Mario Pipes Layout for Town Hall 8

Hello everybody, its Ultimit☆Cuest here, and I have some new base designs that I want to share with you guys for Town Hall 8, in cooperation with the recent updates. I call this one Mario Pipes because a. I love Mario and b. like the pipes in Mario, it takes troops from one place and sends them to another place.

Because the main attack strategy at Town Hall 8 is Giants, and that my Walls are hopelessly low level, I created this base with those two concepts in mind. Also, this base is meant to protect your Dark Elixir Storage, and can also semi-protect your other Storages.

Don’t mind the level of buildings. I’m new and my yes, my walls are bad. I’m trying (but I rather max my splash damage).

Mario Pipes Layout for Town Hall 8

Pros and Cons


  • Mortars guard every pocket.
  • Mortars also backup the “pipes”.
  • Wizard Towers are centralized, and can easily take out groups of Giants.
  • The Giants will loop around the wizard tower, so the wizard tower not only deals damage, but does not have to take any blows from Giants
  • Archer towers are out of the reach of Archers
  • When funneling troops into and out of the core, I put my cannons and air defense there, because they have high HP, meaning that the pocket defenses have a chance to attack
  • The gold and Elixir Storages are very spaced out, making it very hard to get just four Storages, even if a defensive building is being upgraded.
  • Because the town hall holds dark Elixir, it has a little extra defense than those pockets with just gold and Elixir
  • Air control all around
  • The Hidden Teslas and air sweeper are used to take keep Giants going through the middle, where they will face defenses
  • You only need very little walls to be high level, as most walls are just used to misdirect Giants
  • Can be used as an anti 3-star base.
  • Giants will go in one way and come out the other, because of this, the pocket will still be there to protect the dark Elixir.
  • “Draw a Jester” It’s when you put two Air Bombs and a seeking mine together. It can take out one Dragon and a pack of balloons. It really does work.


  • Very little defense against BArchers, as you will usually have only and Archer Tower attacking them
  • If you have just one mortar being upgraded, you are completely doomed. I had two mortars being upgraded, so someone using 165 lv4 Archers got to three Storages and the dark. Because of this, I recommend upgrading no more than one mortar, and putting it with the town hall. If you choose to upgrade two, make sure that they are on opposite sides, or it could be bad for you dark.
  • Upgrading Archer Towers provides a similar hassle. First, pick one. You cannot upgrade an two Archer Towers and mortar at once. Your half your base will get wrecked by cheap armies.
  • Lurable Clan Castle. However, I think that with another dark drill, I can push out a mine and cover that spot

Defense Against Different Troops & Army Compositions

In this section, I will highlight some of the matters from the Pros, but will go into much more detail. Keep in mind that these are all hypothesis, I have not tested out what would actually happen in many of these attacks.

Barch : They will easily take your pumps. And even the drills. However, they cannot touch the Storages, for all the splash damage and assisting cannons.

BAM : Like Barch, but I think they could get a little further on the Storages. But the double air defense would take out the minions fast.

Giants : They’d be lured into the core. There, they will go in, then come out on the exit to the right or left of them. This ensures that the pocket is still intact, so it can defend the dark.

Giants & Wall Breakers : The Wall Breakers will in most points be attracted the the tip, allowing the Giants to come in. However, further wallbreakers will, instead of going to the wall next to the wizard tower/town hall, they will go toward the walls of the mines. And because there was an entrance there in the first place, it did little to nothing, except walk the Giants right into the core, where, as before, they will walk around then come back out! By then, of course, the Giants should be dead, but if not, it should be quick because of the mortar and Archer Tower!

Hog Riders : Close to terrible. Although the base is very spaced out, you could put a heal right in the middle (granting invincibility to troops destroying your core defenses) and easily wipe out this base. However, in turning it into a war base, I might put some double Giant bomb and Giant and little bomb combinations in it to defeat a hog attack.

