TH6 War Base with 2 Air Defenses

I haven received lots of request for a TH6 War base layout since couples of months ago, especially after the new update with 2 Air Defense at Town hall 6.

The base I am going to give you today, which was designed by Sardseng – The Pendulum, is one of the best I have seen for months. Hopefully you will like it!

th6 war base with 2 air sweepers

Note: Don’t care about my Town Hall and building levels. I don’t have a TH6 base at the moment so I just used my TH7 account xD. That’s great If someone can help me with improve this post with a TH6 screenshot!

TH6 War Base Layout – The Pendulum

Pros and Cons


  • Spring Traps arr placed in funnels. Giants, the most used troops in Wars at TH6, will always pass through them and get blown away.
  • Centralized Clan Castle. I recommend donating 1 maxed Dragon in Clan War to the Clan Castle.
  • Air Defenses can protect nearly the whole base.
  • The Air Sweeper can cover both of ADs.
  • High HP Storages protect key defenses. Barbarians and Archers will be locked on those Storages while getting hit by Mortars and Wizard Towers nearby.
  • This TH6 War base is a mini version of the Southern Teaser base. 1 Armp Camp at the bottom is always a sweet place for the attackers to lure out Clan troops. Thus, they usually attack from the South instead of other sides.


  • Attackers can snipe 1 Air Defense inside with Hogs since this base is long and thin.
  • Updating…

Defense Logs

I haven’t had any decent defense log of this layout yet since I don’t have any TH6 account. That’s why I really need help from you! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help or have any suggestion! Also, don’t forget to post the defense logs here. That will help us improve this page as well as the base above a lot! Thank you very much and good luck with your next Clan War!


    • Here’s the defense log from my other th6 account .. I got attacked from left side where wiz and mortar is placed though it work perfectly.. I didn’t had air sweeper lolz but i got it now … Two walls still left .. Thanks for this base will??

        • Hi will, i want to rush to th9 cos after practicing bam,gibarch,etc.. i find easy to farm up to 400k elixir and gold repectively per raid sum up to 7 to 800k loots lol With the help of cocforecaster.. I think would be nice if i rush to th9 so i can work on heroes as well… I just need a suggestion since i’ve 2 accounts m lil bit of confused that with which account i should rush..
          Here are the deatils
          Th7 exp 50
          Offense maxed, farming troops lvl 4 and war troops i only use dragon, spells lighting lvl 4, heal 4, rage 2…
          Purple walls 90 and rest are pink..
          Collectors are lvl 7 and 8 most of 7…
          Storages are maxed..
          Builders 3.. Gems:256
          Defenses are bunch of th6
          Th6 exp44
          Offense maxed, all lab upgrades are maxed…
          Walls are mostly gold since i play less on this acc..
          Collectors maxed up to lvl10
          Storages maxed
          Builders 3 ill buy 4th soon cos ive 980gems
          Defense are of th5 and th6
          As much as i know going to th9 need 5 builders to progress quickly and i know i can get all 5 builders before th9 on my th6 account but not sure about my main account that how much time it will take to get all builders or if going to th9 with 3 builder as a rusher would be good or not.. If u can help me out of this would so glad of u mate..

  1. BTW is there an anti 3 for TH 6…I know its hard because they do not give more pinpoint defenses, just some more splash and air coverage. I’d like to see some anti 3s for TH 4-7…that’ll be good for all TH war clans…and quite unusual too. 😀

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