LifeShredder – Town Hall 9 War Base – Anti-3-Star

Hey guys, today I have just found a great Town Hall 9 War Base with lots of stunning features. This is definitely one of the best TH9 bases I have seen for months. Hope you will like it!


Town Hall 9 War Base – LifeShredde

Kill Zone


The Killzone of this base was made to kill everything that breaks inside. To achieve this, these conditions were arranged:

  1. All Hidden Teslas are placed inside this Kill Zone. They have insane DPS which can fry everything instantly.
  2. Both Heroes are placed inside the Kill Zone: Our mega warriors are ready to deal with anything.
  3. Skeleton Traps are placed inside to deal additional damage.
  4. All Small Bombs are placed inside to kill Barbarians and Archers spawned by enemy Heroes.
  5. High HP Storages inside can stall Wizards and Heroes for a decent time.

As the Kill Zone contains out Queen, most of the times, attackers would start attacking with their Kill Squad here. Those Kill Squads usually die before talking out the Air Defense and luring Clan troops. This makes Hog Riders and Balloons vulnerable to Clan troops.

How does this base works?

This base works very well against the most popular attack strategies at Town Hall 9:

  1. GoHo: Well placed Spring Traps can take out Hog Riders quickly even when they are surgically placed 2 Well placed Double Giant Bombs can easily kill a bunch of Hog Riders. Double Giant Bombs are placed deep inside so it is nearly possible to trigger them with Kill Squad. Also, most attackers start attacking from the Kill Zone (in order to take down the Queen) so…
  2. GoLavaLoon: Wizard Towers just can’t be locked on Air Defenses. Kill Zone can take down any Lava Hound quickly.
  3. Mass Valkyrie: Lack of many defenses in every compartment makes Valkyries suppressed under defenses from compartments nearby. Buildings are well spread out. Well placed Spring Traps can take our Valkyries quickly.

Defense Logs

Here are some recent defense logs of this stunning Town Hall 9 War Base:

I hope you can save lots of stars for your Clan while using this base. A big thanks to AkiYouMe for making this stunning base. Enjoy my friends!


  1. You recommand this even if i am a th 8.75 i dont have xbows and my defensives are only th 8 level but still i have very good lvl on walls . Can you give me some advice ? I’m looking for a good war base. Also i really like your content , keep it going man !

  2. Nice base,,, tried it out,,, 2 wars it only gave up 2 stars,,, but most importantly it only gave up 2 stars to two th 11 attacks,,, obviously not great attackers but still for th 9 to defend th 11,,,, impressive

    Cheers ?

  3. I’d love to use this, but I’m a little concerned about the killzone. Using a kill squad to take that out, wouldn’t your base be pretty much dead to golaloon? Kill squad eliminates an AD, queen, and 4 teslas in one go, which leaves the rest of your base vulnerable to the hounds, even more so with the increased popularity of hounds as cc troops (wiz in the cc may be a different story).

    • I’ve been using this base since early th9, and I have used 3 valks with 6 goblins, which worked ok, but for the last few wars I’ve been using 1 drag 2 wiz & 2 archers. The drag ends up eating the attackers golems alive so they are left with pekkas, wiz, arch, & royals and do not get very far.
      Out of the 12 times my base has been attacked it has only been 3 starred once, and that was by a th10 with max level troops.
      Another good troop combo to try would be 1 baby drag, 2 valks, and a wiz. Baby drags are pretty awesome on defense!

  4. I’ve used this base since early TH9 and as my logs show I’ve only been 3 starred once by a TH10 attacker. I’ve always set my xbows to ground & air, and for CC troops, I’ve used 3 valks (Lvl 3+) & 6 Goblins (Lvl 5+). For the last few wars I’ve used a drag (Lvl 4+ Maxed preferred) 2 Wiz (Maxed), & 2 Archers (Lvl 6+). Another combo that I plan to try in a future war is a baby drag, 2 valks, and a wiz.
    Currently all of my defenses are maxed (traps and bombs included) and I only have walls and heroes left to upgrade. Unless I consistently start to get 3 starred, I don’t plan on changing my war base anytime soon. 🙂

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