The Mantis: Best Base Layout for Town Hall 7

The Mantis is one of the best base layouts for Town Hall 7 with plenty of different variations.

Here are 2 types for farming and doing war of this base, come with them are some different versions. All them work perfectly, you can choose the best one for you from these ones.

The Mantis can easily lure the enemy’s troops around the base while the inner defense buildings are hitting them and lead them to the traps… Here are the main features of this base:

  • Centralized Clan Castle.
  • Centralized AD.
  • Awesome trap placements.
  • Triangular Mortars.
  • Both farming and trophy base work perfectly.

The Mantis Farming Base for Town Hall 7:

The Mantis: Best Base Layout for Town Hall 7Thanks Muaath for the Air Sweeper version!

The Mantis War Base for Town Hall 7:

the-mantis-th7-war-2 the-mantis-th7-war-1

This video will show you how it works in detail:

I think it looks like a hearth, but the author of this layout is Heizenbrg said it was the mantis face. Nevermind. We just want this Town Hall 7 base design works well lol.


  1. Yesterday only I reached in CRYSTAL LEAGUE..m very happy abt that… M th7.. And I used the trphys version of this base.. And it didn’t wrked fr me.. I gt attacked by two players and they gt 3 stars on me.. Then I used southen star.. Its better player gt only 2 stars.. Thnx fr the southern star base.. Its the best base fr th7..

  2. I moved up to TH7 on one of my games this week and decided to use this layout. I modified it and use it as a war base/standard village. This rendition includes the air sweeper and a dark elixir drill.

    So far, so good. I need to get it up to full strength, of course. Picture included below.

  3. I would suspect that most of you guys here are TH 7

    If you guys are interested, I am currently starting up a new clan from scratch in hope of seeing how quickly I can level the clan up.

    My clan is now called !RiFTΒ‘ .

    There are certain requirements:
    – at least 1000 trophies
    – Ideally not above 1300 trophies so that we go against easier clans
    – Must be able to communicate through chat (hopefully speaking english.. i can understand french)
    – Must be TH6-8

  4. Using this base layout in a war ATM, so far i have 2/3 defenses won, the 1 that succeeded only got 1-star (he used a drags and balloons) the other 2 attacks were a ground assault, they got no stars even tho i don’t even have my BK yet. Thanks man!

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