Clash of Clans Layouts: The Best Ones

In this collection, I’m gonna give you the most perfect Clash of Clans layouts for Town Hall from level 6 to 11.
So what ’bout other Town Hall level? I skip them because actually you just need a couples of week to reach Town Hall 6, no matter how your base is, the road to Town Hall 6 can’t be longer. In addition, I leave those Town Hall levels for you because you’ve just starting playing Clash of Clans, you should learn how defensive buildings work and try to design your own base.

Each level of Town Hall has 2 types of base layout: Farming and Trophy Pushing/Clan Wars. I will also try to include toggle range for each Clash of Clans base layout so you can see how it works! Depending on circumstances, you can pick the most appropriate one for you! Once you have finished your town hall’s design, it’s time for discuss about attacking!

The best Clash of Clans Layouts

Best Clash of Clans Layouts 2016

Best Town Hall 6 Layouts

FarmingDefense/Clan Wars
  • Name: Hellcat
  • Author: Ash
  • Features: Storages are in different compartments; T-Junctions for dealing with Wall Breakers. It’s very easy to get a 30% shield with this layout!

Because this is the old base, you can replace the Elixir Collector between the Laboratory and the Mortar with the new Air Defense.



Best Town Hall 7 Base Layouts

FarmingDefense/Clan Wars
  • Name: Unnammed
  • Author: Unknown
  • Features: Storages are placed in individual compartments; Nice trap placements; Mortars covering the whole base; The Air Sweeper protects all ADs.


  • Name: Dovahkiin
  • Author: rhymquimghyf
  • Features: Anti-Dragons with unique pathing. No matter how the attacker drops the Dragons, they will go around the base before touching the core.


Best Town Hall 8 Base Layouts

FarmingDefense/Clan Wars
  • Names: Unnamed
  • Author: Ash – This is his Youtube Channel:
  • Features: Lots of T-Junctions for dealing with WBs; Nice pathing + traps for dealing with Giants; Fully protection against Barch; Anti Dragons;…


  • Names: The Fates
  • Author: Eric87
  • Features: Asymmetrical style; Semi-centralized Clan Castle; Well-protected King; Lots of open spaces for Double Giant Bombs;…


Best Town Hall 9 Base Layouts

FarmingDefense/Clan Wars
  • Names: Hybercube
  • Author: Ash
  • Features: Perfect protection for DE; Resource ring prevents the enemy Giants and Hog Riders from targeting the core; Anti-Barch.


  • Name: Triton
  • Author: TheJ
  • Features: Anti-GoLaLoon; Anti-GoHogs; Anti-GoWiPi.


Best Town Hall 10 Base Layouts

FarmingDefense/Clan Wars

Hypercube X is the new farming base for Town Hall 10 with 275 Walls, Anti-Queen Core, Anti-Golem/Hog/Balloon/Giant and pleanty of more other features.


  • Name: Eye of the Tiger
  • Author: Ash
  • Features: Extremely hard to be 2 starred; Fully Anti-Jump Spell and Earthquake Spells; Anti-Golems.


Best Town Hall 11 Base Layouts

Clan Wars and Trophy PushingFarming
  • Name: DayBreaker
  • Author: Ash
  • Features: Anti-2 star strategies; Extremely perfect Anti-Golem funnels, The Eagle Artillery is literately un-destroyable; Smart funneling can easily separate Golems and Lava from support troops; Fully Anti-Queen Walk;…



Although there are still plenty of other great Clash of Clans base designs that I haven’t seen but here are the best ones that I have ever tried. If you have a good base design and you think it is better that these ones, just submit it in the comment section and we will talk about it!


  1. Hii potter i like ur way of explaning to others.I have a problem in coc that my village is not connecting to google+ id.It says to load my previous village .I am not able to knw how to connect it so that my village will be safe .I have also sent many times msg to help and support but their review could not help me to connect my village so my grnd suggest to contact to u so plzz help me solving this problem…

      • So finally I’m moving to TH7 and I thought that before I do so, I’ll let you have a look at my war base. There are no past logs available as Supercell deletes old war logs. I’d have had otherwise shown you how well this base has stood.

        In one particular war, it even withstood 3 attacks LoL

  2. I have never been able to get the Defense/Clan Wars tab on the TH6 entry for this article to open. I just tried it again; this time, on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Same result. It just sits there saying “updating”. I’m looking for a decent TH6 war base; suggestions?

