TH6 Farming Base – 2 Air Defenses – Balanced Protection

Hello folks, this TH6 farming base is the new latest version of the HellCat layout with the new second Air Defense. Not like other TH6 bases, with this one will give you a well balanced protection for all resources. Let’s take a closer look, I know you will like it!

th6 farming base with 2 air defenses

Speed build video

TH6 Farming Base -HellCat


  • The Town Hall is completely centralized in order to save as much as resource as possible since it can store up to 300k Gold and 300k Elixir at Town Hall 6.
  • Depending on your need, you can easily swap Gold Storages with Elixir Storages. As a new Town Hall 6, you can place the Elixir Storages inside.
  • T-Junctions around the base are the perfect way to prevent Wall Breakers from breaking more than 1 compartment at a time. (You can take a look at the screenshot below).
    T-Junction in Clash of Clans
  • Every Storage is located in individual compartment.
  • Splash damage defensive buildings (Wizard Towers and Mortars) can cover the whole base and easily deal with Barch attacks.
  • Semi-centralized Clan Castle can stop any careless attacker.
  • Air Defenses can protect almost the whole base.

Most TH6 players are not good at predicting traps and funnels. I have been testing this base for about 3 months and most of the time, attacker just spams Giants and followed by Healers. Giants will immediately target the nearest exposed defensive buildings ( 3 Cannons and 1 Archer Towers, as you can see in the screenshot below) and trigger the Spring Traps. Healers will get shoot down by Air Defenses within seconds.


Defense Logs

th6 farming base defense logs

Above are 2 representative defense logs of this th6 farming base from nullified. If you have any nice defense logs,  please upload it here! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any idea/commend/suggestion, that can help me improve the base in the future!


  1. Hey will u can put the giant bomb where the barrack ,archer tower and wizard tower are so that the giants enter 3 bounce off and then the giant bomb will blast and then the wizard tower will kill all the giants .how’s the idea?:)

  2. My TH5 upgrade into TH6 will be done tomorrow and I ill be trying out this base! Got all day over to play tomorrow so I will be upgrading all my 125 walls, I find it oddly satisfying to farm gold and upgrade walls..

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