TH9 War Base – Triton – Anti-3 Star

It’s such a long to see a new sublime TH9 War Base Layout huh? Today I’m going to give you a new astounding one, which is for preventing the attackers from taking the last star.

Don’t use this base If you care about the second star more than the third one!

TH9 War Base - The Triton

TH9 War Base Triton’s Features:

  • 5 viable locations for Double Giant Bomb.
  • Very hard to lure the Clan troops.
  • Unique Air Defense placements.
  • Wizard Towers are not locked on Air Defenses = Anti-Lava Hound.
  • Asymmetrical design.
  • Nice “Storage Wall”.
  • Nice Spring Traps placement for dealing with Hog Riders.

How this TH9 War Base works?


GoLaLoon is one of the most powerful army compositions at Town Hall 9, which can destroy most base layouts easily. So how well does this base work versus GoLaLoon?

As the attackers, If we want to attack with GoLaLoon, we need to care about 9 units in the enemy base: 4 Wizard Towers, 4 Air Defenses and the Archer Queen. For a decent attack, we need to take down at least 2 of those 9 units with the Kill Squad, including the Archer Queen.

As the defender, to prevent the attacker from taking 2 units at the starting, there is just one Air Defense nearby the Archer Queen.

Most smart attackers never start attacking from the Town Hall compartment when they attack this base layout because of the Archer Queen + Air Defense nearby, which can hit their troops badly. They will attack from the nearby compartment, but If they do that, they will be forced to our high HP Storages. Another small feature of this base is that the Archer Queen can’t be lured until the Golems finish the top Hidden Tesla.


  • Orange = Where most players start attacking.
  • Green = Where most players drop the Jump Spell.
  • Red = High HP Storages work as the big wall.
  • Blue = Where the Queen can be lured out.

How about the South?

Some players like attacking from the South but that is even worse than from the North!

The South Air Defense is heavily fortified by 2 Storages and a prefect pathing. Let’s take a look at the screenshot above for more details!


How about 2 sides?

Although Attacking from the side can take down 2 key defenses but it is nearly impossible to kill the Archer Queen because she joins the attack pretty late. The Golems will be quickly disintegrated because of the high damage X-Bow there. It is pretty hard to drop the Jump Spell because the Heroes will always can move into a wrong compartment (yellow arrows below).


So there is just one possible way to kill the Archer Queen is attacking from the Northwest side, but it also makes the attack be more difficult to archive.


Another powerful attack strategy at Town Hall 9 is GoHogs and its variations. For example, HoGoWiWi always need to kill the Archer Queen at first with the killquad and then Hog Riders can take down the remaining defenses easily. One of the keys for stopping GoHogs attacks is using the Giant Bombs wisely. This base has plenty of Double Giant Bomb spots, I can see that all players who attack this base with Hogs are all failed at the first time. Two DGB sposts of this base work amazingly.

Let’s assume that the is already known. A Jump Spell + GoWiWi army can break inside easily and then kill the Archer Queen. After that, Hog Riders will be sent from other sides. The screenshot below shows possible Hog pathings and how well the Double Giant Bomb spots are!


  • Orange = Where the players start attacking with GoWiWi.
  • Red = The area get attacked by the killsquad.
  • Blue = Hog Rider’s pathing.
  • Green = Jump Spell.
  • Purple = Other places where you can put DGB.


Anto-Surgical Hog Attacks

Surgical Hog Rider is the most prevalent strategy these days in Clan Wars because of its efficiency and ease.

There are 2 ways to counter the Surgical Hog Rider strategy, they are either shallowing the X-Bows or layered key defenses. This base layout is focused on the second one.

Assuming that the attacker is raiding this layout the second time, he knows where the Giant Bombs are. The screenshot below depicts the best attack he can do and how the base still can stop him again:


Other Features:

  • Anti GoLo: If the attackers want to go with GoLo variations, even If they can take down all 3 Air Defenses, they will never have enough Balloons to finish the attack.
  • Anti GoWiPe/GoWiWi/GoWiVa: With 12 compartments, most these attacks just can’t get more than 60% of the base If the attackers come from the top. If the attackers want to go from another side, they may even can’t get the second star. GoWiWi is not a good choice at all for the attacker If he want to destroy this Th9 War Base, Witches and Skeletons will always get stuck behind the Walls, even If the attacker uses Earthquake Spells, there are still lots of compartments left.

Defense Logs

Here are couples of new defense logs from our friends: Momo, Bambang petrus, Kakashi, Uzi Mike,… Thank you very much for taking time and sharing these defense logs. I really appreciate it!

Also, here are some defense videos of this TH9 War Base. By watching it, you can easily understand how this base works.

Above are two recent defense logs from players who are using this amazing TH9 War Base. Just take a look and you can see how superb it is. Also, please do me a huge favor and share this TH9 War Base with your friend so I can improve it much better. I’d really appreciate your support!


  1. Will, I have to say one of the things that really makes your strategy guides awesome are the great freeze frame shots where you took the time to actually diagram things out. It is much easier to follow than having to play, rewind, and freeze a video multiple times before you figure out what is actually going on. I like the option of not having to default to youtube to understand exactly what you are trying to get across. Big thumbs up!

  2. Hey will love ur posts with base designs currently using ur heart of a champion base. Did u design these bases or ur just commenting and showing how they work cause it says by clashes is that ur CoC land name. I thought I saw on the heart of a champion pic ur clash of clans base name was Ash. Just curious love the stuff ur putting out and gonna recommend this base to one of the guys in my Clan who’s been looking for a new TH9 base.

