TH8 War Base – Kyoukai – Anti-Hogs/GoWiPe

Kyoukai is one of the best TH8 War Base layouts that I have ever used since the April 2015 update. This base was designed by macstinger, one of my favorite Clash of Clans base designer. It has Anti-Dragon/GoWi/Hogs and plenty of other features. Let’s take a closer look to see guys!

Th8 War Base Kyoukai

How this TH8 War Base works

Anti-Dragon Feature

In this base, the Air Sweeper can easily force the attackers using Dragons to attack from the back side since nobody wants to face the Air Sweeper, most new players at Town Hall 8 don’t know the AS well. Most of the time, attacker starts raiding from the bottom left side because there is a semi-exposed Air Defense there. This is such a big bait because of many Air traps nearby, which are always ready to stop any Dragon attack.

Th8 War Base Kyoukai - Anti Dragons

Here are some features of this TH8 War Base for anti-Dragon:

  • Storages with high HP are used as shields for the core ADs.
  • Barbarian King in the core can lure and distract the enemies.
  • Centralized Air Defenses.
  • Air Traps protect the most exposed AD.
  • Archer Towers can cover the whole base.

I was using this base layout and also recording the defense logs for couples of Wars. Nine times out of tens, attackers started the raid from either bottom left or bottom and as a result, none of them could achieve the 3 star win.

Okay so how to attack it with Dragons?

Every base can be 3 starred, of course, so does this one. Luckily I meet this base couples of times in Wars and did 3 star it by using Dragloon coming from the bottom right with 1 Healing Spells and and 2 Rage Spells.

It’s great to share If you have any other way to attack it. Definitely the best way to improve our base is thinking about what we would do If we were the attackers.

Anti-Hogs Feature

Because the Clan troops can be lured from either the bottom and bottom right so most Hog Rider attacks start from there. After spending couples of troops to remove the Clan troops, attackers usually want to attack from there because they don’t want to waste those first troops. Moreover, there is 1 Builder Hut at the very bottom, that’s the sweet place where most players want to take advantage of it to lure and take down CC troops. Sadly, that side is the biggest trap of this base and will always lead the Hog Riders to the Spring Traps and the Double Giant Bomb as you can see in the screenshot below:

Th8 War Base Kyoukai - Anti Hogs

Other Features:

    The inside Barbarian King and skeleton traps will help you wipe those Hogs out faster!

  • Hogs will always trigger the DGB and Skeleton Traps regardless.

Anti-GoWiPe Feature

As we all know, GoWiPe can 2 star every TH8 war base but getting the last star is much harder. Once the enemy troops are get into the core, they will trigger a lot of bombs, traps and get attacked by outside defensive buildings. This base also has quite high number of compartment so it is very hard to 3 star it with GoWiPe.

Defense Logs

Last but not least, here are some the recent war logs of this TH8 war base layout against different army compositions.

Feel free to comment If you have any idea to improve this base! Hopefully you guys like this TH8 War Base!


  1. Hey… Thanks for the base… Tried it in 3 wars now and having a success with it.. All against drags… I’ve changed it a bit tho.. Pls let me knw what u guys think.. I changed it because I didn’t like how the air sweeper was only pointing at one side of the base.. They’ve tried attacking me on different angles and with different spells and only been 2 starred once.. I wanna knw if I can change anything to improve my def against other attacks

  2. Created this relatively similar base off of similar concepts. Large square in the middle, centralized ad, and teslas. Does well in wars. Usually 1 or no stars. 2 stars against a gowipe in last war. Let me know what yall think

  3. Ive been using this base and so far got a 3star lost from my last war. My attacker used gowipe- 2 level 2 golem, 20 level 5 wizard, 3 level 3 pekka and 1 level 5 heal spell and 2 level 5 rage spell. But nonetheless, this base is an anti-drag one.


    But I just wiped this base with surgical hogs strategy :p but still this is a very great th8 war base.

  5. So…gotta give props to this base. I put it up with a few very minor modifications last night when my shield was dropping. I JUST made it to TH8, so I had things like an archer tower and tesla under construction (among others). I was raided SIX (6) times last night, including one that hit with over 80 archers and 40 barbarians. It took a TH9 player to finally make it to my TH8 and get a star. If my archer tower and tesla had been up, and it wasn’t the sixth raid in a row while I was sleeping, I doubt he would have gotten that star.

      • TH8 doesn’t belong in Titan and should be utterly destroyed every time it comes off shield.

