TH8 Base Design Guide: Anti-Dragon

I have received dozens of TH8 base designs from many players with very neat ideas lately. Although they are pretty strong against GoWi and Hog Attacks but most of them are very weak against Dragons. That’s why today, I am going to share everything I know about designing an anti-Dragon base for Town Hall 8 in Clan Wars with the help from jimbo831.

th8 base anti dragon

TH8 Base Design Guide – Part I

At Town Hall 8, definitely Dragons are the most used Clan War troop. Most players use Dragons to attack early and mid TH8 base layout and only start learning to use anther attack strategies (GoHogs, GoWiPe,…) after failing couples of times in War. Because of this, most TH8 Base layouts should be made to counter these Dragon attacks.

As far as I can see, many TH8 base layouts that anti dragon are designed for funneling Dragons around the base. In my opinion, this type of base only works with bad attackers. A good attacker can always easily find a way to exploit the base by creating a proper funnel with either the King or Minions, sending a group of Balloons and Dragons into the core along with the help of Rage Spells. I strongly believe it is much better to build a solid base instead of a gimmicky layout.

With that being said, here are all factors (I know) you should follow in order to design a TH8 base strong against Dragon attacks!

Well placed ADs and Storages

Space them out, in a triangle pattern, far enough so that they don’t overlap each other and can cover the whole base. Dragons will never get funneled to more than one at a time. In addition, protect each Air Defense with 2 Storages in front of them, just like the screenshots below!

th8 base design guide

These Storages can stop Dragons for a while and your Air Defenses can hit them longer.

Centralized Archer Towers

Archer Towers can always deal a decent amount of damage to Dragons. Also, their HP is not really good so you should put 4 of them in the second defensive ring and place the last one in the Core. They can hit any target getting to the core.


Against these attacks, Mortars and Cannons are totally useless (the only role of them in this play is hitting the Barbarian King) so protecting your Archer Towers them is much more important.

Don’t forget the Teslas

Most players like to put the Teslas in the core. I agree with this. But I will usually try to space them out so they can help ADs kill Dragons faster.


Protect the most exposed Air Defense

Attackers always start attacking from this side and use Balloons to take it down because they usually ZapQuake the hardest one. What Air Defense would you try to snipe with Balloons? Think about that and protect it with Air Bombs. Seeking Air Mine should be used to for protecting either the last one or the Town Hall.

Also, try to protect your Air Defenses with Wizard Towers since they can deal damage to multiple Balloons/Drags at a time. If a group of Balloons get hit by the Air Bomb, your WTs can easily finish them off.

Know the Air Sweeper well

Do you know how actually the Air Sweeper works? Let’s take a look at this detailed guide!

Note:  Most Town Hall 8 players don’t want to attack from the side that is protected by the Air Sweeper. You can take the advantage of this and force them to attack the side which has loads of traps.

Builder Huts at the Corners

Last but not least, place all your Builder Huts at 4 corners because:

  • I have seen a load of failed attacks with the help from Builder Huts.
  • Dragons can easily 1 hit them. Placing them inside the base doesn’t make any sense.
  • Attacker can just take down 1 Builder Hut with the Barbarian King and start attacking from another corner, there are still 2 left.
  • If the attacker want to take down those Huts at starting, he needs to revoke 1 Dragon from the army. Awesome!

Hopefully you have found this guide helpful and will make your own solid TH8 base with anti-Dragon feature. I’m going to post a guide which help you append the base above to deal with Hog and GoWiPe attack on this weekend. Enjoy guys!


  1. hi will , i know its not the right place to be asking this but its something i have always wanted to know since i started playing CoC . You can delete this if it doesnt fit here after I ‘ m answered . How can i write my username in bold ? I have seen users ( wanted to screenshot their name but couldnt find em ) with bold names in coc , they are the same font but appear bigger . I only use stock keyboard on my android and iam not much informed about other keyboards on play store . i know holding an alphabet gives greek like character options but i want the font to be extra bold like some players . Can u help me with this please ? Iam changing my name on my 2nd account and iam desperately searching for this

  2. I thought that $C wanted players to not use all dragon attacks and that they have nerfed it on TH8 and now 7 as well, after all according to some an all dragon attack is boring no? But I do thank you for this post and great information as always!

  3. Yes, Most of time I 3 star TH8 although they have level 6 AD, with Level 3 Dragons + 2 Level 5 Lightning spell + 1 Earthquake + 1 Rage Spell Or Healing Spell + 1 Haste or Poison it’s still easy to 3 star any TH 8.
    But yes depends on trap placement, If Air Bombs and Mines are placed well then sometimes it’s not possible to even take 2 stars.

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