  3. Last war got 2 stared pretty easy by mass dragon lv3 (lightning on the top air defense).. This time got 3 star by a max level GoLaLoon attack. I don’t know maybe its because of my defense level? They aren’t that bad tho

  4. How well does this base defend the lighting attack when you lure the cc and then use poison, then drop your lvl6 lightning on the remaining cc, ad and aq, taking them all out at once. I could see the kill squad still coming in the bottom left corner and taking out that other ad. Now your lavaloons have a pretty good chance, even without rage or haste spells.

    • Sadly we found that Lightning LaLoon strategy after using this base layout LOL. But i haven’t seen any decent LightningLaLoon for months since I used this base. But I think, yes, that strategy would work!

  5. It may be the wrong spot for it, but I want to say something about a new war strategy.
    One of my clan members started using healer wizard pekka, and I immediately threw it away as a simpleminded strategy. lol but once he got 70% (one star though) but another time he got 100%.
    I have yet to see the replay (he just texted me about his success) but maybe there is some future for this. He used 4 healers 2 pekkas rest wizards. He didn’t say he used any wallbreakers. And his king is lv4. No clan castle. Not sure about spells. lv3 healers, lv5 wizards, and lv1 pekkas.
    He took down a mid th8 with that strategy, but maxed air defense. Also, I think this attack works with spread out bases. I’ll fiddle around with this, try to perfect it.
    Will update once I examine the attack.

  6. I used to have this base. I dumped it after I started getting 3 starred by fairly straight forward attacks. Problem is this base is a common sight in war, which means there are plenty of tips and videos out there on how to defeat it. 3 attack lanes led by golems followed by wizs and witches is what beat me. Nothing complicated.

  7. This layout realy good work for th 9. But Potter, I hope you post review of GoWiHog Strategy, because I think this is effective strategy for Th9. I always meet it when againt lv.7++ of clan and it is the only one strategy that has totally destroyed this layout (this layout has sometimes meet Gowiho strategy and the last one I meet has succesfully). May be you can review about best timing and place to droop the troop. Thank’s.,

  8. This base is AWEFUL! I have a maxed th9 and a th7 attacked me with level 2 drags. Got two stars on me, which is quite embarrassing considering I’m the leader of a level 7 clan. Sorry man, but it’s a major fail. They lightninged the top AD and attacked from the top. Nothing to stop them.

    • Hi Calvin,
      Thank you very much for the report. As we all know, all anti-3 star bases can be easily 2 starred. You shouldn’t use this base If you don’t aim for the last star.
      Also, I have no idea why you need to care about that attack that much. If their #1 can’t 3 star your base. everything is Okay IMO.

  9. Let’s say you attack from where”smart” attackers attack(’bout 11:00) Once queen starts shooting killsquad, king starts targeting queen, activate the ability then bam, queen is gone. How to beat it(not tested): Govaho from 11 o’clock, place jump on the xbow(so it reaches the core and the 1st set of flawed dgbs. Heal your killsquad at the dgb spot or wherever they need it. While they are in mid, start doing surgical hog, but put a giant first to soak up point defences damage. Heal as needed. *Note: you may do 2 jumps and. 2 heals on the killsquad because of anti-surgical hog features of this base.

  10. Hi, I´ve been using this design from the moment it appeared. Find it good working after I moved the TH a little to the centre..
    Anyway I find on the YT good instructions from Gadi hh on how to three star this base.. and once we had the CW oponent with this layout, I managed it easily.. GoVaHo with 4xES..

  11. Hey Will, i have used this layout for awhile and i always get 1 or 2 starred which is awesome. But my last war they took 3 stars. I did change some defs around maybe it was because of that. Not sure but this is what he/she used to 3 star me. Oww and i did put other cc troops in my castle. Witch/Valk/Balloon

  12. I have 3 accounts – all of which are TH8. The other one is done upgrading by tomorrow. The reviews are really good. I will be using this one maybe not just on one of my accounts but all 3 of them. 😀 Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  13. Very nice base, I tested it today in war and got some solid defense results!
    TH10 – scored 1 star
    TH11 – scored 2 stars

    I included both defense logs. What really helps is my level of walls (9 and 10), his golems and pekkas wasted time getting from compartment to compartment.

  14. Excellent looking layout. Seems to stop a variety of strategies even as a low upgraded th 9. However I want to point out that no base is flawless, and posting strategies this base is weak to might be a very good idea, possibly writing the text in red.

  15. That last storage is the true mvp. Anyways I moved some traps around to trick my attacker. It still does not change the fact that this base is highly vulnerable to valks due to it’s loose, big compartments. I recommend having a base vulnerable to earthquake spells/goho and swapping to that layout last minute before war starts.

    • Quad quake can punch big holes in bases, allowing pekkas to wreak havoc in the core. Changing the arrangement of skeleton traps may mess up pekkas as they hit skeletons and not buildings. I swap my teslas and traps around to mess up guys who go on youtube to three star this layout.

  16. How does this base hold up against valk attacks? I have a really good base right now and valks are the ONLY thing 3 starring me. I’m pretty much maxed out besides my walls and heros.

  17. 4 friendly battles were performed by my clanmates: kingofbcg, Dada, Sinister, and 19ant83. All strategies are different, yet none were able to score 3 stars on me. Do note that many of these strategies are for farming and not for war.

  18. I have 3 starred this base every time I have seen it in war. Never a good idea to use internet bases. I’m glad this base has gotten so popular I can teach our low level TH9s how to 3 star it.

  19. Hey Clasher,

    Been using this base since mid CV9 and maybe got 3 starred from 3 to 4 times now. It’s been a solid 4 months without a single 3 star.
    But with the new update I need to put the Bomb Tower and have been scratching my head for quite a while.
    Any chance for a revamp of this awesome base with the new Bomb Tower? Or maybe a suggestion of an also great layout with the BT?


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