Kraken’s Crevice: Pre X-Bow TH9 Farming Base

This is the Kraken’s Crevice base design from Thej for Town Hall 9 Pre X-Bow and X-Bow upgrading. The aim of this great base design is protect your resources as much as possible (no more than a half can be stolen) without the most powerful of Town Hall 9, the X-Bow.

I am doing test this base design with my account right now because my X-Bow is being upgraded to level 2. This is one of the most awesome Town Hall 9 farming bases that I have ever seen, better than my old one. I’ve just decided to switch to use this one. This base works most successful against Giants, Hogs, Balloons, Barch, BAM,…

Here is the Kraken’s Crevice base:


Pros of this base:

  • Anti-Giants.
  • Double Giant Bombs – Anti-Hogs.
  • Awesome funneling.
  • Perfect splash coverage, Anti-Barch.
  • Symmetrical, looks dangerous.
  • Perfect trap placements, can be tested!
  • Testlas lure.
  • Unlurable Clan Castle.
  • Storages spread out, really difficult to take more than a half.
  • Unique second layer.
  • Staggered junctions.
  • Compatible with pre X-bow village.

Defense logs:

Finally, here are defense logs for this base design, you can see how great it works from them.

If you are using this base design, please send us some defense logs of you :D.


  1. This base is great! I’ve been using it almost exclusively for 2 months now. It’s very rare that any one ever gets over 50% on this base. The occasions when that has happened has always been some high level th10.

  2. I’ve been using it for a week and its pretty terrible for DE protection. I have 50K+ saving for heroes and even with TH exposed and decorations surrounding it, i’m getting wiped constantly and losing 2.2k+ de a wack. Most farming attacks are yielding me 1.4-2k, so if I get attacked between barching 21 minutes, i’m losing DE. Picking a new base.

  3. Recently upgraded to th9. Upgrading offence first then defence with x bows last due to war weight. So looking for a th9 base without x bows….this one says pre x bow great?! No because it has x bows in the picture!!! Got any th9 bases without x bows guys?

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