        Kyoukai was designed primarily as a war base, but worked very well as a farming base after the December 2015 update as well. Of course, there are many videos up with how to defeat Kyoukai now. However, I find it to be quite useful as my regular village base now (with some modifications, of course). Yes, lots of people know all about it but they seldom go out raiding for resources with the right army composition to take this base down.

        Defending against looters is less about having a stop-everything base and more about having a base that stops the most common army compositions you’ll see.

  6. Had great success with this base until tonight; got BARCHED in a big way. 115 level 5 archers, 85 level 5 barbarians, 1 level 10 Barbarian king, and a level 5 rage spell. He only got 1 star, but he took a boatload of elixir/dark elixir/coins, 8 trophies, and knocked out 78% of the base. The bulk of the attack was in the south corner; he later dropped his barbarian king on the north corner.

    Across all attacks, I think I’ve made about 200 trophies, though, and been one-starred two out of ten or eleven attacks.

    I put this into a clan war this week on two TH8 war bases; mine, and a rushed TH8. The opposing clan attacked everyone except me and drew zero stars on the rushed TH8 base attack.

    • Hi Noctaire, thanks for your great share and I am very glad to hear that you are having great defenses with this base layout.

      I am sure that it is not hard to get 1 star from this base with Barch because of your low level defensive buildings. Upgrade them and you will see how well this base really can do.

      • LOL It’s been quite a while since I posted that…the base in the picture is now a nearly maxed TH9. πŸ™‚ In the new world (post-December update) a farming base and a war base are no longer so very different. I had adjusted the layout a bit to make it more conducive to use as a regular village base and it worked very well. The key to the success of the base is its core. I’ve since moved on to other base designs, although I am considering going back to a version of this design to see how it goes with the new update.

        As a war base, I hate to say it, but this base is shot. It was great while it lasted but in no time at all, a number of videos came out that showed how to beat it and the success became very repeatable. It was a great base though!

  7. Wow, usually i do not write a comment below any basedesign I try, but this one is amazing. Last Cw I was attacked by the 1st with 8 Dragons level 5, 2 hounds level 3 and 5 level 7 archers. Queen level 10 and King level 7. Only 1 Star. OK 94% but Drags flew around the middle and were shot down. And I’m not even maxed. Air defense level 6, all Archer Towers 9 and teslas 4. 6 Wizards in Clan castle. Hounds were killed by them cause he couldn’t come close enough to Clan castle. I’ll go with this base for a long time I guess. Good Joob.

  8. Very bad experience with this base layout,it got 3-starred on my first clan war with it only by a full level 3 dragons attack with lightning spells,and I have level 6 teslas!
    I wouldn’t advise using it at all.

  9. This base sucks

    Its the worst base i ever put in war

    I never three starred in first attempt but with this base it was a joke for my opponent to crush my base
    He attked wid 10 drags and within mins it was over

  10. If you want to know how to 3 star this base it’s soooo simple….GoHog. Any good war clan will destroy this lol every time we see this base we know we have free stars haha. Ask if you want me to explain.

  11. I don’t remember how many times I wiped out this base using GoWiPe, Mass Hogs and Mass dragons. I guess this base is so popular that everyone is using it and now most of the guys knows where the giant boms and teslas are :).

  12. i got easily 3 starred this base using GoHo attack many times, 1 golem level 2. 5 wizard, 28 hogs level 4, clans-castle level 5 hogs. 3 spells. i just lure his clan castle troops 5-o-clock on map. kill with wizards, and deploy my hogs 2 groups, still have my hogs in clan-castle and deploy it when my hogs near core in 2 o-clock. all depense from 3 0-clock to 6 0-clock has been aiming my golem, and demolish them with my wizards also some hogs.. but my 1st seen this base is hard to get gowipe and drag. but goho can easily break this base,

  13. This base has turned famous and incredibly popular! I use it sometimes. Love it too much. But I get 3starred by gowipe only, never by hogs or drags.
    I need a big help WILL. I am in search of a th8 base to protect only gold and dark elixir storage for my village. Please can you help?

  14. I don’t comments in many base… But i guess i had to do it. This war base made us win today clan war. I got attacked by top 4 player of other clan . 1 st attack mass hog 29%, 2nd attack 8 drag,balloon +zapeq combo 1 star, 3rd attack mass drag 3 rage got 2 star. So we are tie in war 29 we are lil bit higer in % all three started except me , so they got last attack to 3 star me hence 1,2,3 tried 4th left he tried .. But his drag all dead he left the war in fustration i guess at 50%. We win this war. Just by this base. Thank you.

