iMexi’s Symmetrical TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Layout

This symmetrical Dark Elixir Farming Base for Town Hall 9 players is a reformed design of Koop88’s Anti-Hog 2.4 design. The original design focused too much on not getting 3-starred by hog riders, but since most people don’t use them too often, I lay the focus elsewhere.

imexi-symmetrical-th9-dark-elixir-farming-layout-2 imexi-symmetrical-th9-dark-elixir-farming-layout-1

Pros and Cons


  • Symmetrical style.
  • Different layers protect the core.
  • Unlureable clan castle.
  • No more than 3 storages can be taken out when raided.
  • Splash defences ensure wins against tier-1 troops.
  • Heroes lure enemy troops away from the core.
  • Anti-hog base
  • Teslas ensure Dark Elixir Protection
  • Protection from both air and ground attacks.


  • Non-centralized heroes – That’s Okay If you don’t want to use them as defenses.
  • Freeze spell can get both x-bows (but Teslas make up for that)

Defense Logs


Hopefully you like these impressive logs. Looking for your great defense logs!


  1. Why would you have the mortors close to the edge, and wizard towers more central. Would it not be better swapping these two around due to the range differences (hence why xbow goes in centre too)
    I’ve seen this on a lot of your bases recently, so I’m sure theres a reason but I jsut can’t see it.

    • It’s mainly because of the range that they’re placed there. If tier one troops try to attack the storages from this base, they will get targeted by the mortars so the enemy won’t damage your mines and drills + they’ll do less percentual damage against your base.

      Also, wizard towers defend better against tier 1 troops attacking your storages

    • I’m pretty sure that your can break into any base with GoWiPe and GoWiWi. This is a farming base and it’s created to deal with most popular farming strategies.
      Just place your Town Hall outside and you will be fine!

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