HellCat – Hybrid Layout for Town Hall 6

Hi Town Hall 6 fellows,

After a long time, today I’m going to give you a new stunning base for protecting both Gold and Elixirr with lots of awesome features. Hope you will like it!



  • Completely centralized Town Hall since it can store loot as 1 Gold Storage and 1 Elixir Storage.
  • Gold Storages are protected better than Elixir Storage because we don’t need Elixir that much at Town Hall 6. You can replace Gold Storages with Elixir Storages as a new Town Hall 6.
  • T-Junctions: A perfect way for dealing with Wall Breakers, prevent the attackers from opening more than 1 compartment at a time.
    T-Junction in Clash of Clans
  • All Storages and Town Hall are placed in different compartments.
  • Splash damage defenses (Mortars and Wizard Towers) cover the whole base.
  • Hard-to-lure Clan Castle. We know that it’s not impossible to lure the Clan troops at Town Hall 6.
  • The Air Sweeper protects the Air Defense and 2 Storages.

Hope you like the HellCat! Don’t forget to post your defense logs here guys! Thank you!


  1. thx, it’s tricky base, last time got attacked with giant healer archer wizard with 38% total destruction while upgrading my two wizard tower, the attacker only got one storage, and i got a free shield of course lol. modified this base a little bit. Thank you. sorry my bad english 😉

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