Heart of a Champion: TH10 War Base Anti-Golem/LavaLoon

Heart of a Champion is the newest war/trophy base for Town Hall 10 two most awesome features are Anti-Golem and Anti-LavaLoon. This base was created by Ash and has been being tested by him for weeks. This is a perfect base layout for Town Hall 10. Although his defenses were very weak, he was rarely attacked with 3 stars.

This base works perfectly against every LavaLoon and Golems attacks with perfect Air Sweeper placement and funnel. Giants, Hog Riders, Golems can’t go to the core of the base even with Jump Spell.

This TH10 war and trophy base will a perfect assistant on the road to Champion League with you!

Heart of a Champion: TH10 War Base

How this Town Hall 10 War Base Works

Anti Golems, Hogs and Giants

This base works perfectly against all Golems, Hog Riders or Giants combos. It has a impeccable funnel for those troops which love defensive structures. With excellent defense placements, those troops will go around the base and never come inside even with a Jump Spell because there are plenty of storages and resource mines between 2 layers of defense. The screenshot below will show you how it works:


Red lines are the possible places where the attacker starts the battle.
Orange lines are the range of the Hidden Teslas. As you can see, your Teslas can still hit those troops while they are running around your core without being attacked.

Anti-Jump Spells

Using Jump Spell is useless with this base because the distance between 2 defensive rings is very far for Golems or Hogs can see the Hidden Teslas and Inferno Towers inside. The only way to break the funnel is attacking from two sides with powerful troops. Attackers rarely want to attack this way because it is a camp space sacrifice.



heart-of-a-champion-th10-war-base-4 It will be very difficult for LavaLoon to break this base because it is created to utilize the Air Sweeper. Like Anti-Golems feature, the attackers can’t get their Balloons inside because of the funnel. With two Multi-Target Inferno Towers, you can remove those Balloons quickly.


What about Lava Hounds? Because Lava Hounds love finding and attacking Air Defense, the perfect Air Defense placements of this base can minimize the impact of them.
The attackers use Lava Hounds as the meat shield for their Balloons and we all know that Balloons are much more dangerous than Lava Hounds. In addition, the Wizard Towers of this base are placed far from the Air Defense so they won’t be locked on those Lava Hounds. Their duty is dealing with the black Balloons.


Air Sweeper Placement

The Air Sweeper can protect the whole core of your base. You are thinking that the attacker can attack from the top, right? Don’t worry, they can do nothing because this base can stop all attacks from top and bottom:


It is very hard to attack from top or bottom of this base because the Air Defenses are all at left and right side. Your ADs will shot every single troop If the attackers want to go from there.

Anti-Freeze Spell

Don’t worry about Freeze Spell! All Air Defenses, Inferno Towers and Wizard Towers of this base are well separated out, The Freeze Spell can’t freeze more than one Inferno Tower at a time!

Some more Features:

Highly Fortified Core: Powerful core gives your Town Hall the maximum protection. 3 X-Bows, 2 Inferno Towers and 3 Teslas, what more do you want ?
Anti-Wall Breakers: This base has plenty of compartments and big compartments as the second layer, it will be hard to break in with Wall Breakers.
Unlureable Clan Castle: Your troops can’t be lured by normal troops except Lava Hound or Golem.

Defense Logs

I think this single screenshot can say everything about this base:

Heart of a Champion Defense Log

I will use this TH10 war base from now, that’s all I can say!


  1. This base defended many many times, but only when I was attacked in one direction with gowipe. However, when I get attacked from three different sides, it’ over…I easily get 2-starred because freeze spells can grab inferno and many more defenses since they’re all bunched up. It also does excellent against lavallonian attacks.

  2. Tested this out in war and never once held up. 2 starred in both wars by gowipe or gowiwi each for 70% give or take. I have all maxxed defenses and bombs as well as lvl 40 queen and 28 King so wasn’t that anything was underdeveloped. It just didn’t accomplish its goal of making them go in a circle around the core.

    • Same here. Attacker used 6 golems with 3 jump spells and wrecked me for 60%. I too have maxed defenses with lvl 33 heroes. For the average attacker, this base does the job but for others they will have no trouble. Nice design though…

  3. I have been using this base for about 2 months now and I’ve only gotten 2 starred once and that was with 30+ heroes. I mainly get hit with gowipe and it works perfectly golem walk around in circle pekkas go straight in and get fried. So many 0 stars from this set up love this base against go wipe havn’t been golalooned yet. The thing I’m worried about is a mass witch attack cause I’ve 3 starred similar ring bases with lots of witches. The only time I got 2 starred the guy had 30 heroes and he waited till all his troops went around the ring and then he sent in his AQ and she just barely got the TH. Love this base and I’m maxxed defenses except for cannons and Archer towers 27&25 heroes all Lego walls.

  4. hi my troops 2 golem lev 5 , 6 wall breaker lev 5 ,4 pekka lev 5 , 17 wizard lev 6 ,cc 8 wiz lev 6 , 2 freeze lev 5 ,2 rage lev 5 , 1 jump lev 2 , 1 haste lev 1, king lev 18 ,queen lev 21

    1- sent golem (yellow line)

    2- send wizard (red line)

    3- after destroy canon sent 4 wall breaker (blue line)

    4- after broken wall you can sent all troops
    2 star easy

  5. Will needs ur help in i wants a solid base which should not b able to get 2 stars 1 is okay(i have th 10, max inferno ,max tesla,lvl 8 wizard tower, max xbov ,max mortar ,2 lvl 8 air defence n 2 lvl 7, n skull walls n 40 lvl9 walls

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