Golden Planet: Early-Mid TH8 Farming Base + Air Sweeper

Golden Planet is a farming base design for early-mid Town Hall 8 by Adow and it was posted on Supercell community by Bourbon. Almost the base designs on can find on internet are for mid-late Town Hall 8, when the Elixir Storages are not really important anymore. You are at the early game of this stage, you need to protect Elixir for your Lab upgrades!

With centralized Clan Castle, It’ll be hard to lure your Clan troops. This base design has perfect storage placements too, they are equally protected with triangulated Air Defenses, Wizard Towers and squared Mortars. Barbarian King and Dark Elixir Storage are also in the core. Air Sweeper can cover both Dark Elixir Storage, two Air Defenses and Barbarian King.

Here is it:


And here are some defense logs for you:

Good luck and have fun! You can see top base designs for all level at: Top Clash of Clans Base Designs


  1. There is a slight flaw with this base. On the left side the funnel seems broken. If giants come in from the top, after they destroy the left side cannon mid way down, they turn and destroy the upper mortar. I tried moving the cannon down one tile, and then they turned and destroyed the bottom left air defense, exposing my elixir compartment. What I want is after they destroy the left canon, they continue down, flipping those 2 spring traps before reaching the lower left archer tower.

  2. Hi Will, first thank you very much for the very usefull and informative page.
    My townhall will be lvl 8 tomorrow and i need a new base. Which one would you recommend for farming, Golden Planet, Mountain Lion oder the Mad Turtle?
    Ty very much 😀

  3. Hi Will. Love your contributions.

    Curious why you don’t show any love for Mungflago’s “The Nerd”. When I upgraded to th8, I tried all early-mid farming base designs. Nerd is hands down the best. It’s so good, that I’ve kept it as a mid-th8 through the 40K DE upgrades for L4 hogs. Nerd is real

  4. i have yet to be 3 starred by any th8 with this base – has served me quite well through th8 (im about 2 months away from th9, just finishing upgrades & collectors)… this base can be 3 starred by an experienced th9 player – but i think any th8 base can 😉 – thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Will , iam going th8 in a day and iam looking for a good farming base and a hybrid base . i watched the method of building this in youtube and there were many versions with many ” updates ” . so which one should i use ? someone also recommended me a ” nerd ” base . which one would u suggest me between them ? and since this base says early mid , can i be using
    it until i max out my th8 ?

  6. hi again will , i wanna use this base for my early th8 . but since this image was a bit less quality , i searched with the name elsewhere and there ware different versions . since i got to th8 just today , i wanna save everything , not just dark elixir . so what i wanna ask u is , is this base updated fully ? i found upto v5 but from different players so m confused which one to use . what would u suggest ?

  7. thanks , m using the base from now . got a bit confused on which buildings should be placed near the lab on the top and bottom base near dark and normal barracks . i placed huts until i get de drill and dark spell . will post defences ss soon with the fates war base 🙂

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