Hell Land – Excellent Anti-3 Star Base for Town Hall 8

As requested, this is another excellent Anti-3 Star Clan War Base for Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans for you! Please mind that this base is still being developed by POPPININ and new versions will be released soon!

Town Hall 8 Clan War Base

The screenshot above is the latest version of this base. Don’t mind If some screenshots in the section below don’t look like the one above.

How does this Town Hall 8 War Base Work?


  • This base has loads of compartments which can easily slow down GoWiPe.
  • Unlurable Clan Castle makes it very hard to lure Clan troops out. Attackers usually need to use a decent amount of troops If they want to clear Clan troops. Most of the time, attackers skip the luring step and just launch the attack.
  • Mortars are placed widely. They help the base kill clean up troops easily.
  • Lack of symmetry. Attackers will find it very hard to choose a side to attack.


As you can see in the screenshot below:

  1. Red Lines = Unpredictable Double Giant Bomb. It is extremely hard to find and trigger them, even If the attacker uses a big Kill Squad.
  2. Yellow Lines = Hog Pathing. Hog Riders always trigger Double Giant Bomb and Spring Traps.
  3. Wizard Towers nearby with high damage will help you to finish off those Hogs faster.



As you can see in the screenshot below:

  • Orange lines = the equilateral placement of Air Defenses. All 3 Air Defenses are well placed by Air Sweeper and Traps.
  • Pink lines = The First Dragon Killzone = 2 Archer Towers + Traps + 1 Air Defense + high HP Storages.
  • Light Blue = The Secondary Dragon Killzone = Tesla Farm. High damage from Tesla Farm is extremely dangerous to Dragons because of high HP Storages and Air Defenses nearby.
  • Most Dragon users usually attack from the bottom right side (dark blue dots).
  • Turquoise = high damage points defenses!


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Unlurable Clan Castle Easy 2 Star Base
Core defenses offer maximized defensive power
Well placed traps

Defense Logs

Here are some defense logs against some very popular attack strategies for you guys! Hope you will like them!

I hope you guys can save loads of stars in Clan Wars for your Clan guys! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help!

If you have any defense log of this base, please share it in the comment section below. You rock!


  1. This base is gr8 tested it against gowipe,mass drag,goho,giwi,and gova…..all attacks were done with max troops of th8 and was done by the friendly challenge feature…….i and my clanmates just love this update

  2. I have spent over two months trying to get the best possible anti-3 TH 7 (my ambitions 🙂 ). Getting anti Mass Drag is a PAIN. So far made a dead zone with castle unlurable by hogs. Problem is that TH 7s get too scared to attack me and then someone Gohos me :P. I might post the base out if I know how to put it here without connecting the iPad to computer and whatnot 😀

  3. Hey, this base can be easily three stared. I know because, i myself, have done it. I wanted to join a good clan, and they said i needed to 3 star one of their maxed TH 8 bases (he had this layout exactly). I never saw the layout before, but i attacked from the top, and with one try, i three stared him (i too am a maxed out TH 8) with gowipe. I attacked from the top, and killed this base in less than 2 minutes. I just found this website, and wanted to let you guys know it can be defeated, if you know how to place troops well. (he had CC troops, too) Thanks!

  4. I like bases where two air defenses are closer than normal (so drags get them easier) but with an air sweeper facing them and another air defense far away, forcing a rage to be used on only one air defense. 🙂

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