  3. I used the Mantis as a war base for my daughter, and so far, no one has been able to get a star on it. The closest they have come was 42%. I replaced the BK with the air sweeper like you recommended, and it worked! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Not sure how it will hold up against dragons yet, but I’m sure we will find out soon since the war is almost over and they still have a few attacks left.

  4. Hey guys! I just got to TH7 and I was wondering which is the best place to put the barbarian king in the Mantis design for farming, since I’ve read that in his place I should put the sweeper but it’s not said where to put him:D
    Thanks in advance for the help and for the awesome guide by the way!

  5. for layout th 6: You said that’s best layuot,. I can get 3 stars with 6 giant,+40 barbarian and archer+2healing spell,.
    if i get hog for my cc, i only need add 30 barbarian+70 archer+2healing spell (i save 50 space)

  6. Will Potter–
    your designs- discussions and explanations have been very helpful to me and my clan especially to me. I have used your base layouts and i am very satisfied. do you have any new updated bases for th 7 and th 8 i have both and was looking for some new tough bases. thanks again

    • Hogs:
      Attack from the bottom-right with hogs and they can take out 2 Wizard towers for 1 heal spell. Wizard on the left should be easy unless someone spams a bunch of hogs at once and they all hit the giant bomb. Either way the attacker still has 1 or 2 heal spells which will cover most of the core.

      GoWiPe is good at 2 starring because it gets to the core then dies. The problem this base could have is that (remembering that Wizards have range) every single defense apart from one Wizard Tower is reachable from within one compartment.

      Air Raid:
      Looks VERY good for anti-air; Air Defenses central and buildings well placed to mess with any funneling.

  7. Some of these bases are decent. TH9 war base easy to defeat with a proper attack. We have at few bases in our clan that seldom get 2 starred. And 2 of them are TH8. Sorry, do not wish to post them because we do not wish to see clones of these with our opponents. They’ve been a nice edge for us in wars. Same players have made simiar “farm/trophy” bases. Less lost loot, about 65% defensive wins on average. Nice!

  8. war base that i have made few changes in what Will Potter uploaded in the website. it is purely anti dragon base. but mass hog riders can 3 star this base easily, but mass dragon will not get 3 stars. for town hall 7

    • Mass drags can 3 star literally any TH7 base if the attacker is smart. In this base, you can lightning the Air Defense and Sweeper, and all of the distraction buildings (storages) look like they’re outside of the AD’s range. The only real threat is if all 4 Archer Towers and the surviving AD manage to shred the dragons.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.Hey… this is just for all the people out here checking out this website.

    I have a clan called !RiFTΒ‘ , and it is currently mostly a TH7 – TH8 clan. However, I am planning to recruit a bunch of dedicated TH4 – TH6 who are willing to learn and want a clan who gives awesome donations!

    If you are interested please check us out as I plan to do 2 separate wars per week: 1 for the TH7+, and one for the TH4 -TH6.

    LeDra (Sharon) πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Will

        I shall give it a go.

        I’m currently using the attached layout with great success. Out of 18 defences since using it I have only lost 4 of them. 2 x 3* (which where big TH8’s), 1 x 2* and a 1*

        Do you have any recommended TH6 clan war bases?

          • So far in TH6 I haven’t had to deal with many air attacks. The ones that I have my base has dealt with them fine. The only exception to this was 2 big TH8s but i think they would have beaten any TH6 base with their troop level.

  10. Nice post! I’m trying out that TH10 war base but I seem to be left with one wall. I have no idea where to put it and my OCD is killing me!! lol. Does anyone know where it goes? (I’m sure I’ve got everything right)

  11. Came across this th9 farming base layout two times when searching, each time keeping 300+ gold and 300+ elixier in it’s storages. On the first look DE protection seems weak… But let’s see, it looks like it’s worth more than a try. Will test it for a week at least and publish results here.

  12. While using MEGACube layout, generally I could protect my resources but rarely won a defense (maybe because I was a max TH8 with full storages for a long time). So, less than a couple weeks ago, I reached TH9 and switch to Hypercube layout, and although I’m constantly upgrading my defenses, here’s my log from the last three days (with both X-Bows). So far, so good.
    Excellent design Ash, thank you and keep the insane good work. Greetings from Argentina!

  13. Hi all… These maps look great… In a few days i will be releasing a new clash of clans mapping tool… The tool automatically lays out a map in clash of clans using bluestacks…. saving you hours of map editing… You can use any of the 1000’s of user created maps on the websites and takes about 2 minutes to layout a th 10 map… visit to keep updated… cheers..

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