. If the player is a TH11 they can possibly three. I have seen as much as 86% with 25ish King and Queen and only a lvl 6ish Warden. This base is also pretty easy to two star with gowipe combo from the right hand side. If the attacker drops a jump in the middle of those two triangular corners the golems will go straight up the mid, while two wide golems tank for wiz. Basically, if the player attacking you is halfway decent you will get two starred.

    Edit: air attacks seem to be hit or miss. Base is good vs queen walk and lavaloon but drags can get two as well… and you really only will see the attacks mentioned above.

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