Mountain Lion – Farming Base for TH8

Mountain Lion is a new solid farming base layout for Town Hall 8 which was designed by thegreatbazing and based on the new AI meta from the July 1st update. With the decent splash damage power and trap placements, this base works perfectly against not only Barch and Giant’s combos but also plenty of other common farming strategies.

This base looks like a mountain lion’s head. That’s why the author named it like that 😀


This is a tight and solid base with small funnels from all sides for dealing with Barch and Giant combos. With the triangle formation of Wizard Towers and Air Defenses, this base can cripple all air attacks. The Air Sweeper protects the top side, which is very weak against air attacks. Semi-Double Giant Bomb as well as Air Bombs near the Storages for dealing with the enemy troops once they can break inside.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Centralised Clan Castle Quite exposed Storages
Maximum DE defense Sides are exposed
Mortars cover the whole base
Perfect traps placements
Perfect AS placement
Triangular point defenses

Defense Logs

Here are some recent logs of this TH8 farming base layout. Everything is great so far. It works fine against both air and ground attacks.

Mountain Lion Farming Base Logs

This TH8 farming base is really amazing IMO. It has been tested carefully and has been improved many times. Just try and you will like it!


      • I don’t think it was a “cutting and joining mistake” as you said. The timings in both the attacks of same person are clearly different but the troops and person aren’t. Even the trophies are exactly the same. That eliminates that by even a freak chance he attacked again with same troops.
        Clearly doctored defense log.

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