New Farming Layout Collection with Town Hall Inside Base

Hi guys,

This page is the collection of the new farming base layout with Town Hall inside the base for the upcoming update. Soon, all pre-existing farming layouts will be condemned as outdated thus I want to help everybody be ready for the new update with the best layouts. All layouts in this collect are not only the re-designed ones but also brand-new ones.


How does the new update affect our current farming layout?

  • Town Hall is a Storage now which is weighted as 1 Gold Storage + 1 Elixir Storage + 1/4 Dark Elixir Storage.
  • The Clan Castle is also considered a Storage. Goblins now can attack it and the Town Hall with x2 damage as they attack other Storages.
  • You can’t get the shield unless 30% of the base gets taken down and the attacker use more than 1/3rd of his/her army. More about this at here.

The Underlying Implications

  • The Town Hall should be placed inside/nearby the core and protected by defenses because you will lose resources which is equivalence to 1 Elixir Storage + 1 Gold Storage + 1/4 Dark Elixir Storage If the attacker destroy it.
  • The Town Hall should be protected better than Gold and Elixir Storages. Also, it should be placed in a specific compartment, far from other Storages.
  • The Dark Elixir Storage is still the most precious Storage that we need to protect.
  • To obtain the trophies, attackers will look to 50% of your base, not your Town Hall. Thus, you should place all non-defense buildings outside the base and far from the defenses. Most attackers will use Barch to get the trophies and you can get the shield without losing loot.
  • You must force the attacker to use at least 33% of their army to get the shield by limit the number of buildings outside .
  • To protect all Storages and make it hard for the attackers to get them all, spread them out as much as possible. Otherwise, you can sacrifice 1-2 Storages to attract weaker attackers.


Town Hall 10

Hypercube X


Aurora – Hybrid Layout

This layout works perfectly for both farming and trophy pushing.



Town Hall 9


Tectonic – New Anti Earthquake and Jump Spell Layout


Nice base with high spread Walls for dealing with Earthquake Spells and Jump Spells. There is no way to funnel Golems/Giants into the core.

Tectonic v2.0

This is a modified version of the Tectonic above so trees can spawn at the edge.


The Crux v2.0


Click here for the speed-build video of this layout!

Hypercube IX

There are 2 versions of this layout. I recommend the second!

This is the reworked version of the Hypercube farming layout.

  • Nice confined in the core.
  • Better Dark Elixir Protection. The Dark Elixir Storage is completely centralized now. The Archer Queen can’t touch it unless she can bypass the walls.
  • Incredibly balanced protection for all Storages.
  • You can easily set a Double Giant Bomb whenever you want.
  • Nice anti-resource ring which can prevent the Hog Riders, Golems, Balloons and Giants from touching the core.



Author:  Avernicus


  • Nice Hog Riders Pathing.
  • Anti-Wall Breaker Feature.
  • Perfect trap placements.
  • Spread out buildings can easily give you a 30% shield.
  • Balanced protection for all resources.



Author: Avernicus


  • Tight core with maximum protection for DE Storage and the Town Hall.
  • Balanced coverage for all other Storages.
  • Splash damage buildings cover the whole base.
  • Fully compartmentalized.
  • Multiple DGB spots = Hog Rider killer.

Town Hall 8



With this layout, you can easily get the 30% shield. The attacker can also get 50% of the base but not that easy to get the loot inside. Click here to see an example defense log.

Town Hall 7




  1. I suggest that y’all start off with war base designs for your appropriate town hall level and then modify accordingly. Overall I think it is going to be quite difficult to keep people from getting a 50% on your base unless you drop some serious trophies. In my opinion it is all going to be about being a strong and effective attacker.

  2. Nice resdesign on the th9 hypercube base. I just got th10 three weeks ago and have had good success with your town hall 10 hypercube base and similar war base (Heart of a Champion 2.0) Looking forward to your redesign of the th10 hypercube base with town hall inside.

