Themis – Trophy Troll Base for TH9/10

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna show you the new troll base of Ash, the second author of cocland, for both Town Hall 9 and 10. If you want to push your league from Silver to Masters or even Champions with ease, don’t miss this base.

We all know that it is pretty hard for all TH9 players to defend against Town Hall 10 troops so he just decided to design this base for the best chance for TH9 players to win the defenses. This base has been tested by couples of Town Hall 9 players and pushed them to Master leagues pretty fast. The TH10 version works amazing even in Titan league. All in all, the results were positive so far…

Themis – Amazing Trophy Troll Base

New Verison with 275 Walls for Town Hall 10:

Themis Trophy Base

Speed Build for Town Hall 9
Speed Build for Town Hall 10

How Themis base works

Flawless protection for the Town Hall


The Town Hall of Themis is not easy to be taken down as most players think:

  • Guarded by 4 Teslas, plenty of traps, 2 Archer Towers, 2 Cannons, 2 Single Target Inferno Towers, 2 Mortars, 2 Wizard Towers, 3 ground X-Bows, 2 Air Sweepers and the Clan Castle.
  • Wizard Tower + Singer Target Inferno Tower combination is deadly. All tankers such as Barbarian King and Golem can be easily taken down . Small hordes will be quickly removed by the Wizard Towers + Mortars right after them.
  • Heroes + Clan troops can distract the enemy clan troops when they are pretty close to the Town Hall.
  • X-Bows are always ready to get the job done.

Anti-Archer-Queen Feature

  • The Archer Queen can’t target the Town Hall of Themis over the Walls. She will walk around the walls instead.
  • If the attacker places a Jump Spell, your Clan Castle troops, Heroes and all defensive buildings nearby will be activated and overwhelm her immediately.



  • Giants/Golems/Balloons will always go around the base as you can see in the screenshot above.
  • Well-placed Teslas can’t be revealed by Golems/Giants/Balloons.



As shown above:

  • Wall Breakers always circle around the floating walls protecting the base an can be either taken out by defenses or Spring Traps.
  • This base has a large number of T-junctions as I mentioned before. That is very difficult for the attackers to open up more than 3 compartments.

Anti-Air Attacks

Here are some features of this base that I strongly believe that can deal with plenty of air army compositions.

  • Air Sweepers protecting the South = excellent protection for the Town Hall against air attackers who really want to quickly take your TH.
  • Wizard Towers can’t be locked on Lava Hounds.
  • Wizard Towers + Air Sweepers combo = excellent protection against mass Balloon attacks.
  • Inferno Towers + Air Sweepers = Perfect combo against mass Dragons attacks.

Anti-2 Stars

The strongest part of this base is from the South side but it is not easy at all to take 1 star from any other side of this base.

Let’s take a look at the video below to see how amazing this base can do in Titan leagues:

Apply this base and go to Master now guys!


    • Hi Nick.
      Absolutely this base doesn’t work fine anytime and you can use a normal farming base If you find that you get snipped more than ripped. I am in Champion right now and I always got 2-3 starred, After using this layout, I still get 2-3 starred but It’s not bad at all. I always can get a lot of free trophies.

  1. Hey Hi Potter I Am In Th10 And Planning To Reach At Maximum Champions League…So I Will Try Your Base For My Help So If I Recognize That This Base Work’s Then I Will Also Recommend It To My Clanmates Also”!z OK Tq Bye! Join If U Want in Our Clan Tag=#Y92V9Y92 … OK Thank U All !.

  2. Very well done base, but the easiest way to defeat it is surgical hogs to remove the exposed cannons and AT’s, then use freeze spells and loonions to remove the TH and probably go for the 2 star too.

  3. I’m a maxed out TH9, just working on heroes (16 and 18) and walls now (nearly all lvl9). Sitting at 2900 trophies and going for masters. Started using your TH9 troll base 24 hours ago, so far I’ve gained more trophies than lost, so thanks very much, seems to be working! I’ve screenshotted my results below.

    It’s worth noting that as all my resources are going into walls I’m not worth ripping for gold or elixir. I got 3starred once from the top right with giants and hogs, but that was a th10 that wanted my dark, 2k+ available.

    I’d say it’s good for pushing trophies, over my usual TH outside, but costs a lot more resources keeping traps and x-bows loaded. Also requires an active clan to keep filling the CC. Also requires empty storages otherwise you’re just gonna get rolled.

