Mousetrap – Town Hall 8 Tricky War Base

Hello Town Hall 8 fellows, today I want to share with you a stunning Town Hall 8 war base called Mousetrap, which was shared by CherryBomb113 (Thank you a ton mate!).


The strengths of this base:

  • Works extremely well against Dragons. Well placed Air Defenses are completely protected by others. High HP buildings are placed within Air Defenses boundaries, this works very well for a powerful counter attack. Builder Huts are placed outside at the corner to distract Dragons and extend the time attacker needs.
  • Well placed Double Giant Bomb can help you easily deal with Hog Rider. There are lots of open spaces in this base so it’s very hard for the attackers to predict the exact one. Spring traps are placed in places where will ideally dispose of Hog Riders, regardless of where attacker starts deploying Hogs. It is also very easy to re-position Double Giant Bomb If you want but IMO, the default one is the best as most Golem based attacks start from the Town Hall side and they could trigger the Double Giant Bomb.
  • 2 Cannon, which is placed outside, usually can force opponent to attack from these sides and help you somehow distract the opponent’s building targeting troops.
  • It is extremely hard to pull Clan troops out. Wizards, Archers and Minions can be very effective in talking out attacker’s troops.

The weaknesses of this base:

  • Like other Town Hall 8 bases, this base is susceptible to Earthquake Spells. However,these attacks are rare in casual plays.
  • Updating…

Defense Logs

Here are some new defense logs of this TH8 War Base for you:

I hope you like this base guys! Please don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help or If you have any suggestion! You rock my friends!


  1. I’ve just try this Mousetrap for the first time and it’s completely destroyed by Mass Dragon + Zapquake in the first attack.

    I think Kyoukai is the best for TH8. Kyoukai need to be attacked 3 times or more to be completely destroyed. And for the record, Kyoukai saved my base for 3 wars in a row without being 3-starred.

  2. I’ve used this base in 2 wars so far, in the first it was destroyed with a mass dragon attack. After making some alterations, it’s seems to be holding up especially against ground attacks. I’m waiting to see how it works against a mass dragon attack after the changes

  3. This base rocks, I successfully defended an attack against a max town hall 8 with lvl 3 pekkas and lvl 2 golem thanks for the base will.
    Btw can i join your clan altar of war or altar of heroes? I am a mid town hall 8 ep lvl 75

  4. Hiii, I am new to th 8 and…could not find an good base for war. So today i build one.i have not tried it till now…tell how is it. any suggestions would be welcomed. there are four builders one is missing in this screenshot. All air-defence would be at level 6 after 3 days.

  5. Is it just me or are the walls in edit mode sometimes VERY VERY VERY glitchy. sometimes they don’t delete unless a press a few buttons, sometimes they don’t connect, sometimes they are invisible.

  6. I have tried this base on my alt. account and make some minor alteration/modification and now it seems holding on… last war, it was attacked 4 times and so far, it was just 2 starred.
    … Thank you Will & CherryBomb113 for this warbase!
    Here are some screenshots

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