The Broken Relic: Anti-Dragon Layout for TH8

After spending months at town hall 8 whilst getting attacked with clan wars by almost nothing else but dragons that three-starred me every time, I decided to make a base that would help me to survive those overpowered dragons destroying everything and prevent, if not lessen 3-star attacks on my base. After attacking with dragons myself and failed to get three star quite a lot, I studied those attacks and learn what makes a base resistant to 3-star attacks from dragons. I, then made a base and tested it many times in clan wars, tweaking it and finally, calling it done.

The Broken Relic Anti-Dragon Base Layout

The Broken Relic: Anti-Dragon Layout for TH8

Wait, this looks just like any ordinary base. What’s so anti-dragon about it? Well, looking at it, it really doesn’t seem like much. But it got all the things needed for an anti-dragon base – triangulated air defense, centralized clan castle, traps utilized for maximum usage against dragons and storages being used as meat shields.

How does this base work?


The top is obviously the worst place to attack from as there are five storages that the dragons have to get through while being fired upon by the two teslas, archer towers and air defenses and being distracted by the skeleton traps and clan castle troops to get to the town hall. However, since the top two air defenses are closer to each other than with the bottom one, attackers usually go from the top (which is actually what you do when you attack with dragons – you attack from the side where two air defenses are closer to each other). If they decided to zap the bottom air defense, they would not get through the top storages because they lack the spells (heal/rage) to make it through. Even if they did, the tesla near the town hall and the two archer towers down there will kill of the remaining dragons. If they use rage/heal spells, they will then have to deal with the same defenses mentioned before and this time, the remaining air defense while they get stalled by the high hit point town hall and clan castle and with the king.


Going from the bottom or the sides doesn’t really work that well. Clan castle troops and skeleton traps are still going to be activated and distract the dragons while the defenses fire at them. Looking at this picture, the dragons and balloons decided to go right after they’ve dealt with the bottom air defense and followed the long line of buildings where they would get distracted by those low hit point buildings (two mortars, collector, archer tower, builder hut) clumped together and eventually they’ll path towards the high hit point clan castle and elixir storage which they have to deal with first before even touching either the other air defense or the town hall.


The air defenses seem to be quite near the edge and using hogs or balloons to take those out before even beginning the attack might seem like a good plan. That’s minus one air defense already, right? Wrong. You can see that hogs/balloons would have to go through a lot of defenses first before they even target the air defense.


This is how hogs/balloons would usually go. That’s a lot of defenses they need to get through before they even get to the air defense. Balloons would also get destroyed by the double air bomb placed there. A small bomb is also featured which helps weaken the hogs a little bit with the wizard tower, tesla, two archer towers and two mortars raining death upon them!

And to battle hog rider attacks, there is a double giant bomb featured in the base! The double giant bomb is placed pretty deep within the base (second layer) as opposed to having them placed at the outermost layer like you see in the “anti-hogs”/ring bases which always have the risk of being activated prematurely.


This is how hogs would path around the base. There are occasions in which hogs would not trip all the spring traps which is just normal for a non-ring base. Hogs coming from the bottom would end up triggering the double giant bomb before even making it far. Hogs coming from the top/sides would probably destroy half the defenses before they trip the double giant bomb which would probably clear the path to the town hall. The remaining defenses would destroy the remaining clean up troops or if the clean up troops did manage to get the remaining defenses, they would probably ran out of time and will only get two stars which isn’t much as this base is to prevent three stars as much as possible.

How would it fare against GoWiPe? I’d say pretty well since you need to get through at least three layers of Walls before reaching the town hall enclosure.


  • Triangulated air defenses
  • Triangulated telas near/at the core for maximum DPS
  • Double giant bomb
  • Has three layers of walls protecting the town hall
  • Looks “noobish” with all the walls placed outside and the clumped up storages


  • Lurable clan castle
  • Wizard Towers not that great position

Battle Logs for The Broken Relic

This base has rarely been three-stared in clan wars. Here are a few battle logs to show you how it did.

I hope you can win every attack in Clan War with this base!


  1. i have experience that 3 lightning spells destroyed my air defense and the tesla next to it. that reduced my defense power so much.
    considering move the tesla not to be next to air defense may be wise, but still place tesla in the core

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