TH7 War Base – 3 Air Defenses – Anti Dragons/Hogs

After the new update, with the advent of the 3rd Air Defense, all previous TH7 War Base layout are now obsolete. It’s time for the new TH7 Clan War Era with much better strategies which requires manipulations and calculation. Okay, so let’s take a look at this TH7 War Base – The Elysian!

th7 war base with 3 air defenses

Speed build Video

The Elysian
TH7 War Base – Anti Dragons/Hogs


  • Anti-Dragons: The excellent positioning of Air Sweeper and Air Defenses can deal with any Mass Dragon attack! All Air Defenses are protected by high HP buildings.
    Excellent funnel against Dragon attacks from South and North. Most attackers will attack from these directions.
  • Air Sweeper is placed away from the Air Defenses and protecting the South. Most attackers start attacking from the South because ADs are much easier to get from there and yes, the Dragon army will get blow away and spread out. If they don’t like the AS and attack from the North, Dragons just can’t even hit the last AD.
  • Centralized Clan Castle: Can’t lure out troops without using Balloons or Hogs.
  • Anti-Hogs: Perfect Spring Traps placements and the Double Giant Bomb at the bottom can take out lots of Hogs and Giants regardless of where the attacker drops Hogs.
  • Anti-Balloons: All Air Defenses are protected by Air Traps and other Defenses, as well as protected by other ones to deal as much damage as possible. 2 Additional Archer Towers in the core can deal lots of more damage to air troops and cover the whole base.
  • You can move 2 outside Builder Huts to the left and right corner. Attacker usually drops the Barbarian King on 1 Builder Hut but If he want to destroy the another one locating at the opposite side immediate, he will need to remove 1 Dragon from the army. Lots of solid attacks end up with just 2 stars because of  the last Builder Hut!

How to destroy this TH7 war base?

If I were the attacker and had to use Dragons, I would use Balloons/Hogs to remove the top Air Sweeper as well as trigger Clan troops, drop Lightning Spells on the Left/Right AD then send mass Dragon but not many since Balloons eat up a decent space.

Defense Logs

Since this base is just a few days old so I don’t have many decent defense logs. But I am very confident the base will work for TH7 wars.

A big thanks to our friends on cocland (Roberto Kartoredjo,  lloydTheBeast,…) for sharing these defense logs! I really appreciate it guys!

Note: Some players just emailed me and said that this base didn’t work well, they still got completely destroyed. I am so sorry about that but I have to say this: You can easily see the funneling at work with the Dragons going around the last AD. You will need to wait until that 3rd Air Defense is maxed out before seeing a big impact against mass Dragon attacks.

If you have any defense log, don’t hesitate to post it here to help us improve this page as well as the base. Share it with your friends and Clanmates If you like it!


  1. U tell the base feature and tell how to defeat it.. Well i kinda like you. “Its like “beat me if u can”.
    Will .. I was searching anti-dragon war base. Then i got to know..that each and every post u do..all in that th8 tab, POINT IS IF U POST EVERY THING IN SAME PLACE? WHY MAKE DIFFERENT TAB, FOR TH8 OR TH9 ? I KINDA..HAD TO GO ALL OF YOUR PAGES TO FIND WAR BASE.??????????

  2. Will Bro… wat r u trying to say, once u say how to destroy dis base for 3 stars.. nd then u say if we max out the ADs then it is undefeatable by any other TH7 !! plzz explain…is this really ANTI DRAG/ANTI 3 STAR…if yes… then how can u take 3 stars on it?? PLZZ EXPLAIN.

          • at least they showed how to getting this base rekt with lv 3 drags… i’ll post another my defense logs after tonight clan war

            cheers to you mate 🙂

          • You are very welcome dude! I really want to see more recent defense logs of this base against Dragon level 2. Please update more in the future! I really appreciate it mate!

          • hi will, sorry for late info. i find this design is going easily destroyed by drags 3, but efficiently handle drags 2… with balloon as CC, it quite helps attack from side which it gonna fly down to 2nd AD after 1st getting rekted by zap. it kinda hurts when getting 2 starred with giant and wiz and its barely 50% if those wiz didn’t destroy my TH >.<

          • Hi mate,
            Yes, level 3 Dragons are from Town Hall 8. They absolutely can bully this base. Thank you very much for the report again :D.

  3. So the logs posted below where drags still kill Elysian base are what’s happening to me.
    The army camps are too weak to hold off side attacks. I moved some of the top resources to the side, because I felt north/south are already pretty defended.
    Also, I was reading that spells can’t kill two ads. Thoughts on grouping them at middle then? 3 ads can really shred through dragons. It would fail with rage spell though.

