Safe n Sound Base Layout – Maximum DE Protection for Town Hall 9

Safe and Sound is the new farming base layout by Radiating for late Town Hall 9 with maximum protection for only Dark Elixir Storage. This base has been tested by the author for months and has 99.9% guaranteed to keep your Dark Elixir safe like its name.

Safe n Sound Base Layout  for Town Hall 9

Base Mechanics and Features

Perfect Bomb Placements

Based on the some new AI changes after the July 1st update, in this base, Bombs are placed in nooks where only Wall Breakers can trample and they will be dead. Wall Breakers are the keys of most ground attacks to establish the funnel. Killing them can break any attack.

Perfect Bomb Placements

Air Traps work perfectly

Three Air Bombs will stop any Balloon squad which want to enter base from the top and protect the most exposed AD nearby.

Air traps work perfectly


Giant variations are very popular at every Town Hall level, just behind Barch and the attackers can’t do anything with Giants when attack this base. The orange lines in the screenshot below show you the pathing of this base for Giants. Instead of going to the core, they will always walk around the base, left normal troops behind and being attacked by key defenses.


Anti-Wall Breakers and all ground targeting troops

Most Wall Breakers and targeting troops usually avoid doubled Walls. As in the screenshot below, they will usually follow the orange lines and avoid red lines. They will be redirected to Spring Traps and fly off. Once the Wall Breakers hit the Spring Traps, most attacks will be ended.

Anti-Wall Breakers and all ground targeting troops

Anti-AQ Core

As we all know, the Archer Queen can attack within 5 tiles. Base on that valuable information, the core can prevent the Queen from hitting the Dark Elixir Storage easily. Even after taking down all buildings in the core, she still need to break 1 wall in order to hit the Storage inside.
Seems like base creators are focusing on Anti-Archer Queen core these days.


This base works fine against all common attack strategies. Just Golem variations and Hog Riders can crack it!

  • BArch and BAM  — ★★★★☆
  • Giant-Archer — ★★★★★
  • Giant-Healer — ★★★★★
  • AQ-Healer — ★★★★☆
  • Mass Drags — ★★★★☆
  • Balloonion — ★★★★☆
  • GoWi++ — ★☆☆☆☆
  • Hog Riders — ★★☆☆☆

Defense Logs

Safe n Sound Defense Log

I love the Anti-Wall Breakers and Anti-Archer-Queen core of this base. Gonna try it with my little village next week. What do you think about this Town Hall 9 farming base layout?


  1. It wouldn’t be ideal for someone who is pushing you would Need to stay in Gold III, II and quite possibly alil lower for Gold I, l wouldn’t recommend for anyone in Crystal as the higher you climb in trophies more tougher and higher leveled troops will come and destroy it completely. This is very very useful for the people starting off with fresh Barb Kings! Great post!

  2. I personally wouldn’t use this base as is due to the double walls. I feel like the extra walls would be better used making more compartments or for more funneling than as a(n already deep interior) wallbreaker deterrent, since if they do happen to target the double wells, they can break through both.

    • Those double walls are one feature of this base for dealing with the targeting-troops like I said in the post above. It works with not only Wall Breakers but also all other troops which have favorite targets. I have tested and seems like it actually works! If we use those walls for another compartments, it may break the funneling.
      You are right at that point, but every base has its own feature and style, right? Just try and maybe you will like it 😀

  3. Do you have a trophy base to go to masters easy(not a troll base) and another for champ leagues .. Im asking for 2 different bases because of the difference of troops used in xtal league and masters league… Im a mid th9 with lvl3 xbows lvl7 wiz towers lvl7 mortars and the rest max th8 defense

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