Golden Town Hall 7 War Layout – Anti-Dragon

Hi Town Hall 7 fellows,

It’s such a long time to see a good base layout for Town Hall 7 huh? Today, I’m gonna give you an impressive new one called Dovahkiin (based on name of a legendary hero in Skyrim), which is designed by rhymquimghyf from Clan Чёрный стяг.

At Town Hall 7, the only one problem we have at all Clan Wars is Dragons. Regardless of the quality of our bases, we usually get 3-starred, right? This layout will help you stop that automatic 3-star win!

Dovahkiin- Town Hall 7 War Base
Anti-Dragon + Anti-3-Star

Town Hall 7 Anti Dragon

Note: If your Air Defenses are not at the same level, place the lower one to at the right side and protect it with the Air Sweeper.

How this base works

Let’s take a look at the screenshot below!


  • The bailt-Air-Defense always get destroyed by Lightning Spells because it’s higher level and protected by the Air Sweeper. (Most attackers want to take both of them at a time).
  • Enemy Hog Riders and Balloons can’t get your trapped Air Defense because of the perfect pathing.
  • When Dragons are working on the outer ring, your survived Air Defense can take them down one by one with ease. Dragons won’t never target the core until they finish the outer rings. It’s really hard to funnel the Dragons properly, even with experienced players.
  • The Anti-Dragon Core can deal decent damage to the Dragons and cover the middle ring properly.
  • The King is used to lure the enemy troops from the core.
  • The cornered Teslas will take lots of time from the attackers. This works perfectly in most attacks. It’s better to place them there than in the base.
  • You can replace 1 Storage with the Clan Castle If you want.

Defense Logs

Trust me, this base is extremely majestic. It’s much better than it looks like. You will love it!


    • You didn’t read my explanation Stefan.

      You can image that easily. Dragons won’t attack the Archer Towers until they destroy the outer rings. Tesla is for trapping, now attacking.
      We all know that the attacker will zap 1 AD and that doesn’t matter at all. Just read my explanation above!

  1. I would love to attack this layout. I never use more then 6 lev 2 dragons and have a mix of supporting ground troops. This usually yields 3 star or at least 2 star results in clan wars. Especially with underdeveloped walls.

  2. Use this Strategy to Defeate Divahkiin,.
    10 dragon+3 lightning+cc hog lv.4+ (you don’t need BK if your dragon lv.2).
    1. Destroy the AD which in the right side with 3 lightning spell,.
    2. Place 2-3 dragon side cc
    3. Place 2 dragon near mortar and 1 dragon near camp on the left side (make it closed the wall, so when camp had destroyed the dragon will move to cannon)
    —if you not sure with your dragon, placed BK near mortar which in the top one after the 3rd step—
    4. When cannon near the camp had destroyed (you don’t have to wait the cannon destroyed, it enough when the dragon had locked it), placed the cc hog near mortar (may be the mortar had destroyed by dragon) so the hog will destroy the mortar then the cannon and the AD.
    5. Place your remaining dragon in the builderhunt (especially in top corner)
    6. Watch your dragon Destroy the Based

    —–and you Get 3 Stars—–

  3. For all of you doubters out there, just think about this. Th7 is one of the hardest town hall levels to protect against 3 stars. And even if you have a 50% chance of getting not 3 starred, you should grab it with both hands. This is assuming that the attacker is a mass dragon attacker who actually knows how to attack.

  4. there’s no such base as anti drag or anti 3 stars especially in th7 guys coz it will always depends on the attacker.any th7 base can be an anti 3stars base if the attacker is inexperienced and don’t know what to do..but I will give this base a thumbs up for the idea and effort.

  5. Hi. I’ve been searching for a good war base and came across this design and decided to give it a try. I must say it was awesome good! I always get 3-starred in the past and this is the very first time that I survived 4 attacks in a war that concluded last night! Maybe my attacker was not THAT good, don’t know? But anyways, this design worked for me and I was so happy that this time I was able to help my clan in offense AND DEFENSE (and yes, we won the war). So I just want to thank you for sharing your base design. Keep it up! 🙂

    The best that an attacker got was 1 star using 10 lvl 2 dragons. The attacker didn’t even lure my cc lvl 4 dragon and paid the price in the end when it’s BK ended up luring it out because it killed the BK AND it helped killed the remaining 2 lvl 2 dragons. 🙂

    Below are my screen shots. I added a 3rd AD and edited the wall a bit to fit it in. I have 2 lvl 5 AD and 1 lvl 4 one. I also tried not to put it right next to each other (without any space) or next to an archer tower or air sweeper. The reason because if the attacker will use 3 lightning spells to destroy it, it will also destroy the ones right next to it (if no space). It’s like killing two birds in one stone.

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