TH8 Farming Base – AirDrop – Flawless DE Protection

I have mentioned this TH8 Farming Base in the Ash’s layout collection page. Since many people find it hard to see this base on cocland, I have just decided to create an particular page for it.

th8 farming base

TH8 Farming Base – Airdrop – Features

  • Easy-to-get-shield: This base can easily attract weak attackers to raid Collectors and Mines around the base. They can destroy at least 30% of your base and give you 12 hour shield.
  • Well balanced protection for Gold and Elixir Storages. Each Storage is located in individual compartment and protected by all types of defense.
  • Dark Elixir Storage is located at the safest place. The enemy AQ can’t get the DE Storage until she breaks the Town Hall’s compartment.
  • Anti-Giants/Hogs/Balloons: The outer defensive ring of this base can stop any Giants/Hogs and Balloons attack. They will go around the base, trigger Giant Bombs, Spring Traps and Air Bombs. It also can easily stop any Giant-Healer attack since the inside Air Defenses protect the outer ring. Also, because of the distance between defenses, instead of breaking into the core, Hogs and Balloons will always travel around the base.
  • Anti-Dragon: Three-cornered Air Defenses can make sure that you will not get bullied by Dragons. They will be separated and go around the base.
  • Anti-Wall Breaker: WBs just can’t open more than 1 compartments at a time because of the T-Junctions around the base.
  • Semi-centralized Town Hall and Clan Castle.

I will write a detailed explanation for this layout soon! That’s great If someone can help me improve this post.

Defense Logs

Here are some recent defense logs of this town hall 8 base given by lots of players. It is working very well!

Don’t hesitate to comment If you either need any help or have any suggestion. Also, don’t forget to share this base with your friends If you like it. You rock!


  1. Hey so i was using this base since th11 update(altho moved to hypercube IX yesterday since i upgraded to th9) Here is some kind of big portion of logs:

    Generally this base is really good. I was attacked most of the time since i had a lot of free time and farmed like crazy so almost always had big amount of loot in storages.

  2. This base looks good, but I still think I kind of like MEGACube more. It’s still kind of easy to get giants and stuff to go into the middle as there is no recourse ring, I don’t really understand what you mean when you say they will go around. This base does look pretty good though!

  3. And this raid composition
    Its normal giant attack but rather amplified in strength by pekka.
    I used it yesterday and got success in it . I got plenty loot and pushed to gold (1480 from 1290) yesterday
    So here’s my composition : 20 giants 1 pekka 15 wiz 7 wall b and a barb 3×heal and a poison
    So what I do is barb is for luring troops (since my dark baracks currently under construction). Then giants and wall breakers. Then wiz to clean up to funnel pekka into core and release pekka and b.king. Wiz also are useful to help giants clean up defence fast. I use heal when needed and that’s it .

    How is this strategy for th8? I am new just unlocked pekka and upgraded giants and wizs only.

    • I’m also use similar strategy to hunt DE but never use pekka because it’s too long to train. better train healer, archer, or another wizard. healer will make your giant survive so you can save space for rage spell and archer will help you clean trash building with cheap costs.

  4. What about my this war base ? It worked pretty good for me, in its first war the opponent first came with dragon attack- 2 stars, then gowipe- 2 stars and then finally a th9 came and with his GoHogs he 3 starred.:-(

      • Not a new TH8. I have 83 walls left to upgrade and then I’m maxed. But it definitely was a war composition army that just rolled right through me. Then again, all of the attacks against my base are by some type of war army and usually TH9 with archer queens. Thanks.

          • Solid 2 stars every time and my dark elixir gets completely taken. I think the main problem is that I’m in crystal league and up against a bunch of TH9’s. They don’t bring farming armies. They’re bringing straight war armies with pekkas, golems and the works usually. I’m gonna drop trophies and just finish upgrading my TH8. Cheers.

  5. Hello,i am a great fan of your bases.I try to keep all the points you use it for making bases,and i have made few th8 bases by myself and till now,no one has been able to take my de with raiding troops. it has defended attacks -th9s GIWIWA.th8s gowipe and Hogs.The base works great against drags too.Can i share my base design with you? so that i can get to know the cons of my base and improve my base.
    Happy clashing! 🙂 i have been following you since i was th5,great job.

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