Titanium Layout for TH10/TH11 – Pushing to Titan by just Defending

Why do you need to spends couples of hours everyday for pushing trophies when you can do that by just defending? What do you think If you can push to Master League Master after just 1 night or even to Titan Titan League within 10 days and without doing anything? Let’s take a look!



Titanium Layout for Town Hall 10

Titanium Layout for Town Hall 10

Attacker’s POV

Titanium Layout for Town Hall 11


Speed build video


  • There are 4 hidden wall gaps after the Archer Towers. This is a sweet trick that can hoax most attackers. More details at here.
  • This base works perfectly from Bronze League Bronze league to Titan League Titan league.
  • Definitely this is the best base that I have ever built.


  • Perfect Anti-Golem funnels.
  • Hidden wall gaps.
  • Highest protection for Town Hall with numerous defenses and traps.
  • Heroes and unlureable Clan troops will be triggered once the enemy troops pass over the floating Walls.
  • Dual Single Target Infernos + surrounding defenses protecting the Town Hall.
  • Can be used in Clan Wars as a anti-2-star base. The easiest way to defeat this base is attacking from the North but that’s still extremely difficult to get 2 stars. This base hasn’t been 2 starred from the North yet.
  • All X-Bows are set to Ground but this doesn’t mean the base is weak against air attacks with 2 tricky Air Sweeper placements.
  • Titanium wins 75% of the time If it gets attacked from the South. Although the strongest side is the North but I’ve been won lots of defenses at Titan leagues against attackers attacking from the West and East.
  • This base works perfectly against Mass Golem Attacks (the most popular strategy at Champion I and above).
  • For the best performance, I recommend using this layout with all Heroes and 1 Lava Hound + 5 Archers in the Clan Castle.

Defense Logs

Pushing to Titan is not hard at all!


  1. no such base for th8 ? at least with some good defence ? iam currently at 4010 trophies and have placed all my loot outside with town hall . after the shield change , iam going to keep townhall inside of course but iam really looking for a good defencive base . anti 3 star

  2. I’m not max th10 and tried it. Was 3 stared first time. They did eqx4 to right side which broke into center ring and then gowipe basically straight to inferno tower section. I’ve been running heart of champion 2.0 from ash and haven’t been three stared using other base. Might work better when I get better defenses

  3. Hi guys, this base – with all due respect to your great work Ash – this base design is simply history and does not work anymore. I am champion league 1 (3836) TH 11 base with all TH 10 defences maxed, Eagle artillery level 1, warden level 5. I use this base since 5 days. In the beginning it was a great trophy pusher as the open end is a great attraction for inexperienced players and the hidden holes on the walls right and left of this big opening work really well to scatter attacking troops. However, since yesterday I consistently lose 60 to 75% on every single attack. Very vulnerable base attacking from 12 o clock and the sides 3 and 9 o clock. Would be more than happy to post my flat out base after a raid. But the concept of the base is/was great and definitely I hold a great respect for Ash. Take care.

  4. Nice but to me Trophy is useless after $C and their wisdom remove TH sniping for bonuses, would like to see a resource defense intense base. Only good one I have been using came from allclash, and it is just good not great.

  5. Hey guys,,, I’ve maxed my th 9 base,,, all upgrades besides lvl 10 walls,,, all lvl 9 walls done,,, my heros are only lvl 15 queen,,, lvl 17 king,,,, I’m thinking I should stick around th 9 until my heros are higher,,, I’m thinking at least lvl 20,,, but should I go higher to lvl 25,,, or even max them at lvl 30 here at th9,,, or go to th 10,,, I just hate spending 3 million gold and elixir on walls,,, thanks guys

    Cheers ?

  6. Work for rushed TH 10? Lvl. 9 cannons and archer towers, lvl. 3 G bombs, lvl. 4 yeslas, lvl 7 walls, infernos lvl. 1, queen lvl 3, king lvl 5, castle 5, wizard towers lvl. 5. I had a similar layout worked until Masters II

  7. Hi Will, Good day my friend. I am on TH9 with max def currently working to max all the wall to lvl9. I am currently on Champion League. May i ask if you have any base or suggest idea how I can manage to pushed my trophy to Titans League. Thanks buddy for your time to read my comment

      • Hey, I realized I had the archer tower and xbow on the attack side upgrading. I swapped them with other emplacements and it’s done great… BUT:

        There is a weakness in your Tesla placement that leaves a space open where an attacker can drop troops right on your town hall. I adjusted to mitigate the problem, see pic below.

        Excluding those two attacks I’ve sat back and watched 7 successful defenses and no other losses in the last 24 hours and have already moved through gold 1 and into crystal 3! Cheers!

        • Hello Circuit,
          Is there something wrong here? I was using this layout for a very long time and I didn’t see any open space next to the Town Hall!

          Anyway thank you very much for sharing this mate!

  8. Just ran across the Titanium base this week and decided to give it a
    whirl. TH 10, maxed xbos and teslas, still working on the other D’s. All
    level 10 walls with 20 level 11.
    I’ve been get destroyed with this
    layout, unfortunately. Haven’t won a defense yet, and my DE gets wrecked
    along with the townhall for the trophy loss. With the no shield under
    40% (or whatever), your DE can get hit multiple times in a row. I’ve
    tried to flop the TH into the middle more and wall below it, versus
    above (so it’s in the inner ring with the heros), still no go.

    Unfortunately, this is a really cool design but is not functional at all for me. Maybe suited only for max TH10’s?

    Oh, heros are both 25

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