Dragons : I think that Dragons can certainly take out a significant part of this base, I don’t believe it can do a three star. While the Dragons hit the Storages and town hall, the air defense can take them out.

Holo : Might be a problem. Archer towers and mortars are not covered by air defense, and the Archer Towers can be taken out quickly, so they can hit the mortars unfazed. I think they could do that to the north, east, and south, then send in their hogs from the west to clear a path for the town hall and take out defenses. Now that I’m actually thinking about what a nuisance hogs will be, I think I could put a double Giant bomb at the town hall, fixing this issue. 😀

GoWiPe : It will get far in the begging, but will get wrecked near the end. Troop funneling will eventually go back to the Giants, except when the golems make their way out, and turn to the next section, the pekkas will go out and start hitting the perimeter buildings! ^.^ If they survive, they will go back in another way, get hammered on, then go back out! :3 The golems will perish and so will the pekkas. They most likely will get 50%, and probably the Town Hall, but will most CERTAINLY not get 100%!

Valkyries : There are almost no buildings put close together, rendering their ability useless. Plus, they will eventually follow the Giant path throwing them around and around.

Balloons : They will probably go for the Archer Tower in one of the pockets, get grouped up, go for the mortar, get even more grouped up, the go toward my wizard towers and air defense and teslas, in a nice, neat ball. I think we can all infer what would happen, even if they use all their spells on that one spot.

What league should I use this layout with?

I’m used to be in Silver 1, for my raiding strategy, BAM. But I think it would be about the same, maybe a little easier, to be in higher leagues. I think that the best place would be gold or crystal, because there are not too many people using Barch. With Barch, you could expend your troops all over, meaning that they can steal more gold and Elixir than other raids (however, of course, will not touch the dark Storage). And besides, with Barch, people don’t get the dark, making this base pointless. You want people using mediocre to strong attacks for this base to work. If people use quick, cheap armies, you are in the wrong league. Analyzing all this, I’m realizing that I seriously need to get myself up to gold 2, at least. I recommend all you reading this do the same.

Bonus – Clan War Version


  • From what I can tell, it wouldn’t make sense to put the town hall where the dark Storage is. It would make the base too cramp, and wouldn’t leave space for Hidden Tesla. And if you push the tunnels out and do a little swap on the outer walls, it would defeat the purpose of this base. Instead of taking them in and spitting them out, troops would go in, then turn to the walls when they get that air defence.
  • I’m starting to realize, though, that in war, people have the chance to realize all these flaws in attacks, dumping balloons, valkyries, and gowipe, and will eventually be pointed to hogs. Which may be this base’s major threat.

Defense Log

Well! That’s all of my rambling. If you guys could tell me how to record your screen (no root) on an Android, please tell me! I will gladly make a video of several of my defenses. But in the meantime, can you post your defense logs and replays.


This is my first time describing the logic behind my bases, as they are quite complex. (lol now that I’m explaining them, I’m realizing the true potential of this base! You will hear from me a lot now…) If you have any comments, please post below, I appreciate criticism.


  1. Ohhh.. I can use this on my 2nd account

    BTW.. Can you help me how can i destroy this using HoLo (HogsLoons) and i think HoLo is good to use on like this base? What do you think..Hehe
    And how many Loons, Hogs, Wiz, Giants.
    All Max Troops for TH8 i’m gonna use. TIA..hehe

    • I’m not sure… Look and see if there are blind spots on those outer defenses.use balloons on all defences except the southeast. There, u could send in your hogs. Be very careful, it looks like it will be a tight squease for those balloons to hit those defenses, but not get hit by the air defense. Good luck dude! Tell us your results.

    • Disclaimer: Good chance I was too late with this comment, but hoping someone will tell me if any part of my idea is illogical, or else people who read this may get more attack ideas.

