The Cogwheel: High DE Protection Farming Base for TH8/9

This Cogwheel high DE protection farming base is from Eternal625 – the author of the How To Farm 3 Million Loot Per Hour guide. This base is inspired by moonsabre. It is for protecting the most valuable resource in Clash of Clans – Dark Elixir with the highest priority.

This is one of the most amazing base for protecting DE that I have ever seen.


Here is the video for the building progress:

The Cogwheel’s Features:


Every farming base wants a 12-hours shield without losing loot and traps. If your farming base is quiet easy to attack, the attackers will do some actions after sniping your Town Hall to find some more loot. With large frame and limited spawn-able area, The Cogwheel base does this job very well. And the Clan Castle is almost unlurable with common attacks.

As a attacker, this base will be like this through your eyes:

  • Red line = Restricted area.
  • Blue circles = Attackers will think Teslas or Giants Bombs can be there.
  • Violet circles = Spring Traps or Bombs.


In addition, with decorations, your base will be more chaotic. You can add decorations around your Town Hall to show the attackers that they are not trapped.

The Funneling:

This screenshot shows you how Hogs, Giants or Balloons will be attracted by your funneling and be kept away from your core:


If  they can break your first layer, they will face the second layer, which has high HP structures (storages) encircling and protecting the core without Walls. It is for prevent PEKKA, Heroes or Barch from going farther. While falling in love with thse high HP structures, they will be shot down by your Xbows and Teslas.the-cogwheel-base-3

With high HP storages as the shield, Teslas can remove troops attacking your storages one-by-one. This is called Tesla and Storage combo.

  • Trap Placements:Double Giant Bombs: Between Mortar and Air Defense. With funneling, Giants and Hogs will have a quick death.
  • Spring Traps: Well placed for catching multiple Hogs and Giants.
  • Seeking Air Mines: Alongside the first tier to counter Giant and Healer Attacks.
  • Air Bombs: Along the inner core and storages for removing Minions.

The Cogwheel Base for Town Hall 8:


And here is the other version of the base for Town Hall 9 with stronger interior and weaker exterior:


Finally, here are couples of videos as defense logs for you:


        • Ye I can understand because all Storages are in the second layer, right :D.

          But as I said in the top of the post, I recommend using this base for protecting Dark Elixir, you should use it when you are at the late stage of your Town Hall!

          • IF YOU notice, DE is in a Corner, not in the Center, Hence if the attacker seeks Even two wiz After Giants and archers have done the Damage, They can easily Get the DE storage.

          • Ye I agree with you man :D.
            The TH8 version is not really good. It is just a remake version from the TH9 version.
            The author want to use the high HP Storages to protect the DE inside but seems like it is not really good.

          • On the Other hand TH9 Version seems pretty Good To me, it’s Just TH8 version isn’t the Same, BTW thanks man For Replies

          • Thank you for your report.
            I am using the TH9 version now and everything is perfect :D.

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