TH9 Trophy Base – Push to Master In 7 Days

Hello guys, today I am going to introduce with you a brand-new TH9 Trophy Base in Clash of Clans, which was designed by School Of Clash. This is definitely one of the best trophy base for Town Hall 9 I have seen so far. I hope this base can satisfy you since I have received lots of requests about this lately. Okay, let’s take a look!

th9 trophy base

You should set all X-Bows and Skeleton Traps to the Ground mode since most players below Champion use ground attacks. 

Speed build video:

Small note:

  • You shouldn’t use this base If you care about your loot
  • You shouldn’t use this base If  you don’t want to re-arm traps all the time.
  • Everything has its price. With this base, maybe you can’t farm when using it but It can help you push to Master I or even Champion league with ease. I did try this base and it helped me push to Master I in just 7 days.
  • You should push to Master If you just can attack couples of times everyday, you can attack with strong army compositions, get lots of loot and also the impressive Star Bonus Loot. Also, pushing to Master will give you a decent amount of Gems from the achievement “League All-Star” (1000 Gems for Master and 2000 Gems for Champion).

How this TH9 Trophy Base Works

The defenses in the southern area will always redirect the tankers to the sides and let the Giant Bombs deal with support troops. Also, don’t worry, tankers will never trigger the Giant Bombs.


Images below are the pathings of Giants/Hogs/Balloons and Wizards/Witches/Archers/Barbarians… when they attack this base:

Pros and Cons


  • The Hidden Tesla group can bake the enemy Heroes and P.E.K.K.As most of the time.
  • The X-Bows can act as the tankers for 2 sides, also, helps take out support troops faster.
  • The Archer Towers can protect nearly the whole base and deal decent damage If the attacker doesn’t want to attack from the South.
  • High HP Storage Wall at the bottom will tank lots of damage from Wizards/Witches, gives the defenses and also Giant Bombs enough time to finish the job.
  • Very nice Spring Trap placement can stop any Giant attack. Truly, most Giant attacks can’t take more than 30% of this base.
  • Most attackers think it isn’t worth it to attack from the North because of those Walls.
  • Hard-to-lure Clan Castle. A small Spring Traps at the top of the base can sometimes prevent attacker from luring with Hogs.
  • King and Queen can easily distract the enemy troops. The Queen inside can also deal decent damage to the enemy tankers.
  • Air Sweepers protecting all Air Defenses. This will also force the attackers attack from the South in stead of North.
  • Attackers usually think fake compartments at the top contains Hidden Teslas, this may convince them to attack from the bottom of the base.
  • This TH9 Trophy Base works very well against GoWiPe and GoWiWi. Wizards and Witches get killed by Giant Bombs most of the time, also, the inside Hidden Teslas can take down all P.E.K.K.As within seconds.
  • Fully Anti-Hogs.
  • This TH9 Trophy Base can be called anti 2 star.


  • If the attackers use more than 4 Golems, they can get the Town Hall If they have high level Heroes.
  • It’s not hard to get at least 1 Star If you use Air troops to attack this base from the North. All smart attackers know this. That’s why I don’t recommend using this Town Hall 9 trophy push base above Master leagues. But truly you don’t have to worry about this. I was using this base for about 7 days and just get attacked by Air troops 1 time.
  • You can’t protect your loot.
  • You must re-arm your traps as soon as possible after getting attacked.

Tips and Tricks

  • The easiest way to push to Crystal III is placing your free Dark Elixir Storage at the corners. People will snipe it then leave.
  • Most attackers in Crystal III and II use Giants. As long as you rearm your traps and Can Castle after every attack, they will never be able to get 1 star.
  • From Crystal I, attackers are much smarter. I strongly recommend you do fake Tombstones

What should I have in Clan Castle:

  • 25 Spaces: 2 Loons + 1 Valkyrie + 5 Archers + 2 Barbarians.
  • 30 Spaces: 2 Loons, 1 Dragon.
  • <25 Spaces: 1 Giant + Balloons.
  • For Town Hall 9.5, If you have 35 Spaces, get 2 Balloons + 1 Witch + 3 Barbarians + 10 Archers.

Defense Logs

The video below contains 12 recent defense logs of this base. You can see how this base works clearly after watching the base below.

If you have any defense log, please post it here so we and the author can improve this base better.

If you like this base, please share it with your friends and Clan members. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any question when you need help. I will always do my best to help you!


  1. “brand-new TH9 Trophy Base in Clash of Clans” Ahahahahahahahahaaha… Waitt. U Serious?. – Me just now. I mean it works and its a great trophy base but brand new really made me giggle. Except for bigger compartements at the top… well… hm… wow great

  2. Nice base mate,i liked it 10/10 ratings…….I will b very thankful if u peeps make a th8 trophy base in order to push for champs I have see many bases and tried one from cocland too but it failed badly PLS make a th8 base which will help me reach champs easily , Thanks God bless everyone!


  3. Nice,,, was tempted to try a southern teaser,,, I’ve gotten so much from this site so I thought I’d share possibly the best base I’ve had in a long time,,, I’m in champions 3 league with a fairly max TH 9 base and it’s basically a GoWiPe parade up here,, I’m sure we all know by now that there is no perfect base,,, a good attacker with good troops will show up and get any base… but this base really punishes bad and even mediocre attackers who in my opinion can still star a typical cluster compartment base with GoWiPe.. the beauty of this base is that tankers and troops circle the core,, up until I tried this base it was basically a given to lose at least 1 star and trophies in champions League but now I’m getting fairly frequent defenses for 0 stars,,, not 100% of the time but definitely more than ever before… it has even stopped the odd Super Queen attack,, hopefully it will help someone out it definitely helped me

    Cheers ?

  4. Actually, this base is one of my favorite prey…

    Btw Will, i have suggestion. How about, for every base-layout, after analysis, add another tips how to attacking those type of base.

    Sometimes, when some good base become viral, there are a lot of people using it, so when we do matchmaking, we will knew how to atk/farm it.

    Or in another words, share negative side/weak side of every base too..

    lets start with this one.

    my standard army (no heroes) 16 giant, 10wb, 2 healer, 12 wiz, 7 barb, 7 arc, 6 hog, 2heal,2rage,poison.

    actually, with my army composition, the weak side of this base is, if attacked from left/right side (west/east)

    If you look closely, if those giant come from the west/east. they will protect our hitter well against anything that may coming, and basically if we succesfully directing those giants into tesla, and succesfully directing our hitter(wizards) towards Townhall, nothing in the north strong enough to hold them.

    and btw, dont forget to kill cc before.

    And yes, the ultimate reason why this one is my favorite is

    1. CC is lureable
    2. 2 spell(1 heal and rage) may enough to get th and dark storage. For 2 stars, may need more
    3. Walls not efficiently used (the only thing that may annoy giant is blocked by the wall.

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