TH8 Base – The Mighty – Excellent Anti 3 Star Clan War Base

Hello guys, Today I’d love to show you a brand new TH8 Base which was designed by CoC Black Hat. It’s such a long time since the last TH8 War Base I posted a few months ago. I hope you guys will like this base!

TH8 Base Clash of Clans

Before going in detail, I want to give you some features of this Town Hall 8 Base:

  • Anti-Dragon; Anti-DragLoon.
  • Anti-GoWiPe; Anti-GoVaPe;
  • Anti-Hogs

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Unlurable Clan Castle Easy to 2 Star
Well placed Traps
Well placed Air Defenses and Teslas
Centralized King

Since this is an anti-3 star base, I don’t recommend using it If you are not it a hardcore War Clan!

How this TH8 Base Works

Anti-Dragon and Anti-Dragloon

Since the update with 1 Spell slot in Clan Castle, most Town Hall 8 players have been using my ZapQuake strategy (using 2 Lightning Spells + 1 Earthquake Spell to destroy Air Defenses). The remaining troops will be either Dragons or Dragons + Balloons coming with Rage Spell. I am going to show you how this base works against this strategy. I very like this feature since most Town Hall 8 players using ZapQuake strategy in Clan Wars now.

  • All Air Defenses are protected by high HP buildings (Storages and Town Hall).
  • Well placed Air Defenses.
  • Well placed Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines.

But the point is where attacker stars raiding, right? Most experienced attackers would start raiding from either left/right or behind of the Air Sweeper. The best choice for attackers is to ZapQuake the rightmost Air Defnese then start the raid from the top-left side of this TH8 Base, where 2 Seeking Air Mines are strategically placed to immediately weaken 2 Dragons. 2 Gold Storages and 1 Dark Elixir Storage which are protecting ADs inside give them a lot of time to deal with Dragons.

Air Bombs and Skeleton Traps are utilized to deal with Balloons. Attackers have to send their Balloons through this arena If they want to get the ADs.

Anti-Hogs and Anti-GoHo

Hogs and GoHo are definitely the most overpowered attack strategies at Town Hall 8 and here are 2 main features of this base which help you effectively defend against them:

  • Extremely hard to trigger Double Giant Bomb.
  • Well placed Spring Traps.


Additionally, the Barbarian King is placed in the core as he effectively covers the Double Giant Bomb location. If somehow Hog Riders can trigger only 1 Giant Bomb, Barbarian King still can 1 hit Hog.


Last but not least, GoWiPe is still one of the most popular strategies at Town Hall 8. Here are some features of this base which help it successfully defends against GoWiPe attacks:

  • This base has a lot of compartments with different sizes.
  • Well placed single point defenses which help you deal with GoWiPe easier.
  • Teslas are separated into different compartments.
  • Teslas are placed by high HP buildings.

Defense Logs

This is one of my favorite part when showing Clash of Clans layouts, it’s showing Defense Logs!

Below are some recent defense logs of this TH8 Base! Let’s take a look!

Ok guys thank you very much for reading this! I hope you like this Town Hall 8 Base! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help. Also, please share your defense logs and help me improve this base!


  1. love the blog and check it daily but one major flaw in the base is if someone uses 3x lightning and 1 eq to take out 2 AD on either side of the DB,then simply mass drag behind sweeper with a donated haste. learnt this strategy reading this blog and use it on my alt way to often :p hope its not taken as criticism just thought id point that out

  2. Hi Will, how come the defender was attacked twice by the same attacker of the same clan? with a total damage of 86% & 87% with same troops? Ref: Defense Logs, counting counterclockwise starting from top left, Log #1 and Log #2.

  3. Base didn’t work. Got two of the Maxed TH8s in my clan to change their base to this, both got 3 starred first time. Both attackers took out the top left AD, and then attacks from the south. 10 drags, 2 lightning, 1 EQ CC: 1 haste 5 loons. . Used rage when drags clumped around TH, which got them through to the right AD (courtecy of the air sweeper), and haste on loons to go through the other AD really easily (as they are built so send defence targeting troops that way, which for giants/hogs would mean going over the traps) while
    Both attacks looked far too easy, from attackers who both didn’t 3 star the last war base you posted for TH8.
    2nd war it defended against a hog attack and a GoWiPe attack with some ease. Bad attackers though!
    Verdict: Works for GoWiPe, Giant/Hog Heal, but doesnt work for drags

  4. I just use this base on our war and I got attacked 6 times – all just 2 stars! Good as advertised! The closest was and all lvl 3 drag with balloons on the cc + rage and haste. He got 99% and just missed on one corner hut.

  5. Its easy to 3star…. Very Simple!
    Just use x10 Dragons, x5 Loons in CC, x3 Light Spells + 1 Poison & a max EQ in CC.
    Step#1 Destroy 2 Air Defenses those have dobble giant bombs between them using 3light & 1 EQ max in CC….
    Step#2 Simply Send Dragons & Loons on last air defense…
    Step#3 Say thanks to your clanmates for 3 starring a th8?
    @Will u should improve your this base

  6. I m a new th 8 nd m on champs can i use this base for trophy pushing (but i dont hav 1 wiztowerr nd 1 mortar as they will add weight in war)….plzz tell me shuld i use this base nd recommend ne a
    gud trophy base plzz(gud against gowipes)

  7. well i wanna ask hw old this base. plus i would like to know how well would this base hold against govalkwiz bcz sice the vaalk upgrade the govalk is extremely popular and works with any base desing and using a few pekkas witg the valk you can nearly every defense. so some suggestions on that too please

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