  15. This is a super dooper base!!
    I m merely 6 days old th8 and not even a maxed th8 or a mid th9 can 3 star me.
    That clump of air bombs and air mines behind the southern AD work like magic!
    The building and trap placement are just perfect.
    Even after destroying my all 3 ADs 5 lvl3 dragons n 1 lvl4 dragon remained, but all thnx to high hp building and the tesla placent, they took all of them down!!
    Thank you very much guys!
    Really great work!
    Mass drags dont stand a chance

  16. Hey Mate..I made this base a bit troll and it defended 2 stars against Giwi and hogs and 1 star against mass drag…I just made the troll by keeping a blank space in the center Giant Bomb..If u want the replays then say..The real one got 3 stared against giwi..Troll worked great!! Thanks!

  17. If u plan proper its an easy 3star against it i had done it 3 star twice with my th 8 acc all u need to do is barge into core from left with golem and quad quake and then make ur hogs go a round way both clock and anti clock. Its the only way to defeat it. If u plan strategically by stimulating attack in ur brain u can 3 star any base

  18. awesome base!! i made this base 7 days earlier….now i m back eager to share results.
    this is very powerful base as my defences are not upgraded too archertower lvl6 cannon lvl6 wiz tow lvl 2 still high attackers with pekka and high lvl dragons dosent did much and less loot!!….position resources less loot anti hog giant healer, dragon base. most good thing most attackers cannot destroy more than 1 airdefence by spelll.
    will stick to this base very long. thanks for sharing will!!

    • He opened the walls with 3 quakes? You do realize that that’s impossible and has nothing to do with the base, right? A lot of people use 3 quakes and one in the cc, the one on the cc is a different lvl often times and therefore has its own icon, maybe you only saw the icon of the attacker’s quakes?

  19. Yeah, I would ZapQuake Drag-loon from the bottom left with a little more weight on the dragons down further, but all the loons and loons in cc along with a couple drags and rage take out the left AD. Also, anti-2 star is almost completely out of the current meta.

  20. This base is definitely fantastic, but i found a way to ALWAYS 3 star it: govaloon. I know it’s quite strange how it can wipe out this base, but using 4 EQs will open a way where valks reach the core and clear out all 3 air defenses, so that baloons can clear all other defenses which are targeting golem (s) or any other troop inside the core. Yet it’s a very good base as time also plays an important role on this strategy and 1 second can make all diferences.
    Try by yourself this strategy and you will see it works greatly!

    – 1 golem
    – 9 valks (+3 in CC)
    – 12 baloons
    – 8 wizards
    – 6 archers (+1 in CC)
    – 3 earthquake spells (+1 in CC)
    – 2 healing spells

  21. I don’t usually write reviews regarding coc bases. In fact, this is my first time posting a review because I so love it! It was attacked 7 times in a clan war and got only 1 star! All air defenses are maxed out (level 6) and the rest are still upgrading. ?? the 8th attacker was TH9 and inevitably, it took down my base. But I’m still glad with this base. Great job!?????

  22. There is no strong base its according to the attacker if the attacker is good there is no strong base he will gain 3 stars for sure and I think its a good base because you’re putting traps in a awesome way. It’s a nice base but it is not unbeatable ???

  23. Well, I know this base really well. One of the best classic anti-mass drag bases I have ever came through. Great work! But now there are GoVaHo attacks and GoHo attacks with castle bowlers and such, we will need more TH 8 and 9 bases. I am dying to find any centralized unsymmetrical TH 8 hybrid bases πŸ˜›

  24. I have used the same base and i found that it is vulnearable to gowivaho attack.. 11 lvl2 valks 1golem 10 to 9 wiz and rest 5 to 6 hogs with couple of archers. Hogs max in the cc along eith 4eq and 1rage anf 1heal.that alway work for me

  25. Unfortunately this base is getting heavily outdated, too popular and now easily three starable. Anti 3s from TH 7 – 9 are for the pupose of WASTING enemy attacks, forcing them to cleanup. Now we need deadzone bases, sneaky traps, and tesla farms to survive πŸ˜›

  26. You asked me how you could 3 star this base, i think i could easily do that as a max th8.
    First i would lure the ck out with 1 hog and kill it with 4 barbs 3 wiz. Then i would take one golem, about 7 valks and 11 loons and some wiz for the funneling. 2 heal 3 quake and valks and quake in cc. You could go from the west with quake golem valks and heal and easily get the air defence that way, then you would send the loons from the back at te archertowers and wiz towers. A lot of people use centralized air defence aiganst dragons but you can easily triple star with GoVaLo then. I already had a lot of three stars with in war. Btw i am 100% max th8 now (you can govalo if youre not max too) and lvl 100.

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