  3. New TH9 here, and I don’t have either of the x-bows yet (getting all other new defenses down and upgraded first). Will the Hypercube still work without them? What would you recommend putting in their locations? Thanks!

  4. Gonna try out Hypercube IX, I’ve been using arcanum ever since it came out, Only 1 person has ever gotten to my de storage, and that was because all my traps were not armed. My mini bombs would have killed his wbs.

  5. Nice base layouts, thanks Will. I look forward to the 8.5 and 9.5 versions. On a side note those of you that are TH9 and lower not matter which layout you go with NOTHING will stop a TH10 from raping your base to the bare bones, absolutely nothing. Just throwing that out there, and soon nothing will stop TH11 from raping TH10 and lower.

      • Guys,

        the key is in whatever league will you be farming (vs where you farm now)…..these layouts are great….but as Cassador’s already stated, if you’re in too high of a league (IE CHAMPIONS and UP), you won’t survive there much longer (after the update). The screenshot above from Jagjit is a telling story….in silver league TH9s will dominate all day long (both on offense and defense). Don’t be afraid to stay in a lower league (lower your trophy count….the update is going to force us to do so. I’m a TH9 in champions…soon I’ll have to come down). You’ll always find tons of loot wherever you are. Just be prepared to up your farming troops….BAM/BARCH will probably need to include giants (or something that will tank your troops to the core of the base). Sniping days are GONE! The update will truly balance leagues with TH levels….NO MORE TH7s pushing to TITANS! They will get crushed at every raid!

  6. im new comers in th 9 (all new defenses lvl 1, old defenses th8 max, wall lvl 6 and 7 only). and here is the log and my opinion from Hypercube IX

    Good base, hardly 2 starred if attack was coming from the ground. but too bad from the air, can easily got 2 starred, because of th position that not centered, but its okay, as long as dark elixir storage is safed. but for trophy pushing, i do some modification, swapping between townhall and dark elix storage.

    also, queen position is not good i think, because sometimes it’s attract peka/wizard to atk her that gives path to atk townhall.

    also, i swapped elixir collector with dark elixir drill, in the third ring, its better to put our drill inside right?

    i tested out almost all the base-layouts for th9 in this site. and i feel that this one is suit me well as th9 newcomers. i don’t know for mid or late th 9 this base is good or not. but i suggest you to give it a try.

    btw, for those who doesn’t know yet. this web is excellent for clasher.
    you should check all the post written here. its worth it.

    i owe many thanks for the owners, and players who shared in this site for :

    1. i got back my lost village
    2. i got champion from silver league in 4 days around 2-5 hours/day play, (at last i got my 5th builder)
    3. most efficient time for farming and trophy pushing.
    4. and many more.

    nb : for trophy pushing, after testing out. the best time for it, is when the players start going offline after playing.

    its quite different time with farming time.

    hope my information help others who still doesn’t get 2000 gems yet before new update.

    lastly, thank you very much. will potter, ash, and others commentators here….

    • Thanks for the honest review insan!
      Due to the Queen position, we usually don’t get attacked by P.E.K.K.A yet so I think that’s fine. The main reason we put her there is for protecting the Town Hall so we have to deal with this.
      You can place your Drill inside buddy.
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • too bad, most of the time i got attacked by gowipe 60%, and dragloon 30%, while others only 10%.

      the problem is atk from air, both air sweeper didn’t cover TH perfectly.
      mass dragon atk, doesn’t have problem 2 star it, if attacking from bottom-left side.

      while, the only problem atk from the ground is, sometimes, Aq position is blunder, attracted attacker troops. so the atk was going straight to the core instead of going around like it was planned.

      And, here it is, i learned from my defense log. To suit my defense well. i modified a bit. and the result is. Its have stronger defense against air. but im still not sure. against ground. Your comments and critics welcome sir..

      • sorry to know , now i had all storages with town hall outside so i would lose a single star , some greedy ones would go for more but with this stupid shield update , i would be forced to drop trophies or improve drastically .

