Fortress – Town Hall 9 Dark Elixir Farming Base

Hello my friends! Are you looking for a decent Dark Elixir Farming Base for Town Hall 9? Today I am going to introduce with you a new one, which was designed by Traxy. I have been testing this base since last week and everything is pretty impressive so far!


Fortress – Town Hall 9 Dark Elixir Farming Base

Pros Cons
Extremely well protection for Dark Elixir Protects only DE Storage and TH
Anti Mass Giant Doesn’t work well against Earth Quakes
Troops always go around the base
Heroes are no needed on defense
Clan troops are not needed
You don’t need to care about wall level

During the last week, I got attacked 18 times and no one succeeded in reaching the Dark Elixir Storage and Town Hall. They took all the Gold Storages Elixir Storages outside, of course, but I just don’t care about Gold and Elixir much since I have upgraded everything except Walls (I don’t want to upgrade walls to level 9 to control the weight of the Clan). Most of the time, I get attacked by Giant + Valkyries, Giants + Healers + Barch, Barch, Giants + P.E.K.K.A and GoWiPe. I am testing this base in Crystal leagues and I strongly believe you can use it in Master leagues too.

Defense Logs

Okay guys so here are some new defense logs of this TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Base:

I will keep updating these defense logs once I get anything great. If you are looking for the best Town Hall 9 farming base to protecting all resources, you definitely must take a look at this base.

Also, please share your defense logs here guys to help us improve this base! You rock!


  1. Will is there any option to block all bothersome calls while playing clash of clans and clash royale?. It really sucks when I am in the middle of a battle and someone calls and says ”hey is your dad home tell him to call back when he returns”. And the battle log laughs at me saying ‘you lost’ (45%)or defeat 1 crown 3 crowns

  2. This is the best base for preserving dark elixir. My second base is used for troops for my clan. I used the other bSe on this site but this has withstood some damaging attacks. Last attack was a 90 loss but my TH was intact and only lost 10 percent of my DE THAT COULD BE TAKEN.

      • I have been using a level 5 dragon and level 6 barbarians in the clan castle. I think the best thing is to use a group or troops that serve to delay mass entrance of the attackers as they get poisoned. Usually they get lured to the other side of the base. This delays attack. A lava dog might also work well. I usually send troops from my TH 10 account and am trying to conserve DE there as well. But the protection of DE is epic. In my latest defense, the AQ was upgrading. I had 90 percent damage but both the DE and TH were intact. It takes a solid TH 11 to crack this base. Kudos.

  3. Woke up to a mass level 3 dragon attack. My AQ was AWOL as she is being upgraded. Inner core was untouched – TH and DE storage intact. Have a level 5 dragon in CC. The attack took little. Remains the best set up for protecting DE. I have attached the troops used by the attacker.

  4. I am a level 99 th9 with 10/10 heroes and lvl 4 minions, lvl 5 hogs, lvl 2 valks, lvl4 golems, lvl 1 witch and hound. should i upgrade valks and then go back to heroes or should i max out dark troops? also i am doing a system of 6 walls to lvl 10 and then upgrade 1 defense or trap. I have about 36 walls to 10 and so far it is working well. What do you think about that?

  5. I realized something out about this base that is helpful. Most successful way to attack is from the left or fight. If attacked from the top, the attacker hits the heroes backed by 4 teslas / x-bows. If the attacker comes from the bottom, the clan castle troops are supported by local defenses. The whole attack is delayed – playing out the clock. Either way, usually attackers circle the center core even if they use earthquake spells.

  6. I used this base at th9 and it worked great. I lost my de probably 3 times in 4-5 months. I got my heroes to 30 king and 27 queen but I finished my walls and lab and decided it was time to go up to 10. I’m still working on my heroes so I wanted to update the base for th10. It works great! The infernos reach across the gap and roast everything. It kills queen walks, the ADs are far enough in that they can’t be killed from the outside. I’ve yet to lose my TH or DE since I built the infernos. Picture is attached. Thanks for the great base for TH9 and hopefully someone can get use out of my updated version for TH10

    • I’m not sure if he’s still checking this thread, but I’ve recently transitioned my 8.5 to a full th9 and I can tell you this base doesn’t work unless your defenses are maxed. I have mostly th8 maxed defenses and lvl 1 xbows and it gets wrecked in crystal. That being said, when I used it on my main account with maxed defenses it worked exceptionally well. So, once you get to the point that you’re done with everything except heroes, walls, and research, this base will be great to protect your DE for that 30/30 hero grind.

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