Eagles – Fabulous TH9 Clan War Base

Hello guys, as requested, today I am going to show you a new Town Hall 9 war base which works extremely well against Valkyrie based attacks and lots of other popular ones! This layout was shared by Aphrodi! Thank you so so much buddy!

Eagles - Fabulous TH9 Clan War Base

How does this TH 9 Clan War Base works?

Triple Wizard Tower Setup: This Triple Wizard Tower Setup combined with Air Bombs is extremely deadly to Hog or Balloon attacks, after testing numerous Clan Wars. Tesla Farm and Wizard Tower Farm are parallel, which means this base is pretty un-Queenwalk-able.

The Tesla Farm is the best feature of this base. Tesla Farm can kill Hog Riders pretty fast even when they are under a Healing Spell. Attackers need at least 2 Healing Spell back to back or lots of Hog Riders in just 1 pack to destroy this Tesla Farm. There are also lots of Spring Traps inside this compartments, which can trim down the total of Hog Riders by a lot! Skeleton Traps + Barbarian King also deal loads of damage to ugly Hog Riders.

Ground X-Bows can easily force the attacker to use his Rage while using Queen Walk very fast. X-Bows are placed nearby 2 powerful farms so If the attacker didn’t scout this base carefully before attacking, Queen Walk will be easily countered!

Archer Queen is well placed, far from key traps. Inexperienced players will find it extremely hard to choose the right army compositions to attack this base! Kill Squad just can’t destroy both Archer Queen and key traps at the same time!

Defensive Deadzone: At least one non-defensive structure is placed inside each compartment, this forces defensive targeting units to go in a circle and trigger traps!

Well placed Air Traps: After tons of tests, I am pretty sure that all Air Traps in this base will help you take down loads of Balloons!

There are also a lot of other features you can easily see: Unlurable Clan Castle, spread-out buildings, T-Junctions,…

Defense Logs

And finally, defense logs for you guys!

What do you think about this Town Hall 9 Clan War base guys? Please share your opinions!


  1. 98% & 99% defences shows that it could be 3 starred, the only reason these happen are because they took too long on the QW probably and had they initiated the attack earlier they would have probably 3*

    • Moreover, in a twc war, withstanding a fresh hit proves the design is not to be taken lightly and even withstanding more than 2 hits(2nd expected to be a cleanup) further shows that it’s tailored by a great designer. But a base withstanding a few more wars is rare for twc.

      There are truly no bases that cannot be three starred. Do a reality check, bases can only stand and hope to defend while attacks can be constantly tweaked.

      • I understand that it is extremely difficult to 3* and I am not saying it is a bad base, I just have a personal preference to see anti 3* bases that also give up lower %’s 60-80 for example. I don’t like that feeling of seeing someone get into the final 10% of a base, for me personally that is what I look for in anti 3*.

  2. Trying it out during the next few clans wars,will maybe post the results 🙂
    I already had a pretty good base but it got 3-starred by gohogs,I hope this base is more resistant to this tactic

  3. Very easy to attack with queen walk, with a GoWiVa. 3 starred a max version of this base yesterday with:
    4 healers
    6 wallbreakers
    1 golem
    12 wizards
    13 valks
    1 heal 3 rage, plus poison and poison in cc

    NOTE: All troops max TH9 apart from valks which are lvl3..
    Queen walk from bottom left going north-east. wallbreakers into first compartment to lure and go towards teslas. 2 poison on cc troops to kill. GoWiVa part all starting south, next to TH. Wallbreakers into TH compartment with Rage jsut pasted it (to get raged attack on walls after everything in compartment done. (NOTE: King heading north on outside with wizards following). = 3 star

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