TH9 Farming Base – Arcanum

If you are looking for a stunning TH9 farming base layout, I’m pretty sure that you will like this one, a cool base with the labyrinth style!
I am a big fan of labyrinth Clash of Clans layouts style because they are pretty beautiful and most attackers are very confused while attacking as well as can’t predict traps and unexpected funnels.

So here is Arcanum, an unique farming base layout for Town Hall 9 by mattyy!


TH9 Farming Base – Arcanum Features:

  • Balanced Resource Protection for all Storages.
  • The unique continuous ring can easily redirect all defense targeting troops (Giants, Hog Riders,…) around the base and through traps in stead of going into the core. This unique style can anti-Jump in most cases.
  • Anti-Archer-Queen core: The enemy Archer Queen can’t hit your Dark Elixir Storage unless all outside buildings get taken down. Definitely this is one of the most important feature that must be added in all farming bases.
  • Centralized Clan Castle = very difficult to lure troops out. If you want to use this base layout for pushing trophy, simply replace the Dark Elixir Storage with the Clan Castle.
  • Anti-Earthquake Spells. No matter how many Earthquake the attackers use,they can’t change the pathing of the base.
  • Air Bombs don’t protect Air Defenses to counter Lava Hound strategies and deal with Minions as well as Balloons.
  • Looks sexy.

How does this TH9 farming base layout work?

Arcanum can easily split a large number of Giants and Hogs. The white lines in the screenshot below denotes the pathings of Giants/Hog Riders. As you can see, a group of Giants can be split, hit by lots of defenses and trigger as many traps as possible.


As I mentioned at starting, it is extremely hard to predict traps in this base layout. Sending couples of troops for testing traps is totally useless.


Defense Logs

Here are some recent logs of this TH9 farming base after the update. If you have any decent defense logs, please comment to help us improve this page.

Thanks mattyy again for this great farming base layout. Hope you like it guys!


  1. I am in Champions League right now and I haven’t found the base layout which was not 3 starred but after I used this nobody went inside..They only snipe TownHall..Thanks for the great base layout..And does this page available in Youtube too ?? Found it quite uneasy to build base by just looking few screenshots…!!

  2. nice base, has been using it since 1 weeks ,so far the biggest raid they can get is only 3 elixir, and 2 gold storage for me, th10 with max golem+giant+wiz combination, and also the most important thing is nobody can reach the DE storage!

  3. This is the best farming base I’ve ever used yet. It works wonders. I’m currently in gold 2 with 150k de. Im a th9 with th8 max defense. I used to go around 5-6 hours without shield. The only raids are snipes. Thank you so much. I got hit 3-4 times in the last 6 days. Once it was mass dragons and the other was a th10. Other than that nothing. Haha.

  4. i know this isnt the post to ask this, but should i max my th8 out. My defences are amost to max but my DE troops are lagging behing (lvl 1 golem, 1 valk, 3 hogs) and whats the best farming range to be at. walls are 1 lvl b4 max all of em thanks

  5. Awesome Base for sure.. I hav just updated my Th to 9..n I hav n xbows,no wiz n new tesla n all of my defence is of th8..But this Base is Still hard to breach inn..Strong security for DE.. a TH10 attcked me with giant,barb n arch. 20lvlhereos(both)… But instead of going for Dark they kept going around the base..n Yes they took my all of dark but as i said i was hving no xbows n tesla n wiz tower …n in the End the attcker was left with only heroes n 1-2 Giants..SO this base is awesome..thnks Potter 😀

  6. Hi..i would like to thank you for this awesome base..i am nearly maxed th9 and in gold league, unbelievably i had experienced 5 straight days unraided! Haha! This is crazy! Got 3 starred once (1 xbow and wiz tower upgrading). And only twice 2 starred (1 revenge,1 tesla and upgrading xbow left. Haha!) Unluckily,raiders took around 200k G and E but DE is highly protected. I would really recommend this base! Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Nice base Matty, I just raid by th10 with Max troops and only take my DE 28 without destroy my TH. BTW I made little change with your layout (sorry for that ?) and bring the TH inside replace the archer tower near DE storage. Oh btw I’m @ th9. Thanks Matty for your owesome base ?

  8. DONT USE THIS F***IN BASE!!!Sory to sound rude but this base is terrible mate! Been using it for 2weeks even simple army like giant healer archer or gibarch with AQ can easily take more than 50% of my storage..You must delete it or else you will convince people to use such a suicidal base.. The storage is JUST TO EASY to get, esp by ranged troop such as archer or wizard. Will ditch this base soon! Here is some pic to proof..
    The only good with this base is intimidation..People will get intimidated by its design so you wont be attacked often (if ur defense tower lvl are high too)but smart attacker will rip this base apart

    • Not bad at all, it depends what do you want to protect… i prefer to protect my DE Storage. Please see my attack log.. Even TH10 with max troops cant take all of my DE…
      i think this base is awesome…thanks again Matty …

  9. I made a modified version of this layout to accommodate for obstacles. There probably won’t be any additional weaknesses outside of bowlers being able to hit more building on the second strike, but it should work the same. Replays will come later.

      • Seeing my past 3 replays, I am severely disappointed with this layout. 3 consecutive unsuccessful defenses with the majority of the de taken, this layout will be swiftly removed from my bases. In utmost kindness by disregarding the gowiwi, failure to stop giants-archers or queen-walk is unacceptable, thus I discourage anyone from using this base. This base is only for show, not for purpose.

      • Still, not many bases would die to barch. This is a huge weakness. As for your maxed base, it will be harder for me to attack. But, don’t forget that I have 4 healing spells when I only used one in the attack. The rest three heal could make up for your higher defences.

          • What are you saying this games super old, there’s so many maxed th9s it’s ridiculous? So your attack with one heal spell wouldn’t work on most users of this game.

          • Think of clash like a pyramid. The higher you go, the less players there are. For example, players with th11 makes up only 1% of the population. If you look at it this way, it’s obvious that there are more weak th9s than maxed th9s. So my attack with one heal would work on most users of this base lol

        • I use a gibarch strategy, and I can honestly hit any th9 level with all my spells. But that’s besides the point. If you use all your spells to farm de. You’re kind of failing.. So your comment is kind of irrelevant? What your asking for is a perfect base, which is completely impossible at th9. All bases have weaknesses. This base here, is nice as far as layout and intimidation goes. Ive only been hit once in the last 3 days. And it was failed gibarch.. (Crystal 2 de farming) so I’d say this base does what it’s suppose to do. Once you find a max th9 with this layout. Hit them and share it bud??

          • If my purpose is to get de, why can’t I waste my spells which cost elixir? Elixir is useless except for upgrading walls

          • I agree that all bases have weaknesses, but this base has a huge weakness because it would lose to barch- the cheapest and one of the most used attack strategies. If people lost to let’s say pekkas or gowiwi they wouldn’t feel that bad because the attackers used try hard mode. But, if a guy casually beats you with barch, how would you feel?

  10. I’m a baby th9. Like I haven’t even bought the extra defenses because I’m upgrading the ones I already have first then getting the other ones. Should I stick to a max th8 layout in that case? Suggestions please

      • Lol Will Potter. “Straps”

        Anyways valks aren’t too common in normal raids due to high cost towards de. At least I haven’t been hit by valks too often. This base will get destroyed (de storage and a few others) by all the common farming strats: barch, giant-archers, and queen walk. I recommend focusing on those before valks unless valks in particular are a problem for you.

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