          • hi will , i finally got to titan league after the update . it isnt so bad after all . being a th8 titan rocks ! I’m even on top 10 in my country , just wanna thank you for all the great guides n strategies u post here man , cocland played a big part in my journey . m not very good in english so i wont say much except thanks a lot for all the awesome guides and help . i have and recommend ur site to everyone in my clan n feeder to check cocland for post update bases , few th8 already using it and working awesome ! 🙂

  7. I tried the unnamed TH8 base and got completely wrecked, lost over 5k DE so far with it…going to have to try something else or see if it works better after the update…

    Have you seen the TH8 base called Bowser? Any thoughts on that base?

  8. I guess it’s a good idea to just play safe for now…
    Relying on your mines and collectors and let those attackers have a hard time destroying your base to get 50% damage, or if lucky 30% for a free shield, if you have good defenses though…

    This is such a big adjustments for a player like me who is not good at raiding bases all the time. Well, I hope Mr. Will you’ll post much sooner for new tips and tricks regarding this new update because everything I need to know to improve my game play came from this website.

    • Or how about you stop attacking right after being attacked wasting your shield allowing other to attack you back to back. Even if you’re away from the game someone will attack you once then when that shield runs out you’ll be attacked again and come back with an attack log. This picture clearly shows that you disabled your shield to attack others so basically you get what you get…

  9. Here’s my TH8 using the base here. I modified it slightly by putting the two wizard towers on the sides closer to the core and putting the air sweeper on top with traps. So far the the base has been attacked twice since the change, and they have not reached the DE storage. Thank you.

  10. I don’t like how the th8 sacrifices your wizard towers. I understand it’s for splash damage balance and for anti-barch, but I think I will switch some archer tower/air defence with wizard towers. Also, it squanders the giant bombs. Although giants would meet their end, hogs could just go through them both with a heal spell.
    I might try one of the others when I hit th9, but not now.

  11. Thanks for that great TH8 layout named AirDrop, It defended my base and protected my DE many times, My village was only destroyed by FULL DRAGON ATTACK and SOME TH 9 ATTACKERS,sometimes it can even protect your DE storage even if the attacker was already TH 9 they can only steal my DE in my TOWNHALL and in my DE DRILL . Here’s my defense log

  12. I really like the th9 etheral. When I get there I will certainly try it. I would use it for regular base, but I would switch some mortars, dark Barracks, and DE drills for better protection of DE and better defense against withes/barch

  13. hi Ash. my 3rd base just became TH8. I was wondering which layout you recommend for this new TH8 while i upgrade lab and clan castle and new defenses.
    BTW still pushing for titan with TH11 Titanium base and using daybreaker for war. Not titan yet but Grand Warden on his way to lvl 20. alot of titan assassins get my loot but only 1 star.LOL

      • Yes:
        That’s on a Core i5 something. 25% CPU for an idle tab ???
        And I have the same happening on Firefox, only Firefox doesn’t have a tool to know which tab is guilty.

        If I refresh the page, things go back to normal for a few minutes, then it starts again.

        • I am so sorry to hear that but everything is pretty okay from my end. I have been using Firefox for years without any problem while browsing on cocland.
          I did a quick test and after 10 minutes, Chrome just took 1% CPU :(.

          • It seems very random. I noticed last week that Firefox’s CPU usage was shooting up for no reason. After disabling addons w/ no results, I switched to Chrome and could narrow down the issue to the cocland tab when left idle a long time (more than 10 mins, 30-ish). Went on for 2-3 days, but stopped happening since I posted about it.

            I’ll ping you again if the issue resurfaces.

          • It’s happening, again:

            Went to sleep w/ 2 cocland tabs open, noticed when waking up that my PC’s CPU fan was going like crazy…

          • Seems like this is a glitch from our Browsers. I did a few tests but everything was totally good. Weird :(.

  14. Looking for a layout th8. I am absolutely done with elixer upgrades and purchases for th8. I’d like a home village layout that people will just grab the elixer and move on. Something that looks intimidating to go for stars and other resources.

    My trophies are a bit important to protect but not as vital as gold and dark eilixer.

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