    So yeah, in the right situation this is great, and as it stands I’ll be keeping it through to champs! Cheers Potter

    • Hi Jga,
      Thanks for sharing mate!
      Firstly, I don’t recommend using this base layout in Clan Wars at all!
      Secondly, you are Town Hall 9 and the guy who attacked you were TH10 with maxed troop. There is no reason to get less than 3 stars at all!

  4. This looks great, but I am going with TH8.5…slowly moving to max th9 without x bows. I think more and more people are going this way, so it would be really nice to see some bases specific to TH8.5/TH9 w/o xbows.

      • My bases is a maxed TH8.5 except walls and heroes. If you have a TH8.5 you know there is not much quality content on war bases yet. I took this base and modified it to work as a 8.5. It has been tested in nearly 20 wars now. I generally get attacked 7-10 times a war with most attackers get 1 star. A great ground attacker can get 2 stars. My base was 3 stared only once by a max TH10 with 40/40 heroes. I have been wanting to give you credit for such a great base but I have been scared to get it out there so people can prep for it. Thanks for the wonderful base. Please let TH8.5s know about this.

      • Also for those that are wondering if TH8.5 is the right path for them, if your a war clan I say yes. You can see from this pick I’m the 11th ranked base. If I had x-bows I would be second. I have max troops so I’m also the second best attacker. This allows me to 3 star bases high and everyone else to shift down for easier bases this strat has given us 123 war wins with a current win streak of 18. Current war log is 41-9. Hope this helps you.

  5. I tried using Barch.. but i wil end up at something between 37- 45.. i always go for hog attacks if my dark elixir are there.. if DE less i using barch.. can u suggest me any other strategy pls.. if i use hog attcks i sure get 3 stars. But i cant use hogs all d time.. any other troops..??

  6. Does Themis work if I’m a little rushed? when I started playing, I didnt have any friends that play and didnt know about all this pages.
    Im currently a th9 with level 7 walls, th8 max defenses, xbows, level 7 king and level 6 archer queen, and almost maxed troops for my th except dark troops
    What should I do?
    I want to get to masters sniping th’s before the update comes because of the 1000 gems and maybe I could find th’s to snipe and get the bonus, but this base idk if to use it, and I’m currently in gold 1, but i dont find almost any th to snipe, and neither any loot. Should I keep pushing trophies with this base, keep sniping, farm. What should I do? Sorry for all rhe questions. I’m a little rushed and dont know to fix it nor what to do

  7. lol can you show me one for th8? I need to recruit more members for my clan, and it’s very different to join the clan of someone in silver 1 than crystal 3. That’s all I need, really. Also, do you think that I’ll be seeing any weak th8 there? I cant take on even a half maxed th8, or even one at all… Also, what’s your army composition with this? It’d be nice for a full article on trophy pushing. Also why not use it in clan wars? Is it because there will be better troops in clan wars than in a raid?

  8. I am planning to rush to TH9 as soon as possible but don’t know how to push trophies after going to TH9 so should I start pushing trophies in TH9 or go to TH10? and what armies to use to push the trophies in these TH’s (9 and 10) because since I am rushed I know that there is no defence to increase my trophies. So please help me how to get to champions league by attacking troops compositions etc. I am doing this as it is very hard to get 5th builder in advance but in TH9 or 10 getting to champions is easy to give me 5th builder which will increase my village building speed. Thanx in advance

  9. Should I apply this layout post update?? I feel like I rushed my TH a little bit. I’m TH9 with lvl 7 walls, lvl 10 king, lvl 9 queen, 2 xbows, and th 8 archer towers. I want to go to masters because of the loot bonus, but I don’t know if my defenses are up to this…

  10. Well, I’m using Themis X for war. I have being using it for the last 3 weeks with great results. Only twice some I get 2 starred and yesterday I was 3 starred for the first time. It was an TH11 with Heroes lvl 30 and loot of wich n3 and 8 earthquakes.

    At the begining I was afraid this was a very well known base, and be 3 starred all time. Aparently this is not the case so… let’s troll more people. It’s for sure a very funny layout.

  11. I need a base like this for th8. I am terrible at base design, so on the occasions that I try to build this base it is always a miserable failure. even some improvisation would work, I just need something better than ng own self built bases

  12. So I have a th 10 but I’m actually a Town Hall 8 I have not built any extra building accept for gold elixer and de drill I have all walls but I just can’t find a base that is like mine need help with a layout

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