  4. I just started pushing to crystal nd subsequently to masters and this base with a few tweaks is coming in handy. Gave me around 100 trophies today. I just swapped the wiz towers with arch towers and its done. Attached my base along with couple of defense logs.

  5. Hello Ash, this base works really lot better against dragons, I used it for pushing upto master 3. But this base doesnt works well against th7 loonian attack.Probably because the air defence is easily accessible by ballons.I used to get frequently 2 starred aginst lvl5 giants in crystal because the base is longer and it makes difficult to attack from top to bottom.

  6. hey friends this is my new base but this is most effective and 40 out of 100% attacks succussed hope you also like this….if u like must reply i have got 50+ trophies from when i have this base this is also very effective in war

  7. I tried out this base and lol I have been 3 starred by 4 different attackers by 4 different strategies…… Seeing the full drag attacks I could guess you don’t have to be too skilled to clear this base….. It’s the most vulnerable from the sides and if you are a bit skilled then from the north too

  8. Hello Will, I’m not being able to defend against Mass Dragon – 9 – 10 dragons take me easily after destroying one AD using Lightning Spell.. I dont have maxed AD still, can this be the issue?

  9. I just crushed this base in a war two days ago. Took out ADS at 6. Kites CC to top. Laid dragons at 10 and two. Waited ten seconds. Dropped rest at top. BK at 7. Crushed. Still had 7 dragons alive at end.

  10. hey, have been trying this base for three wars now, My all three ADs are lvl 4 and unfortunately i have been three starred all the time… though i have to admit the dragons were lvl 2/3 and i got attacked by 8/9 dragons. but still it looked pretty easy attack to me.
    just to give you an update, all the attacks were initiated from top, air sweeper side, and a couple of times, one AD was taken out with three lightening spells.

  11. use 3 lightnings for the south air defense. deploy hogs(max hogs from cc) near the wiz tower to take out one AD(either left/right) and deploy drags from the other side a little bit spread out. It’s an easy 3-star base. can be 3-starred with even lv1 drags.

    P.S. – wait to deploy hogs until the clan castle troops are closer to your drags or otherwise a cc defensive drag may kill your hogs even before you know it.

  12. i build this war base yesterday and i m soo amazed….in war clan lv5 attacked me twice higher players than me..and got only one star..moreover i dont employed upgraded defences and didnt have teslas and sweeper with only 2 AD.really great base .. this is my 1st review on any site….great work! thanks ….best base till date!

  13. @windmm:disqus, brother, please advise me a base which at least has a chance of surviving TH7 attacks in Village Mode. I feel infuriated when TH8s come, 2-star my base and take 23 trophies every damn time. If there are any suggestions, I am open to them.
    This base was self designed, with experience of defences and with the help of CoC-Land.

    Also, would allowing my TH to be sniped help reduce the number of trophies which I give up on enemy raids? Because I have seen many TH9s while searching, which had their THs outside, without protection, and the trophies winnable were around 14-15, but in similar cases TH8s were giving me 25-32 trophies for the same.

    Lastly, approximately how many trophies should I aim for in a base if I am pushing trophies, now that I can do more attacks within the same length of time after the latest update.
    My army for pushing trophies, which never fails, is: 16 Giants, 2 Wall-Breakers, 15 Wizards, 10 Barbarians, 1 Healer, 3 Heal Spells, Level 5 Barbarian King and 32 Archers.

    P.S.: I know its a lot to read, but I was hoping you could really help me out, hence such a massive post. Thanks, mate.

  14. How to 3 star this war base? Please help!
    Me: I am th7 almost maxed. Drag lev 2, wiz/arch/barb/giant/gob/we lev 4, lightning, heal lev 4, rage lev 3, mini lev 2 n hog lev 1
    Opp: all maxed def buildings. Air sweep is lev 2. Please help me!!!

  15. Wow! This base seems like it’ll work perfectly when I reach th7(in a few days). I’ll share the logs once I reach it.
    By the way, when was this ‘new update’ released? It seems like the days of zapping 1 AD at TH7 is over.. although I guess you could do it when attacking a TH6.
    But ot seems like an awesome base, anyway! I’ll try it out as soon as I get the teslas and all the other stuff at TH7. I’ll opt out of wars till then, so I guess I’ll only be able to post the logs in a week or two.

  16. Will, awesome base for th7. Tried it once for defense and opponent lost at 40% but it still lost at clan wars cause the attacker managed to take out 2 air defenses, one with lightning spells and the other with hogs.
    It is possible to 3 star this base more if the attacker attacks from the top instead of bottom,
    My friend was able to take it out with barch and giants. He got 3 stars from top and 2 stars from bottom.

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