      Unless someone can scout the base for traps/bombs I’d GoWiLo it. 2 Golems from any direction really and don’t make wall-breakers suicide. A bunch of wizards funnelling behind them. Could attack top left/right to take out clan castle early. Wizards will kill archer towers, Golems will funnel to the core to tank everything. When the Air Defenses are about to die, you could send baloons in from the bottom; try to get the Archer towers first.
      If all goes well; GoWi in the middle, baloons taking out the outer defenses. Spare some Wiz if you can for clear speed. Rage after each set of walls, heal when you’re almost done in the first compartment.

      I rate GoLo much more than GoHo. Assuming you send ~2 for each defense: 6 random spring traps = 6-12 hogs gone potentially, +2 more if a giant bomb is placed well. Worst case scenario for loons is 2 from Black bombs, 2 more if they group red bombs. All you needa do is time loons well.

  2. Hi, I would like to share a piece of information through my experience with protecting resources.
    This is for all the players from th7-th11.
    I’ll want to make it clear first that you can either protect your gold and elixir or your dark elixir. So, prioritize which one you want to protect.
    If you’re going for regular resources scatter them widely around your base to save them. If dark elixir needs to be protected you would want to build a solid core and you will have to sacrifice your regular resources.
    Trying to protect all your resources will be difficult to say the least. So I hope this info will help you clashers.
    Advance wishes of happy new year! 🙂

  3. “I recently made an awesome war base in my opinion, some of the features are down below. It’s Anti-Hog Rider, Anti-Dragon, Anti-Golem, Anti-Balloons, Anti-Just about everything. It’s only weakness is Earthquake spells.


    Centralized Clan Castle
    Funneling so that troops go around the base, and even go into the base then right back out of the base and start walking around it
    Anti-3 Star
    4 Archer Towers and all 3 Teslas in the middle for a high DPS core
    Air Defenses can’t be reached by Balloons or Hog Riders on 2 Air Defenses and on one of them there are 2 Air Bombs and lots of Archer Towers, Teslas, and Cannons for Hogs and Balloons
    Tons of fake trap spots. You never know where they really are

    Pros and Cons:


    Almost impossible to get 3 stars
    Like I said before, a high DPS core
    Hogs get recked with many awesome trap placements
    Air Defenses can’t be easily reached
    Like I said before awesome funneling for Golems and such so that they will go all the way around the base before going towards the middle
    Wall Breakers can’t break into the middle


    Lots of buildings to snipe
    Easy to get 2 stars
    Mortars are mostly used to get the troops to go where you want, not actually for defense.
    Extremely vulnerable to Earthquake spells. Basically the only way for a Town Hall 8 to get 3 stars, but if they bring 4 Earthquake spells, it’s easy to beat this base. One major weakness.


    This base can defeat almost any kind of attack, which I will go into down below.

    Anti-Hog Rider:

    This base renders hog riders completely useless as there are spring traps to stop Asian Wall and Surgical Hogs, as well as a double Giant Bomb for mass hogs. GoHogs won’t work because you can’t trigger the spring traps or the double Giant Bomb with the Golems, as there is a funneling feature where the Golems will go around the base, not into the middle where the traps are. Also, due to well placed defenses, Hog Riders won’t go for the Air Defenses, instead they will go around them.


    Like I said in the Hog Rider statement as well as in the Features statement the Air Defenses can’t be destroyed by a few Hog Riders and Balloons. There are also well placed SAMs (Seeking Air Mines) by the best protected Air Defense, which can each almost entirely kill a single Dragon. The Air Defenses are nicely spread out so that almost everyone will use Lightning Spells on the top one, however the bottom 2 are still extremely spread out and hard to destroy. And that’s not all. There’s still a 4 Archer Towers in the middle, 1 at the top, and 3 Teslas in the middle firing on your Dragons the whole time.


