SoC – Resplendent Farming Base Layout for Town Hall 9

Hello fellows and welcome to the second base design of Orion328 for Town Hall 9, Stream of Consciousness!
This is actually the first labyrinth design he has conceived, but possibly his favorite at the moment.
It is based around Giant (and Golem) pathing, and well-fortified DE. As of him writing this, the storage has yet to be fully breached.


Pros and Cons


  • Surprisingly High-DPS core
  • DE Storage only accessible by AQ outside of core.
  • Giant/Golem Loop w/ anti-giant/healer spoofs
  • Looks vulnerable to most attackers
  • Strong trap placement
  • “Roundabout” layer for mot melee troops
  • X-Bows still somewhat effective while set to Ground & Air targeting (Covering essentials)
  • Large core w/ room for skeleton traps (swap with SAM’s) to distract troops from DE
  • AI loop is semi-difficult to break


  • Heroes outside of base
  • Offset CC means easy lure
  • WB’s could become a problem for troop funneling
  • Once AI loop is broken, the attacker gains an advantage
  • @*&$! Earthquake spells

Base Mechanics

The main feature of this design is the Giants/Golems loop as seen below:


Troop Matchups

Barch/BAM: (9/10)
The Closed-off WT’s and AD’s will easily shred Barch and BAM, and the In-Core teslas don’t hurt either.

GiBarch: (8/10)
The Giant Loop, in-core teslas, and fortified WT’s will certainly help, to say the least. The army is slightly more powerful, though.

Giant-Healer: (8/10)
The giants will follow the pathing, and the healers will fall victim to the AD’s in the core, while the “cleanup” troops will be, well, cleaned up.

Loonion/LaLoon: (2.5/10)
This base features no balloon pathing, and only has the air sweepers and well protected AD’s to stand against this beast of an army.

GoWiPe/GoWiWi/Etc: (4/10)
This army composition will likely run around the base, and will either run out of time, or be conquered by the
X-Bows and Teslas, hopefully. This army is scary.

GoLaLoon: (1/10)
As of now, there is no known way to counter this army. You will stand a chance only if the attacker makes a mistake in execution. (Let’s hope so)

Defense Logs

This marked my ascent into base designing at such an in-depth level, and activated desires of posting on the forums. spent extra time on it to really get it right, and then the “formula” clicked in my head. I wish you luck in using it, or not even if so.
Many thanks to Orion328 for this great base layout!


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