    The Golems will just keep going around the base, never going into the middle, as it is extremely difficult to get Wall Breakers to break open that middle wall. It’s like having a recourse ring around the center compartment, but in my opinion even better because Pekka and troops that don’t have a favored target will go around, and while they are going around the high DPS core fires on them the whole time. In some places there are actually places where the Golems will go out, around, and back in,skipping some defenses and allowing the wizards to be hit.


    Overall, this base is pretty good, minus the fact that earthquake spells can beat it. And I know that Hog Riders, Dragons, and Golems are not the only attack strategies, but basically all of them”

    Hi Will, could you post this base as an Anti-3 Star Town Hall 8 War Base? Also I’d like some feedback on how to make those earthquake spells less effective… I can’t make huge compartments that earthquake spells can’t break open because this base would simply have to be completely redesigned if I want to do that.

    • Sweet dude, but a few tips.

      1. That wizard tower should not be outside. Put a cannon there, they have higher hp
      2. move some cannons with mortars to give it a little more coverage.
      3. Air defense goes inside, switch them with some archer towers.
      4. This base would be great, if you used spring traps the right way. Put them in between all those defenses, to take out troops even better. Don’t put them at the entrances, that will be too predictable
      5. Golems. Top. Wallbreakers: Top barrack enclosed with walls. 4 Wallbreakers: top archer tower, then into the core. Wizards: high hp outer buildings, but still will make a nice path to the core. Also, move around some stuff.
      6. Switch the army camps, put them in different places.
      7. Spread out the perimeter buildings.

      And don’t worry about earthquake spells, they are just too good against almost any th8 base. But besides, people don’t usually get earthquake spells until mid to late th8.
      That’s not too much, so great job!

      • Okay, I’ll switch the wizard tower with a cannon, switch the cannon next on the East corner with the mortar by the Giant Bomb and 2 small bombs, I don’t want to use the spring traps on the outer layer because depending on which angle you attack from surgical hogs might be able to avoid some of them completely, I don’t want to put the Air Defenses in the middle because I want decent DPS against ground troops and I think this base can handle dragons pretty easily, not too worried about them as it’s impossible to take out any of the Air Defenses using Hogs/Loons. Also, the Golems won’t actually go for the Archer Tower they will go for one of the Wizard Towes, your Wall Breakers will be unprotected, (though I am thinking of switching the Dark Elixir Storage with the Archer Tower right next to it) and the whole attack will go wrong. Also, I know it seems a bit silly to bunch up my army camps like that, but they’re just for stopping the dragons from spawning right next to the storages and cannon. Where do you recommend I put them? And are the perimeter buildings not already spread out? Really seems like they are… Well I might just be an idiot xD I’m not the best at base building, but I’m giving it my best shot, and this is the result.
        P.S. I enjoy war base building way more than regular bases.

        • First: regular bases mean a lot more to me than war lol .

          No, this is your first time, so great job! I really like the idea of it. This is my first time too, but I’m getting better. Keep on posting your bases, I know you will get some great feadback! – good luck

          • Thanks! I’ll try to make as many awesome bases as possible! I’m also looking forward to Will’s new guide for base building for Town Hall 8, as most of what he said in the previous one was about Town Hall 9.

          • lol this could be fun. You make war bases I make farming bases. 😀
            We’re almost the same way through th8. I’m just gonna keep on making them forever, hope you do the same!

          • Well, it is mostly about th9, but there are some th8 stuff. You can make high dps areas for hog riders and other troops. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I say one of my latest base designs taking out some giants through heal spell 🙂 Also the part about funneling troops into double bomb spots and using spring traps the right way. A lot CAN apply to th8, but it will be harder with less buildings and no availability to xbows.

          • I know, just all that stuff about the Archer Queen and the 2 SAMs at one AD and never keep Wizard Towers in range of an AD etc. was all Town Hall 9.

  4. Im currently using the airdrop … might try this base, looks promising, i think there should be more traps in the pocket with the town hall, bcoz thats the place ill start with if im raiding this base

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